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Quick & Memorable NPCs in 1 page 1.0

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Quick & Memorable NPCs in 1 page - Rule of 3: visual, auditory, mannerism

An old Dungeon magazine article proposed a "rule of 3" for NPCs that would stick in player memory much more effectively than a raw physical description such as "you see a blue-eyed barmaid." This tells you nothing useful, generates no interest, and will quickly be forgotten. However, with a quick 3-pick, I can get (1) visual: absurd accessory, (2) auditory: speaks in whispers / weird laugh, and (3) mannerism: animated by violent talk. From there, in 30 seconds or...

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Guide of Modos
Love free resources. And fun ones, too. Rolling for the traits might slow @toucanbuzz down, but having to decide which ones I want, and then getting non-random-remorse afterward, slows me down 🤓


The best tool that we, as DMs, have in creating memorable PCs is our typical inability to act well.

I have a list of NPCs in my game. Next to each name I write the name of a memorable person or character from film or real life. Then I write two obvious features they have. When the PCs meet the NPC, I do my best to have the NPC act like the character I listed. Due to my horrid acting skills, this results in an unrecognizable, but typically consistent, persona for each PC. Then I can subtly reference one or both of the physical traits (which is often mentioning that the thing is missing) and the PCs feel like there is consistency.

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