Level Up (A5E) Quick Question about Lean Into It

I know there are quite a few discussions on similar topics, but I just need a fast clarification on Lean Into It.

So, a character activates this manuever, thereby taking the Attack action and making a weapon attack. When this character hits, the target must make a save or be knocked prone - easy enough; however, when making the weapon attack, is the only effect the "save or prone", or does the attack also do normal damage? I am assuming the latter, but the fact that the following language is missing confused me: "when you hit a creature with a melee weapon attack, in addition to the weapon's damage, the creature makes a Strength saving throw..."

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Since this applies to all your melee weapon attacks that you make until the start of your next turn (including Opportunity attacks) it applies to all your attacks including those on the turn where you activate the maneuver. Since there is no "your attacks deal no damage" clause the knocking prone is in addition to the normal damage.
At least that's how I read it.


I think we are seeing something of a templating issue with maneuvers. They include both rules and reminder text without clearly differentiating between the two, and the reminder text isn't perfectly consistent.

I think it's still pretty parsable and usable as is, but I can imagine a clarity rewrite that would help.


I’m frankly puzzled at all the recent confusion. Many maneuvers are obviously written and intended to be the regular attack action with some riders. For balance reasons, others are their own action, without the attack action. It seems straightforward to me.


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I think it's just a case of accepting it simply does what it says. Making an attack not do damage means adding extra text which isn't there. If it removed the damage from the attack it would say so.


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