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Radiance Monster Hunter (OCC Thread)


First Post

‘Lo, let it be known to all that in the Year of Our Most Reverent & Eternal Queen, Morgan le Fay, 1889, Long May She Rein, that I <<Insert Your Name here>> do most solemnly swear, to pledge my life and my soul to the Order of Shadows. That I will execute the duties of the Order at all times. That I shall protect the citizens of the Empire from those forces most foul. That I will obey the orders of my superiors and act with honor and bravery at all times. Unto my last breath I thee swear!’

This here is the recruitment thread for a Victorian Age Steam-powered, Magical alternative history Monster-Hunter game. We are using the free Radiiance rules for the setting. The characters are all newly sworn in member of the Order of Shadows, dedicating their lives to fighting monsters that haunt the shadows of the world.

Brief Background of the Setting...
The sun never sets upon the Empire of her Most Reverent & Eternal Queen Morgan le Fay, Fairy Queen of the Sidhe Court, Empress of India, Queen of England, Wales, Scotland, Ireland, the Colonies of America, High Elector of Iran, Royal Empress of the Holy Roman Empire, Her Worship of the Union of South Africa, and Queen-Protectorate of the Isle of Japan and lands of Manchuria. Her Royal Airships cast shadows on every Continent, her Royal Navy sail upon every Sea, her Royal Army stride across every Land. Thousands of souls bend knee to her Holy and Just Rule. She has reigned upon the Eternal Thorn of the last 1889 years. All races recognize her power and influence and even her enemies tread lightly in her presence.

But all is not well in her lands. For in the shadows monsters creep. Beings of intelligence and malevolence so powerful that all of her military and magical might can do nothing to stem their tide. The only light holding them back are the small Cabal of dedicated warriors known as the Order of Shadows, or simply the Order. These brave men and women swear eternal vigilance to the Queen and to the people of the Empire, to protect them from these horrors unto their dying breath. The Order is a semi-secret group that have offices and members spread throughout the Empire. They are troubleshooters and monster hunters for the Faire-Queen, the ruler of the British Empire of 1889.

The world is filled with dozens (hundreds?) of different sentient races spread throughout the Lands. Humans maybe one of the largest single species but they are still a minority. Humans, Elfs, Dwarfs, Halflings, Goblins, Hobgoblins, and dozens of others all inhabit the various lands, the seas, lakes, rivers and the underdark. Others are travelers from the Astral Seas or other realities of existence (like the Fairy Veil, the Shadowfells, and the various planes of the Gods). There are even rumors of alien species that somehow exist even out in the Void (outer space).

Much of the world’s history is sort of the same but much more magical and fantastic. While Europe has many of the world’s greatest nations, the Middle East, Central Africa, and the Qing dynasty of South and Central China, all have similar levels of technology and wealth. The United Empire of Spain was the first nation to create the Mechs, as slave warriors and laborers, but most of the great powers soon copied the designs. Then 20 years ago the slave mechs in the Caribbean’s of the New World rebelled and formed one of the first and only mech-ruled nations on the planet. The great powers swiftly started releasing their mechs from servitude and now they wonder the world as any other sentient being. The mechs themselves maintain a few creation forgers where new mechs are 'born'.

The Setting…
This game starts in the ancient city of Londinium with the characters all being newly sworn in members of Order of Shadow, a semi-secret group of dedicated monster hunters. The setting contains Magical (everyone knows about magic, divine, arcane and psionic, powers, etc.), Steampunk (in the technology not really the ‘punky’ part) and Electro-technology (although the world has not reach the Rocket Age yet so no space travel… at least none that you know of), almost all the races and classes listed in the Radiant Player’s Handbook, etc.

The monsters the Order has dedicated themselves to fighting span the globe and includes facing off against all kinds of EVIL monsters. There are creatures that in a normal fantasy style game would be considered monsters but not here. Things like owlbears and dire animals. These are just treated as normal animals, dangerous but nothing that the normal mundane world can’t handle. Others like dragons often interact with the various races on the world and may or may not be treated as treats by the Order. The true "monsters" of the setting are the alien aberrations, wild vampires and were-creatures, demons and devils from beyond the Veil, Void invaders, monsters from the deep ocean and from the depths of the earth, undead outbreaks, etc.

The first "mission" that the group is assigned, a few days after their swearing in, is to investigate the disappearance of the corpse of a recently deceased mother of a Lady whom is a 'friend of the Orders'. Your new masters are worried that it might be crypt eaters or something similar...

Characters gain their Highest Attribute Modifier as a bonus to Vitality (instead of Con modifier) and gain ½ (round down) their Constitution bonus to their base Wound points. You also recover your (level +1) x Constitution modifier (minimum ½ your level, round up) back in Vitality point after a day of rest. Instead of a Nap, change any one of those conditions to a Short Rest of 30-60 minutes time.

Firearms and the technology to build them is very common, and everyone is assume to be proficient with Firearms (without need of the Firearm ability, which still grants bonuses to Mechanics). Muskets only costs 40gp and found mostly in the developing world. Standard Firearms within the Empire are as follows (updated from the rules book a bit)

Army Revolver – this heavy pistol is was used exclusively by the old world armies. It sports a revolving cylinder 5-round magazine and is still a favorite weapon for use in close range combat of many officers in military units. It requires either a move action to load 1 bullet or one’s entire turn to reload all 5 bullets. Army Revolvers are noisy. (Price: 75gp, Rating: Medium, Damage: 2d8, Range: 40ft, Weight:, 5lbs, Type: Piercing)
Army Rifle¹: This is a heavy round, one-shot rifle used mostly by large armies but also big game hunters. It holds one round that is reloaded with a trapdoor spring magazine, requiring a move action to reload. Army Rifles are noisy. (Price: 80gp, Rating: Heavy, Damage: 2d10, Range: 120ft, Weight:, 12lbs, Type: Piercing)
Derringer: A light, concealable two-barrel pistol often carried by ladies and gentlemen who do not wish to wear a pistol at their hips. It takes 1 round to reload 1 round or a Standard action to reload both chambers. Derringers are noisy. (Price: 20gp, Rating: Light, Damage: 1d10, Range: 20ft, Weight:, 2lbs, Type: Piercing)
Repeating Rifle¹:: This firearm helps when you need to quickly hit multiple far targets. It holds 5 rounds at a time and requires either a move action to load 1 round or one’s entire turn to reload all 5 rounds. Repeating Rifles are noisy. (Price: 60gp, Rating: Medium, Damage: 2d8, Range: 80ft, Weight:, 8lbs, Type: Piercing)
Revolver: A moderately weighted pistol favored by many individuals for personal protection. It sports a sports a revolving cylinder 6-round magazine. It requires either a move action to load 1 bullet or one’s entire turn to reload all 6 bullets. Revolvers are noisy. (Price: 45gp, Rating: Light, Damage: 2d6, Range: 30ft, Weight:, 3lbs, Type: Piercing)
Shotguns¹: This muscular firearm performs best at close range and uses explosive shells rather than rounds. The shells usually contain small metal balls, whether lead, cold iron, silver, or adamantine. Shot may also be salt, holy wafer bits, or similar materials harmful to certain creatures. A shotgun holds 6 rounds at a time and requires either a move action to load 1 shot or one’s entire turn to reload all 6 shots. Shotguns are noisy. (Price: 60gp, Rating: Medium, Damage: 2d8, Range: 30ft, Weight: 7lbs, Type: Piercing)
¹ - These firearms require two-hands to fire effectively.
Ammunition for firearms is 1gp per 20 bullets or shotgun shells.

Note that Gunslingers only start with an extra 150gp for firearms and ammo because of the reduced cost across the board.

Most Basic Steam Tech and Electro-Tech items are readily available for purchases.

Almost all physical attacks (Firearm shots, Melee Weapon Attacks, Punching, etc.) are now against the target's Reflex Defense. Heavy melee weapons do not attack against a foes Fortitude (this is just a personal bias as the characters with the highest Fortitude saves also tend to have the highest DR, etc. Its just easier on my mind).

1. Assign Attributes – 16, 15, 14, 13, 11, 9
2. Pick a Race and note the Attribute modifiers, and racial basics – Size, Speed, Vision, Wound Points, Comeliness, Base Age, Languages, Typical Deity, and Multiclass Options. Then pick two Racial Abilities from a menu of options. You have the option of forfeiting one racial ability for a lesser Noble Title, which grants you a monthly income and other perks. (Note that Dromites are not an allowed race. Also there is also a Medium sized version of the Grippli called a a Bullywug. They have no penalty to STR, are Medium Sized Creatures and have 9 Wound Points. Otherwise all other stats and abilities as the Grippli (collectively, Bullywugs and Grippli are called Bog Trogs))
3. Starting at 2nd level. Select a Class (and 2nd class if multi-classing) and note its’ Core Abilities. At 2nd level you gain 4 Basic Abilities from the class OR if you are Multi-Classing you gain the 3 core abilities of that class plus 1 Basic ability of the class). Note you can’t take an evil-only class for this game (Black Guard, Necromancer or Warlock) unless you can come up with a non-evil reason for your existence (and for Black Guard and Warlocks you also have to come up with a non-evil way of advancing in tiers).
4. Select a Theme and add two Minor Boon from that Theme (one for 0-level and one for 2nd level).
5. Calculate Skills – adding Racial, Class and Minor Boon points with Attribute bonuses to all skills.
6. Calculate Hit Points – Wounds are based on your Race and Vitality at 1st and 2nd level is 5 + your highest attribute modifier (add them together).
7. Calculate your Attack – based on your Classes Primary Attribute + ½ your level (round up)
8. Calculate Defense – 10 + ½ your level (round up) + class bonus + defense’s attribute modifier
9. Determine Starting Gold – gain the Average x2 (or the Average of both classes if Multi-Classing)
10. Determine Alignment – any non-evil.
11. Pick a Deity whom you most favor. You can switch out a class Ability for a Religious one if you wish (but you are not required). NOTE that for simplicity sake I am just using the Gods listed in the Radiance Players Book pg. 126-151. There is no official religion of the Empire, although the Queen public revers Tanish, the Twilight Prince, and his church is very popular because of that.
12. Not using Cultures (from Chapter 13) I am included to NOT use these at all.
13. The Order of Shadows is a Faction (Chapter 13) with the following notes…
FIND DC: DC 18 History or Streetwise check once daily.
CONSTELLATION SIGIL: A stylized open Eye on a black field.
ENTRY: Invitation only.
PROFILE: The Order of Shadows acts as troubleshooters and monster hunters within the Empire. They were formed over a thousand years ago when the forces of the Undead and creatures from beyond the Veil threatened to overrun the world during the Black Death. The Order’s main charge it to make sure these forced never again become strong enough to threaten the Empire (and the world secondarily). Many of the creatures operate in secret and from behind others and so the Order acts in a similar fashion.
MEMBERS: Almost any race or class, but no Evil alignments allowed.
FACTION SKILLS: Appraise +15, Arcana +10, Craft +5, Dungeoneering +15, Heal +5, History +20, Insight +15, Literacy +20, Mechanics +5, Nature +5, Perception +5, Religion +10, Stealth +15, Trick +15, Warcraft +10.
MULTICLASSING: None. Instead the Order provides some basic training in a few important skills. All members of the Order add +2 to the following Skills: Arcane, Dungeoneering, History, Nature, Religion, Streetwise, Warcraft
SPECIAL: Will cast Raise Dead for members in good standing within the order. This occurs at a Chapter House and includes the material components at a great savings. Cost: 2,000gp. Will teach you any 1 basic ability of which you qualify for any class that is not your own. Use the class’s prime attribute to resolve the abilities. Cost: 2,000gp. Finally they provide mission gear and equipment at either reduced cost or for free, depending on the mission, the characters levels and standing. Will also discount magical items costs by at least 10% listed price. The Order acts as a Patron (Royal level when the heroes make Paragon level).
[sblock=Character sheet]NAME:
SPEED: 30ft
ATTACK: d20+ (special)
STR 10 (+0), CON 10 (+0), DEX 10 (+0), INT 10 (+0), WIS 10 (+0), CHA 10 (+0)
SKILLS Acrobatics (Dex), Appraise (Int), Arcane (Int), Athletics (Str), Bluff (Cha), Craft (Int), Diplomacy (Cha), Disguise (Cha), Dungeoneering (Int), Endurance (Con), Handle Animals (Wis), Heal (Wis), History (Int), Insight (Wis), Intimidate (Str), Literacy (Int), Mechanics (Dex), Music (Cha), Nature (Int), Nobility (Cha), Perception (Wis), Pilot (Dex), Religion (Wis), Stealth (Dex), Streetwise (Cha), Survival (Wis), Trick (Dex), Warcraft (Int)
MINOR BOON:[/sblock]
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First Post
Lady Anabel Gearsmith, female Asimar artificer/medicant
She characters direct leader within the Order of Shadows and the one who had worn you in as initiates...

Chapter House (the Well's Estate)[sblock=Image]

Butler and Cook for the Order of Shadow's at the Well's Estate. Ham Grubs, Half-Ork servant (townie)
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Forged Fury

First Post
NAME: Xerxes Zerai
RACE: Slith
CLASS/LEVEL: Artificer/2
ALIGNMENT: Lawful Neutral
SENSES: Normal
LANGUAGES: Common, Draconic, Dwarven, Gnomish, Mechan, & Slith
SPEED: 30ft
WEAPON: Shotgun (Range: 30, Ammo: 6/6)
DAMAGE: 2d8 Piercing
ARMOR: Studded Leather; DR: 3
STR 11 (+0), CON 16 (+3), DEX 15 (+2), INT 18 (+4), WIS 13 (+1), CHA 7 (-2)
SKILLS +2 Acrobatics (Dex), +4 Appraise (Int) [+9 when dealing with broken items], +12 Arcana (Int) [+14 when dealing with Realms of Existence; +17 when dealing with Constructs; +17 when dealing with the Astral Realm; +17 when activating unfamiliar items], +0 Athletics (Str), -2 Bluff (Cha) [+3 when dealing with Constructs], +9 Craft (Int) [+14 when repairing broken items], -2 Diplomacy (Cha), -2 Disguise (Cha), +6 Dungeoneering (Int), +3 Endurance (Con), +1 Handle Animals (Wis), +5 Heal (Wis), +8 History (Int) [+13 when dealing with Constructs], +1 Insight (Wis) [+6 when dealing with Constructs], +0 Intimidate (Str), +8 Literacy (Int), +14 Mechanics (Dex) [+19 with Steam], -2 Music (Cha), +8 Nature (Int), -2 Nobility (Cha), +6 Perception (Wis) [+11 when dealing with Constructs; +11 when dealing with broken gear; +11 when dealing with traps], +4 Pilot (Dex), +3 Religion (Wis), +2 Stealth (Dex), +0 Streetwise (Cha), +1 Survival (Wis), +11 Technics (Int) [+16 Daily]; +2 Trick (Dex), +6 Warcraft (Int)
MULTICLASS OPTION: Gunslinger, Medicant, Monk, or Psion
DEITY: Rorax
THEME: Scientist
EQUIPMENT: Studded Leather, Shotgun, Shells (40), Traveler’s Outfit, Backpack, Standard ID Papers, Travelling Papers, Trail Rations (2), Waterskin (Full), Bedroll, Wooden Holy Symbol, Belt Pouch (2), Sunrod, & Tindertwig
COIN: 150 GP
RACIAL ABILITIES: Bloodline (Verrai), Construct Rapport (Arcana, Bluff, History, Insight, Perception +5 when dealing with Constructs), Detect Astral Portal, Electrotech (Mechanics, Technics +2), Gearhead (Mechanics +5/+10 when dealing with Steam), Realms Lore (Arcana +2 involving Realms of Existence/+5 Astral Realm), Scavenge (Appraise, Craft, Perception +5 when dealing with broken gear), Strong Mind (+2 Will)

CLASS ABILITIES: Academic Study (Arcana, Heal, History, Literacy, & Nature +2), Artificer Training (Use Scrolls; Arcana, Craft, & Mechanics +3), Brew Potion (Create potions), Infuse (Infuse item with artificer magic), Magic Armor (+2 DR to worn armor/4 hours +1/level, 1 Vitality), Trapfinding (Perception +5/+10 to detect traps); Wheedle Magic (Arcana +5/+10 when activating unfamiliar items)

THEME BOON: Technical Training (Craft, Heal, Literacy, Mechanics, and Pilot +2), Technics Expertise (Technics +5/+10 Daily)

1) Working on background and description.
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First Post
1) I assumed the house rule bonus to Vitality was the highest attribute modifier (4) rather than the total score (18), is that correct?
2) Crafting... I left a lot of money unspent as I am playing an artificer and am wondering about the capability to craft gear, particularly alchemy products, rather than buying them at full price.
3) Working on background and description.

1.) Yes its the highest Attribute Modifier. I will edit that to make it more clear (this would mean that you have 18 Vitality points at 2nd level)
2.) Sure, for beginning stuff just assume you made it at 1/2 the listed cost (for potions, etc.), no rolls needed.


First Post
Also note that as you have all joined the Order of Shadows and so you also gain their basic training package - add +2 to the following Skills: Arcane, Dungeoneering, History, Nature, Religion, Streetwise, Warcraft (under Character Creation #13 - Faction).

Forged Fury

First Post
There is about a 50/50 shot that I am going to change Xerxes to a kobold. I like the idea of a little dude with a large construct (eventually) following him around.


First Post
Warmech sword mage? Or gunslinger?

Decisions decisions.


Can warmechs use the light battlesuits from the Commando theme? They're noted as not being able to wear 'normal' armor, but the theme mentions that the battlesuit is specially designed to fit the character.
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First Post
No I am pretty sure they can only use special clippons (light armor) and could have that magically enhanced also, but I will re-read the Commando and armor again


First Post
Yeah, I think you're right about that.

Those clippons are pricey too! Something to save up for.

Probably go straight up mageblade here. Closer to the feel I'm going for, especially since firearms proficiency is assumed. I wouldn't get special bonuses with them, but I can still use them...

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