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Random Kingdom Events?


I'm looking for tables of random events that might happen to a kingdom ruled by my PC's.

I dimly recall seeing something like what I want in the 1st Edition Oriental Adventures book.

Is there any other source for this type of thing y'all could suggest? Online resources in particular would be great.

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the Jester

I have a beat-up copy of the 1e OA...

Roll 1d12 for what month the yearly event occurs in.

01-10 Ambassador
11-15 Assassination of a lord
16-30 Birth
31 Comet
32-40 Death of a lord
41-43 Earthquake, major
44-47 Famine
48-52 Fire, major
53-57 Flood
58 Incursion
59-68 Marriage
69 New religion
70-74 Plague
75-78 Political plot
79-85 Rebellion
86 Tsunami
87 Visitation
88 Volcano
89-00 War

After determining the type of yearly event, roll for each month on the appropriate following chart. Use the first chart during months of armed violence and its potential; the second during natural disasters and their aftermaths; and the third at other times. (OA has several pages of further detail on the exact length of each event, etc.)

Chart 1 (Politics through Violence)
01-05 Accident
06-10 Bandit activity
11-15 Birth
16-20 Death
21-25 Excessive taxes
26-27 Famous person
28 Fire, major
29-30 Haunting
31-33 Horrendous monster
34-41 Incursion, major
42-51 Incursion, minor
52-54 Injustice
55-60 Major battle
61 Notorious criminal
62-66 Recruiting
67-71 Troop movements
72-78 Uprising
79-80 Vengeful stranger
81-00 No event

Chart 2 (Natural Disaster Time)
01-05 Accident
06-15 Bad harvest
16-22 Bad weather
23-32 Bandit activity
33-37 Birth
38-44 Death
45-49 Earthquake, minor
50-54 Excessive taxes
55-60 Fire, minor
61-66 Flooding
67-69 Haunting
70-73 Horrendous monster
74-78 Injustice
79-82 Landslide
83-87 Maneater
88-92 Plague
93 Uprising
94 VIP visit
95-00 No event

Chart 3 (Everything's Fine, Thanks)
01-05 Accident
06-07 Bad harvest
08-10 Bad weather
11-15 Bandit activity
16-25 Birth
26-60 Death
31-35 Famous person
36-40 Fire, minor
41-43 Haunting
44-50 Injustice
51-55 Maiden of virtue
56-60 Maneater
61-68 Marriage
69-78 Notorious criminal
79-83 Vengeful stranger
84-92 VIP visit
93-00 No event


Obviously I'm not going to type a chapter of the book in for you, but hopefully this gives you a nice start. :)

Nemesis Destiny

I think I have a copy of this stashed away somewhere... I'd totally forgotten about this chart!

This is exactly the kind of thing that my dear wife and co-DM [MENTION=99057]Masaryk the Mad[/MENTION] absolutely loves for her games.

Thanks for the reminder!

the Jester

Those charts are my favorite part of OA1e these days; if I didn't live so far away from everyone else that it's impractical to game at my pad I would probably bust them out periodically even in my 4e game.


First Post
A few other sources:

The old BECMI-edition D&D Companion Set also has tables like this. I don't know if they were reprinted in the BECMI Rules Compendium or not.

I am also positive Birthright had something like this.

In in-print options, the 2nd part of the Kingmaker adventure path from Paizo had some rules for this sort of thing as well. 3.5/PF, but adaptable. Table is much less extensive than the OA one though.