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First Post
I posted this to my campaign mailing list today. Does it make you want to play or bore you?

[WARNING: mild spoilers for the PF Kingmaker campaign.]


When a criminal really wants to get lost, she heads to the swamp. The
ever changing terrain and dangerous wildlife means that even the most
dogged pursuers are likely to give up the chase.

Fortunately, the strange beetle-man's path is a straight one. You
lose his trail regularly but Martin's keen eye always manages to pick
it up again at a hillock or upon the finger-like roots of the massive
trees that cling to the muddy ground. Snakes and frogs are everywhere
and the leeches seem to really enjoy the way that Terc tastes,
including one species that Alred thinks may be an as-yet-uncatalogued

The only one who loves the swamp is Rootstalker. He munches happily
on the reeds and plants that spring from the murky water. Ripple has
to work hard to keep him from making grunts and small trumpets of
pleasure for fear of drawing attention.

Alas, her efforts are in vain. Abruptly you become aware of pair of
warriors ahead of you and a quick search turns up three more to your
right. These creatures are not humans, but boggards: feral frogmen
that are known to inhabit the swamps. They wear crude armor and wield
spiked clubs.

The boggards are mounted on horse-sized creatures that look like a
cross between a salamander and a frog and drip with copious amounts of
pale purple slime. Each one of these creatures sports a pair of
massive saber tooth fangs that thrust down from their upper mandible.

As you spot the boggards, they stand up from their hiding places in
the deeper water. One of them, clearly older than the others, speaks
calmly in a deep bubbly voice. His language is indecipherable but his
meaning seems clear. He gestures at you with his club and points back
toward the east where you came from. However, even as he finishes his
command, a younger boggard on your right (clearly the largest of the
warriors) takes a step forward and gurgles unhappily at the first.
Abruptly there is a chorus of croaks and rumbles as they vociferously
discuss your fate.

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