Ranking the Alien films

Ranking the Alien films

  • Alien

    Votes: 17 38.6%
  • Aliens

    Votes: 26 59.1%
  • Alien 3

    Votes: 1 2.3%
  • Alien Resurrection

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Prometheus

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Covenant

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • Alien vs Predator

    Votes: 0 0.0%
  • AvP Requiem

    Votes: 0 0.0%

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41st lv DM
Really it's a tie between Alien & Aliens for me. Ones a horror movie, the other an Action movie.
But I could only pick one, so I chose the Action.

After that? IMO it's just a series of increasingly bad sequels. With the Predator ones being the worst.

*I haven't seen Covenant yet. But given that it follows Promethius, & I liked that less than 3 & Ressurection, I'm not expecting much. Though I doubt it'll be worse than the ones with the Predators....


Aliens is #1 for me. No question. I like military SF, both written and on screen. I'm not so big on SF horror, but Alien is my #2. The rest that I've seen (which means not Covenant) I can take or leave except for Prometheus, which I can just leave.


Well, that was fun
Staff member
It was Aliens for me, too. And that film is so quotable.

I have a couple of friends who can name every one of the marines (that's a harder job than naming the 7 Dwarfs).

Alien is #2. Then Covenant. I struggle to watch any of the others though.


It's a really tough call for me. Alien was definitive - changing monster and suspense movies forever. The writing, the scene selection - it's all really good. Aliens had such amazing tech. And such lines that hinted at a huge universe! Then again there was AvP which was one of the best b-flicks I've ever seen.

Aliens 3 and Resurrection are forgettable. 3 never quite managed to recapture what (I think) was an attempt at the suspense and terror of the first film; although the dog alien was really cool. I have no idea what they were going for with Resurrection, but ti did not impress.

Promethius was weird. I know it's supposed to be part of the Alien series, but to me it's just a very strange sf movie. I like it but I don't understand it. It certainly had me jumping and quite freaked out at what happens to one of the characters. But it's ponderously slow. The tech is beyond amazing; and it's part of every scene, and every character's plot. Good SF. Odd writing.

Covenant I've not seen.

AvP Requiem was a gore fest of a movie. It lacked the suspense of the first Alien movie, the skill of the first Predator movie, and the fun of the first AvP. It failed as a sequel.


Well, that was fun
Staff member
AvP Requiem was a gore fest of a movie. It lacked the suspense of the first Alien movie, the skill of the first Predator movie, and the fun of the first AvP. It failed as a sequel.

It was just your standard slasher horror flick, with an Alien and a Predator inserted.


From the trailers, Covenant seems to be a spiritual child of the first movie. It looks like it has much the same beats as the original. Hopefully it stays in theatres for a while, because I otherwise won't have a chance to see it.


..The only one that I haven't seen is Covenant. From the rest of them, I'd put the original on top.


Aliens #1

Original Alien #2

Alien Covenant #3

I think I liked Covenant better over all than the original, but the original was much more, uh "original."

I like Aliens. But the first is such a great movie. A nice slow burn. A tight cast that you get to know before things get horrible. If you walk into it blind, there's some great twists and you really don't know who the "hero" is. There's some great moments of tension and horror and a lot of world building done with very little. It's a nice, tight movie that really stands on its own.


A Wicked Kendragon
Aliens is one of my all time favourites. I've seen it more times than all the other movies in the franchise put together. It's just fun.

And that is why I still think that Alien is the better movie. It's such a perfect build up of suspense.

The sequel, while fun, is just a regular action movie. There's a ton of those. Maybe not as well made as Aliens, but still a lot.

But Alien? there are very few movies that do horror that well. So the first one's the winner.


First Post
For me it's clearly Alien - the movie that started it all. It's also one of only two movies I've watched countless times (the other being Bladerunner). It was revolutionary in so many ways!
Aliens, while being a good action movie, didn't do as much for me.
And as for all the others: a resounding meh!


Not your screen monkey (he/him)
For me, it's also clearly Alien. Freaky and suspenseful as hell.
Aliens comes second and makes for a good follow-up to the first.

Everything else trails behind with probably Prometheus and Alien: Covenant coming in the middle for some interesting ideas and characters.

Yep, add mine to the pile of votes for the original Alien movie. It is still ranked as the #2 greatest horror movie of all time (right behind Jaws), even after all these years.

Aliens is a very close second. It set a high bar for sequels, and for action movies in general, and it's just so full of awesome quotable lines.

Covenant is, for me, in third place. But it's a very distant third, and everything else in the series is really not worth rating.

Aliens is, in my mind, the best movie, with an actual character arc.

Then Alien, for the style and horror and characters.

Then Resurrection, which while the directing isn't great, it's fun and again has great characters.

Then Alien3, assembly cut.

Then Covenant, which never really differentiated the characters except for main lady, cowboy hat, and religious guy. It had good action, but was weak around that.

Then Prometheus, for dumb people.


Heh - Alien and Aliens neck-and-neck currently, with the others not spared even a single vote between them. That's fair.

Alien3 lost me at the start when it undid the victory Ripley had achieved at the end of Aliens while she was still asleep. It was also at that early stage of CGI where the less-talented effects companies hadn't cottoned onto the fact that making your CGI seamless with the live-action footage was more important than making it look cool.

Wednesday Boy

The Nerd WhoFell to Earth
I liked 3 the best but I haven't seen it since I was young and thought stupid action movies were the height of cinema, so my impression could be way off. I was not impressed with Resurrection, Prometheus, or Covenant.

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