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Rat-lings / Rat Folk

Snoring Rock

I am running a 5e campaign set in Fairhill (Frog God Games) and I am using the Swords and Wizardry version. Where can I get a good solid 5e conversion for rat-folk?

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Goblin Queen (She/They)
The Scarred Lands Player’s Guide for 5e has a PC race of rat-folk that I think is pretty balanced with the core PHB races.


You can also look on beyond for Nezumi.

Ratfolk historically are a signifciant part of my campaign worlds. They are 'Pi-rats' made up of my Nezumi and Were-rats.

Mine have:
Size: Medium
Dex +2 / Chr +1
Climb speed of 20
Proficiency: Acrobatics, Perception
Expertise (double proficiency) on Perception involving smell
May hide as a bonus action
They can hold something in their tail, but not manipulate it.
Advantage on Survival checks to collect food.

Level Up!

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