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Welcome to the Ravenloft Collector's Guide!

This is one of a series of Echohawk's D&D Collector's Guides, each of which aims to provide a comprehensive guide to D&D products published for a particular setting or era of the game. This particular guide focuses on the Ravenloft campaign setting, which was supported by TSR and Wizards of the Coast from 1990 to 2000, and then from 2001 to 2005 as a licensed property.

Ravenloft's history stretches back even before that though, to the original I6: Ravenloft module. There have also continued to be sporadic Ravenloft tie-in products since 2005, including the Castle Ravenloft Board Game, which was the first title in the D&D Adventure Game system line.

This was the third installment when the Collector's Guides were initially published. The original thread for this Collector's Guide is here.

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AD&D 1st Edition products


I6: Ravenloft (October 1983)
I10: Ravenloft II: The House on Gryphon Hill (download; September 1986)

AD&D 2nd Edition products

Boxed sets

Ravenloft: Realm of Terror (June 1990)
Forbidden Lore (October 1992)
Castles Forlorn (September 1993)
Ravenloft Campaign Setting (May 1994)
Masque of the Red Death and Other Tales (October 1994)
A Light in the Belfry (May 1995)
The Nightmare Lands (October 1995)
Bleak House: The Death of Rudolph van Richten (March 1996)
Requiem: The Grim Harvest (September 1996)

Hardcover books
Domains of Dread (August 1997)

Monster collections
MC10: Monstrous Compendium Ravenloft Appendix (February 1991)
MC15: Monstrous Compendium Ravenloft Appendix II: Children of the Night (November 1993)
Ravenloft Monstrous Compendium Appendix III: Creatures of Darkness (October 1994, PDF)
Ravenloft Monstrous Compendium Appendices I & II: A Chilling Collection of Ghastly Creatures (April 1996, PDF)

RR1: Darklords (July 1991)
RR2: Book of Crypts (September 1991)
RR3: Van Richten's Guide to Vampires (December 1991)
RR4: Islands of Terror (April 1992)
RR5: Van Richten's Guide to Ghosts (May 1992)
RR6: Van Richten's Guide to the Lich (February 1993)
RR7: Van Richten's Guide to Werebeasts (July 1993)
Van Richten's Guide to the Created (January 1994)
Van Richten's Guide to the Ancient Dead (July 1994)
Van Richten's Guide to Fiends (April 1995)
Van Richten's Guide to the Vistani (August 1995)
The Gothic Earth Gazetteer: A Masque of the Red Death Accessory (November 1995)
Forged of Darkness (January 1996)
A Guide to Transylvania: A Masque of the Red Death Accessory (August 1996)
Children of the Night: Vampires (November 1996, PDF)
Children of the Night: Ghosts (December 1997, PDF)
The Shadow Rift (April 1998)
Champions of the Mists (June 1998)
Children of the Night: Werebeasts (November 1998, PDF)
Van Richten's Monster Hunter's Compendium, Volume One (February 1999)
Children of the Night: The Created (May 1999)
Carnival (October 1999)
Van Richten's Monster Hunter's Compendium, Volume Two (December 1999)
Van Richten's Monster Hunter's Compendium, Volume Three (April 2000)

RA1: Feast of Goblyns (download; September 1990)
RA2: Ship of Horror (download; February 1991)
RA3: Touch of Death (download; October 1991)
RQ1: Night of the Walking Dead (download adventure, maps and covers; February 1992)
RQ2: Thoughts of Darkness (September 1992)
RQ3: From the Shadows (download; October 1992)
RM1: Roots of Evil (download; April 1993)
RM2: The Created (May 1993, PDF)
RM3: Web of Illusion (June 1993)
RM4: House of Strahd (August 1993)
Dark of the Moon (December 1993)
Adam's Wrath (March 1994)
The Awakening (August 1994)
Hour of the Knife (September 1994)
Howls in the Night (December 1994)
When Black Roses Bloom (February 1995)
Circle of Darkness (May 1995)
Chilling Tales (June 1995)
The Evil Eye (August 1995)
Neither Man Nor Beast (December 1995)
Death Unchained (June 1996)
Death Ascendant (July 1996)
The Forgotten Terror (October 1997)
Servants of Darkness (February 1998)
Vecna Reborn (August 1998)
Ravenloft (Silver Anniversary Edition) (August 1999)

Related material
Monstrous Compendium Annual Volume Four [SIZE=-3](Dream Stalker, Maggot Golem, Bog Mummy, Siren, Giant Starfish, Cerebral Vampire, Mud Zombie)[/SIZE] (November 1998)
TSR Jam 1999 (The Heart's Final Beat) (March 1999)
TSR Silver Anniversary Collector's Edition (August 1999)
Die Vecna Die! (Citadel Cavitius) (June 2000)

D&D 3.X products

Licensed products

Ravenloft Campaign Setting (October 2001, also available with a limited edition cover)
Secrets of the Dread Realms and Dungeon Master's Screen (December 2001)
Denizens of Darkness (April 2002)
Van Richten's Arsenal: Volume I (May 2002)
Ravenloft Gazetteer: Volume I (June 2002)
Heroes of Light (August 2002)
Champions of Darkness (October 2002)
Ravenloft Gazetteer: Volume II (December 2002)
Van Richten's Guide to the Walking Dead (February 2003)
Ravenloft Gazetteer: Volume III (April 2003)
Ravenloft Dungeon Master's Guide (July 2003)
Ravenloft Tarokka Deck (August 2003)
Ravenloft Player's Handbook (September 2003)
Ravenloft Gazetteer: Volume IV (December 2003)
Denizens of Dread (January 2004)
Van Richten's Guide to the Shadow Fey (March 2004)
Ravenloft Gazetteer: Volume V (May 2004)
Masque of the Red Death (October 2004)
Legacy of the Blood: Great Families of the Core (December 2004)
Dark Tales and Disturbing Legends (May 2005)
Van Richten's Guide to the Mists (online release, August 2005)

Expedition series
Expedition to Castle Ravenloft (October 2006, PDF)

D&D 4th Edition products


Domain of Dread: Histaven (Free RPG day release, June 2011)

Related material
Open Grave: Secrets of the Undead (Strahd von Zarovich) (January 2009)

Other products


Vampire of the Mists (Paperback July 1991, trade paperback September 2006, paperback June 2008)
Knight of the Black Rose (October 1991)
Dance of the Dead (May 1992)
Heart of Midnight (October 1992)
Tapestry of Dark Souls (Paperback January 1993, trade paperback June 2007)
Carnival of Fear (June 1993)
I, Strahd: The Memoirs of a Vampire (Hardcover September 1993, audiobook September 1993, paperback September 1995, trade paperback June 2007)
The Enemy Within (April 1994)
Mordenheim (April 1994)
Tales of Ravenloft (September 1994)
Tower of Doom (October 1994)
Baroness of Blood (March 1995)
Death of a Darklord (Paperback May 1995, trade paperback July 2006, paperback September 2007)[
Scholar of Decay (Paperback November 1995, trade paperback September 2007)
King of the Dead (March 1996)
To Sleep With Evil (Paperback August 1996, trade paperback March 2007)
Lord of the Necropolis (October 1997)
Shadowborn (March 1998)
I, Strahd: The War Against Azalin (June 1998)
Spectre of the Black Rose (March 1999)
Heaven's Bones (September 2008)
Mithras Court (November 2008)
Black Crusade (online release, June 2009)

Short stories
Before I Wake (October 2007)

Game books
AD&D Adventure Gamebook 6: Master of Ravenloft (January 1986)
Endless Quest 2: Castle of the Undead (February 1994)
Endless Quest 8: Night of the Tiger (March 1995)

Worlds of Dungeons & Dragons 3 ("The Rigor of the Game", August 2008)

Coffee table books
The Worlds of TSR: A Journey Through the Landscape of the Imagination[SIZE=-2] (Hardcover August 1994, paperback July 1995)[/SIZE]
30 Years of Adventure: A Celebration of Dungeons & Dragons (Hardcover October 2004, paperback February 2006)
Out of the Mists: The Ravenloft art of Talon Dunning (preview available here) (October 2010)

Board games
Castle Ravenloft Board Game (August 2010)
Castle Ravenloft Preview (August 2010)
Castle Ravenloft Board Game: Bonus Adventures (free download, August 2010)
Castle Ravenloft Promo card: Gray Hag (August 2010)

Computer games and software
Ravenloft: Strahd's Possession (1994)
Ravenloft: Stone Prophet (1995)
Riddle of the Runes: The Worlds of TSR (1995)
Iron & Blood: Warriors of Ravenloft (1996)

1993 TSR Master Catalog ("Ravenloft: Gothic Horror at its Best", January 1993)

Ral Partha miniatures
10-511: Ravenloft Denizens (boxed set)
10-515: Ravenloft Castle Forlorn (boxed set)
10-517: Ravenloft Mordenheim's Lab (boxed set)
11-100: Greater Wolfwere Set
11-101: Werebat Set
11-102: Greater Mummy Set
11-103: Demi-human Vampires
11-104: Vampires
11-105: Village Mob
11-106: Village Personalities
11-107: Goblyns
11-108: Great White Stag
11-109: Gypsies
11-110: Gypsy Dancers
11-111: Lords of Ravenloft
11-112: Vampire Hunters
11-113: Lost Ones
11-114: Wolfweres
11-115: Zombie Lord & Lackeys
11-116: Ratk Umbel
11-117: Man Wolf
11-118: Natalia Vorshkova
11-119: Vampires: Orlok, Female & Bellac Gordol
11-120: Lab Work Tables and Labware
11-121: Assorted Life Energizers
11-122: Frantisek Markov
11-123: Ivana Boritsi
11-124: Alfred Timothy
11-125: Witches

Pre-painted miniatures
Unhallowed 10/60: Van Richten
Unhallowed 35/60: Count Strahd Von Zarovich, Vampire
Unhallowed 44/60: Strahd Zombie

Promotional items
Lords of a Dark Domain bookmark
Ravenloft cloth patch
Ravenloft "Mouspad"
Ravenloft pewter pins
Ravenloft pin (vampire)
Ravenloft key rings
Ravenloft sweatshirt
Life-sized Strahd cardboard display
Land of the Mists poster map (December 1998)
Ravenloft "The Night is Falling" T-Shirt (1999)

Magazine articles

Dragon Magazine

Dragon 160, p80, The Game Wizards (August 1990)
Dragon 162, p79, The Game Wizards (October 1990)
Dragon 172, p95, Novel Ideas (August 1991)
Dragon 174, p10, Are You Having Bad Thoughts? (October 1991)
Dragon 174, p16, Out of the Mists (October 1991)
Dragon 182, p34, Novel Ideas (June 1992)
Dragon 185, p76, Sage Advice (September 1992)
Dragon 190, p72, Novel Ideas (February 1993)
Dragon 192, p65, Novel Ideas (April 1993)
Dragon 202, p67, Sage Advice (February 1994)
Dragon 205, p89, The Game Wizards (May 1994)
Dragon 208, p107, Sage Advice (August 1994)
Dragon 210, p41, Geas: The Vistani Card Game (October 1994)
Dragon 212, p41, Psychic Proficiencies (December 1994)
Dragon 215, p41, Donning a New Masque (March 1995)
Dragon 220, p86, Sage Advice (August 1995)
Dragon 234, p20, The Book of Souls (October 1996)
Dragon 234, p28, Undead Again (October 1996)
Dragon 236, p26, Mystics, Miracles, & Meditations (December 1996)
Dragon Annual 1, p67, Vampires A-Z (December 1996)
Dragon 238, p88, Rogue's Gallery: Silent Sheehan (August 1997)
Dragon 240, p28, Mysterious Cities (October 1997)
Dragon 240, p49, Saga of the Mists (October 1997)
Dragon Annual 2, p112, Villains of Gothic Earth (December 1997)
Dragon 245, p70, Bazaar of the Bizarre: Dwarven Relics (March 1998)
Dragon 247, p18, Sage Advice (May 1998)
Dragon 249, p26, Seeds of Evil (July 1998)
Dragon 252, p82, Arcane Lore: Tomes of Forbidden Lore (October 1998)
Dragon 252, p76, Bazaar of the Bizarre: Jack-o-Lanterns (October 1998)
Dragon Annual 3, p28, Denizens of Dread (December 1998)
Dragon 258, p64, Rogues Gallery: Land of Spectres (April 1999)
Dragon 260, p60, Van Richten's Legacy: The Herbalist's Shop (June 1999)
Dragon 262, p28, Half-Pint Heroes (Ravenkin) (August 1999)
Dragon 264, p22, Sage Advice (October 1999)
Dragon 264, p30, Harrowed Heroes (October 1999)
Dragon 264, p42, Saga of Gothic Earth (October 1999)
Dragon 264, p52, Van Richten's Legacy: The Cult of Simon Audaire (October 1999)
Dragon 264, p51, Nodwick in: Interview with the Lost Boys in the Dark Shadows of Ravenloft (October 1999)
Dragon 266, p66, Arcane Lore: Weremagic (December 1999)
Dragon 272, p52, The Secret Library of Vecna (June 2000)
Dragon 272, p114, Sage Advice (June 2000)
Dragon 273, p44, Van Richten's Legacy: Wicked Garden (July 2000)
Dragon 284, p64, Campaign Corner (June 2001)
Dragon 315, p14, The Return of Strahd (January 2004)
Dragon 315, p100, The Light In the Darkness (January 2004)
Dragon 351, p54, The Shadows of Sithicus (January 2007)
Dragon 359, p31, Unsolved Mysteries of D&D (September 2007)
Dragon 368, p70, Domains of Dread: Sunderheart, the Funeral City (October 2008)
Dragon 375, p34, Domains of Dread: Graefmotta, the Font of Sorrows (May 2009)
Dragon 378, p12, Domains of Dread: Monadhan (August 2009)
Dragon 380, p75, Playing Vistani (October 2009)
Dragon 416, p3, Editorial: Misty Memories (October 2012)
Dragon 416, p4, History Check: Strahd and Van Richten (October 2012)
Dragon 416, p11, Character Themes: Twisted by Darkness (October 2012)
Dragon 416, p16, The Life of Soth (October 2012)

Dungeon Magazine
Dungeon 31, p54, Bane of the Shadowborn (September 1991)
Dungeon 38, p48, Horror Harvest (November 1992)
Dungeon 42, p50, The Price of Revenge (July 1993)
Dungeon 50, p48, Felkovic's Cat (November 1994)
Dungeon 52, p71, Laughing Man (March 1995)
Dungeon 55, p28, Sea Wolf (September 1995)
Dungeon 58, p48, The Baron's Eyrie (March 1996)
Dungeon 61, p8, Jigsaw (September 1996)
Dungeon 64, p48, Last Dance (September 1997)
Dungeon 67, p52, Falls Run (March 1998)
Dungeon 71, p62, Dark Magic in New Orleans (November 1998)
Dungeon 76, p10, The House on the Edge of Midnight (September 1999)
Dungeon 116, p68, The 30 Greatest D&D Adventures of All Time (December 2004)
Dungeon 170, p4, Betrayal at Monadhan (September 2009)
Dungeon 174, p4, Domains of Dread: The Endless Road (January 2010)
Dungeon 207, p32, Domain of Dread: Timbergorge (October 2012)
Dungeon 207, p40, Fair Barovia (October 2012)

Polyhedron Newszine
Polyhedron 64, p27, Bookwyrms, Travelers in the Dark Domain (October 1991)
Polyhedron 68, p6, Hearth Fiend (February 1992)
Polyhedron 74, p11, Secrets Best Kept Hidden: A Preview of the Forbidden Lore Boxed Set (August 1992)
Polyhedron 83, p6, Take a Byte (May 1993)
Polyhedron 86, p13, Mechanical Golem (Ahmi Vanjuko) (August 1993)
Polyhedron 100, p28, Pumpkin-Charley (October 1994)
Polyhedron 105, p20, Gothic Heroes: Famous Opponents of the Red Death (March 1995)
Polyhedron 106, p20, Gothic Heroes: A Day at the Fair (April 1995)
Polyhedron 107, p20, Gothic Heroes: Heroes of the Great American Pastime (May 1995)
Polyhedron 118, p16, World Under Construction: A preview of Ravenloft 2nd Edition (April 1996)
Polyhedron 124, p15, Vecna Lives! In Ravenloft (October 1996)
Polyhedron 124, p18, Victorian Knights: Heroes of Gothic Earth (October 1996)

Electronic releases

Web articles and downloads

Diseased! (Expedition to Castle Ravenloft web enhancement) (April 2007)

Kargatane releases
The Book of Souls (October 1997)
Crossroads of Gothic Earth (July 1998)
The Forgotten Children (July 1998)
Terrors from Above (August 1998)
The Book of Sorrows (October 1998)
Haunted Sites (April 1999)
The Book of Secrets (October 1999)
The Book of Shadows (November 2000)
The Book of Sacrifices (January 2002)
Shadow of the Knife (October 2003)
Children of the Night: Demons (October 2003)
Death Undaunted (unfinished)

Collector's cards

1991 set

381: Meredoth
382: Grim Reaper
383: Werebat
384: Bussengeist
481: Gabrielle Aderre, Lord of Invidia
482: Azalin, Lord of Darkon
483: Vlad Drakov, Lord of Falkovnia
484: Lord Wilfred Godefroy, Ghost Lord of Mordent
485: Hazlik, Lord of Hazlan
486: Harkon Lukas, Lord of Kartakass
487: Frantisek Markov, Lord of Markovia
488: Yagno Petrovna, Lord of G'henna
489: Strahd Von Zarovich, Lord of Barovia
611: Strahd
680: Eleazar Clyde, Vampire
695: Vampire

1992 set
23: Tarl Vanovitch's Sun Blade
51: Quebe's Pick-a-Door
53: Living Wall
61: Hoelgar Arnutsson
68: Rafe Willowand
86: Marion Robinsdottir
90: Symbuk torul
149: Robe of Blending
151: Mazrikoth's Scarab of Death
199: Alanik Ray
200: Dorotha Kenig
239: Checklist 161-200
285: Strahd Von Zarovich
286: Nosferatu Vampire
287: Dwarf Vampire
288: Halfling Vampire
289: Kender Vampire
290: Elf Vampire
291: Gnome Vampire
292: Vampyre
293: Jander Sunstar
296: Leilana
312: Killeen
320: Kevlin
326: Mazrikoth
410: Crown of Souls
424: Katrina Von Brandthofen
441: Bright Gaelea
456: Bilkon
461: Thaedran Meridian
462: Knightengale
485: Darkling
486: Goblyn
487: Bone Golem
488: Shadow Fiend
546: Nhalvaen
576: Burganet
601: Broken One
602: Doom Guard
603: Ghoul Lord
604: Assassin Imp
605: Quickwood
606: Reaver
608: Strahd's Skeletal Steed
609: Greater Wolfwere
628: Ring of Reversion
645: Greater Mummy (Undead series)
646: Skeleton (Undead series)
647: Odem (Undead series)
648: Wight (Undead series)
649: Wraith (Undead series)
650: Geist (Undead series)
651: Shadow (Undead series)
652: Ghost (Undead series)
653: Lich (Undead series)
678: Master Elias Sturn
10 (of 11): Zombie (Gencon promotional card)

1993 set
4: Ghost
15: Tavelia
18: Larissa Snowmane
21: Amulet of Vadarin
31: Giles the Bowman
48: Dural of the Iron Hills
49: Vadarin
87: Melykurion of the Raven
101: Theodoric the Book
108: Bonnie Lee
146: Stefan Dyreth
153: Senmet
154: Trisler
172: Adam (Children of Darkness)
173: Ratik Ubel
174: Natalia Vhorishkova
175: Anhktepot
176: Bluebeard
177: The Headless Horseman
178: Baron Urik von Kharkov
179: Stezen D'Polarno
180: Tiyet
190: Lyron's Harpsichord of Commanding
242: Karali's Silver Short Sword +3
243: Kaleen's Amulet Versus Undead
252: Hannibil of the Raven
262: Baron Lyron Evensong
311: Kaleen Corigrave
313: Karali Jenei
319: Latislav of Darkon
351: Icon of the Raven
353: Brindletople's Time Bomb
361: Jhurgen Vastish
373: Vashtar
408: Mark's Scarab of Protection
417: Mark of the Raven
467: Tithion's Wand of Fire
474: Tithion
483: Seldain
484: Patron Arabel
490: Brindletople
10 (of 60): Casimir of Harmonia (rare card set)
13 (of 60): Lord Soth (rare card set)
15 (of 60): High Master (rare card set)
18 (of 60): Jaraq the Deceiver (rare card set)

Spellfire cards

Base set (4th edition)

59: Bluet Spur
60: Arak
61: Borca
62: Gundarak
63: Sithicus
64: Nightmare Lands
112: Dance of the Red Death
113: Red Jack
114: Red Tide
304: Pearl
305: Amber
306: Aquamarina
352: The Ancient Dead
353: Madman Enraged
354: Ting Ling
355: Death Ship, The
356: The Lesser Mummy
357: Bride of Malice
358: The Vulture of the Core
359: Fleeing Adventurers
360: The Bog Monster

Ravenloft expansion set
1: Barovia
2: Darkon
3: Lamordia
4: Mordent
5: Kartakass
6: Keening
7: Tepest
8: Verbrek
9: Invidia
10: Nova Vaasa
11: Dementlieu
12: Valachan
13: Har'Akir
14: Souragne
15: Sri Raji
16: Castle Ravenloft
17: Azalin's Graveyard
18: Kargat Mausoleum
19: Paridon
20: Pharaoh's Rest
31: Islands of Terror
66: Apparatus
67: Crown of Souls
68: Holy Symbol of Ravenkind
69: Tapestry of Dark Souls
70: Fang of the Nosferatu
81: Mysterious Stranger
82: Azalin
83: Adam
84: Ankhtepot
85: Ireena Kolyana
86: Dr. Rudolph Van Richten
87: Harkon Lukas
88: Headless Horseman
89: Arijani
90: Wilfred Godefroy
91: Tiyet
92: Sir Hiregaard
93: Gabrielle Aderre
94: Hags of Tepest
95: Sir Edmund Bloodsworth
96: High Master Illithid
97: Dr. Mordenheim
98: Sergei Von Zarovich
99: Lord Soth
100: Strahd Von Zarovich

Artifacts expansion set
12: Seal of Lost Arak
13: Crystal of the Ebon Flame
33: Dark Lords
34: Walking Dead, The
39: Forbidden Lore
80: Invisible Stalker
82: Yagno Petrovna
88: Bluet Spur
2 (of 20): Death Rock
10 (of 20): Ghostly Piper

Underdark expansion set
9: UnderDread
18: Dread Chamber, The
68: Red Death, The
97: Chantal the Banshee
99: Iseult

Runes & Ruins expansion set
15 (of 25): Tower of Spirits

Draconomicon expansion set
12: Powers of the Land

Nightstalker expansion set
5: Falkovnia
6: Richemulot
11: Haunted Graveyard
32: Jacqueline Renier
33: Ratik Ubel
34: Julio, Master Thief of Haslic
67: Nemon Hotep
68: Shera the Wise
16 (of 25): Varney the Vampire
18 (of 25): Gib Lhadsemlo
25 (of 25): Mad Scientist's Laboratory

Dungeons expansion set

7: Under Castle Strahd
23: Bats in the Belfry
32: Ruins of Lololia, The
61: Borer
96: Animate Gargoyle

Inquisitions online expansion set
26: The Grim Reaper

Millennium online expansion set
23: Strahd's Medallion
32: Madame Griselda's Tarroka Deck
34: The Forgotten Idol

Chaos online expansion set
2: Dark Cleric
13: Marius
14: Shadow Drake
71: Darkmoon

Conquest online expansion set
63: Zakhata, the False God
73: Castle Strahd

International products

French translations

Ravenloft: Royaume d'Épouvante (1994)
RA3: Contact Mortel (1994)
RM4: La Demeure de Strahd (1994)
Novel: Le Vampire des Brumes (April 1995)
Novel: Danse avec les Morts (May 1995)
Novel: Le Chevalier de la Rose Noire (May 1995)
Novel: Coeur de Minuit (June 1995)
RA1: Un Festin de Gobelyns (1995)
RR3: Le Guide Van Richten des Vampires (1995)
Novel: Les Âmes dans le Canevas (February 1996)
RA2: Le Navire de l'Horreur (1996)
Bestiaire Monstrueux Ravenloft Appendice 3: Les Enfants de la Nuit (1996)
RR5: Le Guide Van Richten des Fantômes (1996)
RR4: Îles d'Épouvante (June 1998)
Novel: Le Maître du Déclin (June 1998)
Novel: L'Ennemi Intime Numéro Un (September 1999)
Novel: La Baronne Sanglante (September 1999)
Novel: Moi Strahd: Journal d'un Vampire (September 1999)
Novel: Le Carnaval de la Peur (September 1999)
Novel: Mort d'un Sombre Seigneur (September 1999)
Novel: Mordenheim (September 1999)
Novel: La Tour de la Desolation (September 1999)
Ravenloft (May 2002)
Les Secrets des Royaumes de l'Epouvante (July 2002)
Atlas Volume I (July 2003)
L'Arsenal Van Richten: Volume 1 (July 2004)
Novel: Ravenloft L'Alliance, Tome 1: Mort d'un Sombre Seigneur (October 2009)

German translations
Rabenhorst: Das Reich des Schreckens (1993)
Novel: Ravenloft 1: Schloß der Vampire (1993)
Novel: Ravenloft 2: Ritter der schwarzen Rose (1993)
Monsterkompendium IV: Die Kinder der Nacht (1994)
RA3: Tödliche Berührung (1994)
RM4: Die Gruft des Grafen Strahd (1994)
Novel: Ravenloft 3: Reigen der Toten (1994)
Novel: Ravenloft 4: Die Stunde der Wölfe (1994)
Novel: Ravenloft 5: Hort des Bösen (1994)
Novel: Ravenloft 6: Die Maske des Teufels (1994)
Ravenloft 1: Der Fluch des Grafen - Lösungsbuch (1994?)
RA2: Schiff des Schreckens (1995)
RR3: Van Richtens Handbuch über Vampires (1995)
Ravenloft 2: Stone Prophet - Lösungsbuch (1995?)
RA1: Das Festmahl der Goblyns (1996)
RR5: Van Richtens Geisterhandbuch (1996)
Ravenloft Grundregelwerk (2002?)
Gesichter des Schreckens (2003)

Italian translations
I Domini del Terrore
Servitori dell' Oscurita'
Ululati nella Notte
Novel: Il Cavaliere della Rosa Nera (2003)
Novel: Profonda Notte (2003?)
Novel: Lo Spettro della Rosa Nera (2004)
Novel: Danza Fatale (2004?)
Novel: Le Memorie di Strahd, Volume Primo: Il Signore di Ravenloft (2005)
Novel: Le Memorie di Strahd, Volume Secondo: La Guerra contro Azalin (2006)
Novel: Le Nebbie di Ravenloft Libro 1: Morte di un Signore Oscuro (2007)
Novel: Le Nebbie di Ravenloft Libro 2: Il Vampiro Delle Brume (2008)
Novel: Le Nebbie di Ravenloft Libro 3: L'arazzo Delle Anime Perdute (2008)

Spanish translations
Fiesta de Goblyns (1995)
La Nave del Horror (1996)
Ravenloft (2002)
Héroes de la Luz (2003)
Guia de Raveloft (Vol 1.) (2004)
Arsenal de van Richten (2004)
Guia de Ravenloft (Vol 2.) (May 2005)
Campeones de la Oscuridad (2005)
Guia van Richten de las Hadas Sombrias (2006)

Organized play

AD&D 2nd Edition convention adventures

Ravenloft II (1986)
Dance of the Dead (Ravenloft Masters, 1991)
Ravenslurch (1991)
The Only Way Out (Ravenloft Masters, 1991)
The Return of Stezan D'Polarno (Or 'Portrait of the Artist as a Young Necromancer') (Ravenloft Grandmasters, GenCon 1992)
Awakenings (Ravenloft Masters, 1993)
The Trouble with Sara (Ravenloft Benefit, Winter Fantasy 1994)
Felkovic's Cat (Winter Fantasy 1994)
The Beast Within (GenCon 1994)
Sacrificial Lambs (GenCon 1995)
A Curse of Blood (1995)
The Greatest Loss (1995)
Infatuation (1995?)
They Hunt At Night (1995?)
Father of the Bride (1996)
Doorway to Darkness (Ravenloft Paragon, Origins 1996)
Cry Little Sister (GenCon, August 1996)
Return of the Lucky Seven (1996)
Death Comes Calling (1998)
Fear and the Flame (?)
House of Dark Strategy (?)
Out from Darkness (?)
Shadows Dance (?)
Thieves' Gambit (?)
Task of the Red Death
Of Sound Mind and Body (Masque of the Red Death)
Tombstone (Masque of the Red Death)

Living Death
Living Death Campaign Sourcebook
Living Death Judge Guidelines
Living Death Hero Sheet
Character Conversion to 3e
Stock Characters

Campaign year 1890 (1996)
LD1: Skinners
LD2: Casting Call
LD3: The Judge's House
LD4: London's Foggy Streets
LD5: The Lost Valley (Gencon Living Death Enigma, August 1996)
LD4: London's Foggy Streets (Gencon Living Death Feature, August 1996)
LD6: Mystery of the Haunted Mine

Campaign year 1890 (continued) (1997)
LD7: No Rest for the Weary
LD8: The Breath of Life
LD9: The Wayward Wind
LD10: A Bad Root
Light in Venice
The Goodliest Soile
Hard Medicine
LD11: Blood on the Bayou (The Voodoo Saga 1)
Starry Night
LD12: Medicine Man (Spirit Warriors 1)
To Make the Dead Walk (The Voodoo Saga 1a)
LD13: Just Want to Have Fun
Holiday in Europe (Hidden Treasures 1)

Campaign year 1891 (1998)
Holiday in America
A Tale of Two Tomes
Terror on the Orient Express
Murder in the Ozarks
Roman Holiday
The Terror on Beacon Street
Au Bonheur des Dames
Strange Occurrences (Gencon Living Death Feature, August 1998)
Intrigue in Egypt (Gencon Living Death Interactive, August 1998)
Holiday in Rio
Return to the Bayou (The Voodoo Saga 2)
Glory! Glory!
Red Sky in the Morning
Schalken the Painter
Southern Pines

Campaign year 1892 (1999)
Revenge in Egypt
Holiday in Hong Kong (Jade Lotus 1)
Trails in the Sand
Darkness Within
Doll's House
White Man's Burden
The House
And Summer Gardens (Hidden Treasures 2)
Wild West
A Night in the Low Country (The Voodoo Saga 3)
A Change of Heart (Jade Lotus 2) (Gencon Living Death Feature, August 1999)
On the Trail (Jade Lotus 3) (Gencon Living Death Enigma, August 1999)
Mission to China (Jade Lotus 4) (Gencon Living Death Special, August 1999)
The Archeological Society Annual Dinner (Gencon Living Death LARP, August 1999)
The Trouble
Dirty Laundry
Medicine Bag (Spirit Warriors 2)
Fire of Innocence
On Hallowed Ground
The Gamble

Campaign year 1893 (2000)
Trouble in Paradise
Royal Spirits (Jade Lotus 5)
Silken Scream
Midnight in the Moonlight
Artifact Quest
The White City
The Mine
The Gentleman's Return (The Voodoo Saga 4)
Ring Around
All is Fair
It Happened at the Fair
Another Trouble
The Road of Bones
Dog Days
With Just a Touch
Mystic of Mercy (Inner Circle 1)

Campaign year 1894 (2001)
Heritage (Jade Lotus 6)
White Wedding
White Lightning
Winter's Hunger
Carnegie's Music Hall
The End
Memory Alone
The Mission
Strange Brew
Urgent Affair
When Blood Runs Cold (The Voodoo Saga 5)
American Gothic Earth
Distant Thunder (Jade Lotus 7)

Campaign year 1895 (2002)
Bottled Terror
Great White
Gossip on the Nile (LARP)
Weighing of the Heart
Flowers in the Sand
As Ottawa Sleeps
Rose City
The Message
The Qabalist
Bohemian Misery
Bitter Harvest
Lure of Silver
Train of Terror (LARP)
The Mindless Ones
Medicine Doll (Spirit Warriors 3)
Fallen Angel
A Road Less Traveled
White Christmas
Yuletide Spirits

Campaign year 1896 (2003)
A Troubled Heart
Good Intentions
The Lady's Song
Cycle of the Hunter
Set in Stone
The M
Keeper's Auction
Between the Hedges
A Matter of Faith
Ghosts of the Empire
A Summer of Evil
Medicine Bones (Spirit Warriors 4)
Upon a Cross of Gold (The Voodoo Saga 6)
Eyes Without a Face

Campaign year 1897 (2004)
Final Words
Holiday in Ireland
There is One Born Every Minute
A Bite Before Dying
White Lies
Death of a Librarian
Reign of Terror
Through the Looking Glass (Hidden Treasures 3)
Adding a Menace (Hidden Treasures 4)
Sisters by Blood
Medicine Quest (Spirit Warriors 5)

Campaign year 1898 (2005)
Sisters in Spirit
Black Gold
Caliban Dreams (Hidden Treasures 5)
The Library
House of Sand
Heaven Doesn't Want Him
The Masque (LARP)
Fire of Revenge
Leverage (The Voodoo Saga 7)
Medicine Claw (Spirit Warriors 6)
Sand Trap
A Quick Stab to the Heart
Old Debts
Evil Intentions
The Scouring of Cornwall
House of Vengeance

Campaign year 1899 (2006)
Warrior's Rest
Return of the Queen
Garden of Bones
Sisters in Law
Holiday in the Congo
Ancient Footprints
Return to Lost Valley
Signs and Portents
Into the Maelstrom
When the Soul Runs Cold
Into the Stygian Depths
The Lord is my Shepherd
Darkness Like a Dream
Equinox (The Voodoo Saga 8)
Ex Altum Mare
Night in Shanghai (Jade Lotus 8)
Tomb of Jade (Jade Lotus 9)
Celestial Dreams (Jade Lotus 10)
Cat's Paw
Sands of Time

Campaign finale (2007)
A Call to Arms (LARP)

Adventurer's Guild adventures
Heart's Final Beat (3Q1998)
A Second Chance (3Q1998)
The Beast Within (4Q1998)
Legacy of Venom (1Q1999)
Deepening Shadows (2Q1999)
Farewell to the Flesh (3Q1999)
Haunting of Silver Ruins (4Q1999)
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