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People often ask where to find stats for certain animals found the real world, so I thought I'd gather up a list. If you know of any others, please let me know.

Note that I did not include prehistoric animals, dinosaurs, or giant or dire versions of real-world animals (with the exception of those few giant animals that do exist, like the giant squid). I figured these would be better served by their own indices.

Official Sources:

Albatross (Stormwrack)
Ape (MM)
Baboon (MM)
Badger (MM)
Barracuda (Stormwrack)
Bat (MM)
Bear, Black (MM)
Bear, Brown (MM)
Polar Bear (MM)
Bison (MM)
Boar Camel (MM)
Camel, Dromedary (Sandstorm)
Camel, Two-Humped (Sandstorm)
Camel, War (Sandstorm)
Caribou (Frostburn)
Cat (MM)
Cheetah (MM)
Chipmunk (Dragon #277)
Crocodile (MM)
Crocodile, Giant (MM)
Deer (Silver Marches)
Dog (MM)
Dog, Riding (MM)
Donkey (MM)
Eagle Elephant (MM)
Eel (Stormwrack)
Elk (Silver Marches)
Ferret (Tome and Blood)
Fox (Dragon #291)
Fox, Arctic (Frostburn)
Groundhog (Dragon #277)
Hare (Dragon #277)
Hawk (MM)
Hedgehog (Tome and Blood)
Hippopotamus (Sandstorm)
Horse, Heavy (MM)
Horse, Heavy War (MM)
Horse, Light (MM)
Horse, Light War (MM)
Hound, Mastiff (Races of Faerun)
Hyena (MM)
Ibis (Races of Faerun)
Jackal (Sandstorm)
Jellyfish Swarm (Stormwrack; vermin type)
Komodo Dragon (Dragon #328)
Leech Swarm (Stormwrack; vermin type)
Leopard (MM)
Lion (MM)
Lizard (MM)
Lizard, Horned (Sandstorm)
Lizard, Monitor (MM)
Lynx (Races of Faerun)
Manta Ray (MM)
Monkey (MM)
Moose (Dragon #327)
Moray Eel (Dragon #328)
Mouse (Dragon #277)
Mouse (Tome and Blood)
Mule (MM)
Octopus (MM)
Octopus, Giant (MM)
Otter (Dragon #277, Stormwrack)
Otter, Sea (Frostburn)
Owl (MM)
Penguin (Frostburn)
Piranha Swarm (Stormwrack)
Pony (MM)
Pony, War (MM)
Porpoise (MM)
Raccoon (Dragon #277)
Rat (MM)
Raven (MM)
Rhinoceros (MM)
Screech Owl (Tome and Blood)
Sea Lion (Stormwrack)
Seal (Frostburn, Stormwrack)
Seal, Elephant (Dragon #328)
Serval (Savannah Wildcat)(Sandstorm)
Sharks (MM)
Shrew (Tome and Blood)
Skunk (Dragon #277)
Snake, Constrictor (MM)
Snake, Giant Constrictor (MM)
Snake, Small constrictor (Dragon #277)
Snake, Vipers (MM)
Snapping Turtle (Stormwrack)
Sparrow Hawk (Tome and Blood)
Squid (MM)
Squid, Giant (MM)
Squirrel (Dragon #277)
Squirrel, Flying (Dragon #327)
Stingray (Stormwrack)
Thrush (Tome and Blood)
Tiger (MM)
Toad (MM)
Vulture (Sandstorm)
Walrus (Frostburn)
Weasel (MM)
Whale, Baleen (MM)
Whale, Cachalot (MM)
Whale, Orca (MM)
Wolf (MM)
Wolverine (MM)

Unofficial Sources:

Condor (CC)
Deer (CC)
Moose (CC)
Sheep (CC)
Swan (CC)
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Monster Junkie
You must have the pre-errata version. :heh:


Now I'm tempted to actually make a "mule octopus". It would be no stranger than an elephant seal, right? :)


First Post
Mule Octopus (Large Animal, Aquatic Subtype)

HD 8+24 (52hp)
AC 18 (Dex +2, Size -4, Natural +10)
Init +6
Attacks Tentacle rake x8 at +14,
Damage Tentacle Rake d6+8 each
Face/Reach 15 x 15 / 20
Special Attacks Constriction
Special Abilities Ink Cloud
Abilities Str 27 Dex 15 Con 16 Int 3 Wis 4 Cha 2
Saves F9 / R8 / W3
Feats Multiattack, Improved Grab, Improved Initiative
Organization Solitary Only
Treasure nil or Incidental (in lair)
Advancement 9-16HD Huge, 17-24HD Colossal
CR 9

Mule Octopi are the infertile offspring of giant squid and giant octopi. They are almost impossible to discern from their octopi parents, as they appear virtually identical. The only possible clue to their true nature is their lack of an ink gland (which is apparently linked to their reproductive organs).

Mule Octopi fight similarly to others of their type, lashing out with their tentacles. Faced with numerous smaller prey (two sizes smaller), they will attempt to Grab and then Constrict targets. Each round after a successful Grab attack, if an Escape Artist or Strength check vs the Mule Octopi's Strength fails, constriction damage of 2d6+12 is dealt to the victim.

Mule Octopi can use the jet-like movement of the squid parents to whisk away from serious threats, as a double-move action at a speed of 200.

(What, you were expecting an effed-up hippocampus?!)


Shirokinukatsukami fan
Appendix A of the Kingdoms of Kalamar supplement Dangerous Denizens has several additional animals. I've left out the obviously Kalamar-specific variations, and the prehistoric animals, but I'm still not sure if all of these have real world equivalents.

Here's the list: Alpaca, Bull, Draft Camel, Racing Camel, Jaguar, Puma, Civet, Clouded Leopard, Fishing Cat, Golden Cat, Lynx, Margay, Ocelot, Pampas Cat, Serval, Coyote, Deer, Guard Dog, Hunting Dog, War Elephant, Fox, Goat, Trained Pack Goat, Hare, Draft Horse, Middling Horse, Middling War Horse, Miniature Horse, Llama, Otter, Ram and Sheep.


Monster Junkie
ZuulMog - I whipped one up over in Homebrews awhile back as well. Of course, you can never have to many mule octopi. :cool:

Echohawk - I'll add 'em when I 've got more time. Thanks!

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