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Kickstarter Realm Works Kickstarter Launches – Transform Campaign Management!


Golden Procrastinator
I finally caved-in and pledged. All the features presented look extremely enticing and certainly distinguish Realmworks from your average campaign management website.

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First Post
A few questions:

(1) Can pins be easily moved around after they've been created? (I would assume so, but they never actually get dragged-and-dropped during the demonstration video.)

(2) Can I customize the color of a pin?

It's probably a little weird to obsess over the pins, but their functionality combined with map usage may be what finally sells me on using a digital campaign manager.

(I do this thing in my location-based adventures where I prep the bad guys separately from the locations and then move the groups of bad guys around dynamically during play. Being able to assign each group of bad guys to a pin and then just move the pins around directly on the map? That, all by itself, would radically transform my campaign prep.)
1) Yes, if you're editing a smart image you can simply drag and drop the pins around as much as you want. We don't maintain history of where the pin was, but as long as you're happy keeping track of where your bad guys were yourself, it should work well for you.

2) You can't currently change the color of the pin, as we use color to indicate whether the pin has content associated with it or not. That's potentially something we could add after v1.0, so definitely keep it in mind as we get closer to release.

Hope this helps!


First Post
Yep, we funded! Thanks everyone! That means it's time for... stretch goals!

Our first Stretch Goals are:

Once $105,000 is raised, all backers at the Pack Hunter pledge level and higher will receive access to the upcoming re-release of Halls of the Mountain King for Pathfinder from Open Design. Halls of the Mountain King is a non-traditional dungeon, an homage to Moria and Undermountain that adds a few twists. Plot and story have been worked out collaboratively in the private Open Design forum. Estimated delivery: September 2013.
Once $110,000 is raised, all backers at the Pack Hunter pledge level and higher will receive access to the Blood Drive Trilogy for Deadlands (Savage Worlds) from Pinnacle. The Blood Drive series is a complete campaign. Each adventure starts and ends in such a fashion that if you want to use it by itself without the others in the series, you can easily do so. In fact, they’re perfect for getting a posse from one part of the Weird West to another if that’s what you’re looking for, Marshal. Estimated delivery: August 2013.
We'll have more goals to announce over the next few days! See the Kickstarter page for more details!


First Post
And just a day later, we've blown past both stretch goals! The third stretch goal is big one, and it's of significant interest to fans of Richard Pett and Frog God Games.

If we reach the third stretch goal, we'll be including the entirety of The Blight, an upcoming Adventure Path for Pathfinder from Frog God Games. Richard Pett’s Twisted City - The Blight, is planned to be 12 districts of a city with 12 adventures, providing an Adventure Path with 12 meaty installments.

Between is a temptation too great for some; a land of plenty (and danger) on the doorstep, rich in possible wealth and with the draw of Between Vessels—curious objects that retain memories, feelings and even souls—the reasons for venturing into the land are numerous, and have drawn many. The Illuminati, using the funds of the royal family, have struck again and again into this new empire, and those very incursions threaten to undo the Blight. Constant incursions into Between from the Blight have weakened the fabric of the wall that separates the two places. There are those who wish the levee to break, who would revel in the chaos and madness of life and souls that would happen should a fracture burst and a tidal wave of Between pour into the city. There are also those who have a conscience, who oppose the Illuminati and the royal family as much as they safely can in the face of such power. They know nothing about the levee, but they have their suspicions. And into this world come the PCs…

If you want to get your hands on this epic AP, you'll need to check out the Realm Works kickstarter.


First Post
We're in the Home Stretch for the Realm Works Kickstarter. Some cool stretch goals have been unlocked, and there are still more to get! Early this morning we announced one of the stretch goals as the "Pirate's Guide to Freeport" from Green Ronin Publishing. It's a pure setting book, focusing entirely on the people, places, politics, and perils of Freeport and containing no game statistics of any kind. The Pirate's Guide to Freeport can thus be used with any fantasy RPG. We'll also deliver "The Freeport Companion" for FATE and at least one other game system as part of this stretch goal, detailing cultists, pirates, serpent people, and much more.

We also announced a Special Stretch Goal - The Pursuit of 2,000! If we reach 2,000 Backers, certain Backers will be able to give away a free Hero Lab license to a friend.

Thanks for everyone's support so far!


So glad we re getting The Blight, when it is done. I own the Pirate's Guide and it is a great book, so I hope it gets included too!


First Post
Good news mach1.9pants, we hit Pirate's Guide the Freeport this morning! :)

Down to the final few hours, and we have on stretch goal left to hit - and it's a big one! If we reach $165k, all backers at the Timber Wolf pledge level and higher will receive fully integrated access to the Razor Coast, an upcoming campaign for Pathfinder from Frog God Games. Razor Coast is the long anticipated Caribe-Polynesian flavored, Age of Sail swashbuckling RPG campaign envisioned and designed by Nicolas Logue. It has been praised for its ambitious and original design, its epic flavor and its lurid, full-color art – including a cover by the award winning Wayne Reynolds. Logue tapped a team of veteran designers to help develop and write Razor Coast, including Lou Agresta, Adam Daigle, Tim Hitchcock, and John Ling. Razor Coast isn’t just an adventure, it’s part setting, part adventure path, and part toolkit to build your own unique campaign. It’s non-linear and will never play the same way twice.

Join us for these last few hours of the kickstarter, and if you want to help us reach the Razor Coast, tell all your friends!


First Post
It's official! We've raised over $170,000 to fund Realm Works, including unlocking all of our content-based stretch goals!

Thank you to everyone who helped make this project a success!

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