Reaper to produce pre-painted Plastic minis - Non-random

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I doubt it- DDM has 2 things going for it: a direct connection to D&D, and an underlying wargame.

I do think it will make WotC work a bit harder, though.

And that's a good thing. :)


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The "official" status of the DDM minis will keep them alive, no matter how crappy the molds or paint may get. Some people will never buy anything that isn't official (significantly more people than I once thought, actually). That said, I suspect that if the Reaper plastics have the company's characteristically clean molds and portray creatures that can be used with D&D, then Wizards will have to step up their efforts to avoid losing some customers.
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Dannyalcatraz said:
I doubt it- DDM has 2 things going for it: a direct connection to D&D, and an underlying wargame.

I think the players of the Skirmish game are a minority.

I guess the D&D branding will help a lot, but I do know that a lot of people don't care about it.

We'll see.


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Drawing on Reaper's vast experience in miniatures and a catalog of 1000's of metal models to design Legendary Encounters, Legendary Encounters will quickly become the most popular prepainted plastic miniatures line on the market.

Well, even if the minis stink, let's give them an "A" for self-esteem anyway.

Good luck to'em, I say. I wonder what they'll cost? Since they'll be starting out by releasing the most generic of monsters--orcs, ogres, minotaurs, undead, and such--they'll basically be covering minis that WotC have already covered pretty extensively (I already have too many ogres and skeletons).

As to being non-randomized, they'll hardly be the first, or even among first thousand, to offer that. There's a thriving secondary market for D&D minis on eBay, and I never understood why folks dismissed that so handily when ranting about WotC's commitment to randomization (other than sheer obtuseness). Where Reaper will hopefully offer an advantage is in providing minis of all types at a reasonable price--no $6 stirges please! But again, the types of minis that they're kicking off with are amongst the cheapest available.


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This is great news. I love Reaper's miniatures, and I've never had the desire to buy blind packs of DDMs or go through the usual eBay hassle to buy sets.


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MacMathan said:
Any word on the price point yet? That will be the make it or break for me.

No... and it's a big factor.

Has Reaper done plastics before? There's a world of difference between metals and plastics for casting & scale.


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