Recommendations for an FLGS in Boulder, CO?


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I will be spending a few days in the Boulder area, and it looks like I will have a bit of downtime to explore a couple of gaming stores while I’m there.

In particular, I am looking for a store that has a good selection of used rulebooks and adventures from older editions. I collect 1st through 3rd edition’s of D&D, and a few other games (Champions, GURPS, WEG Star Wars).

Newer stuff I can easily get from my FLGS here, so that’s not a priority.

Depending on my schedule, I might have a few free hours in Denver, but the Boulder area is preferable.

Thanks for any suggestions you may have.

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It's about a half-hour drive from Boulder, but Black and Read in Arvada, CO has TONS and TONS of new and used RPG material.

7821 Wadsworth Blvd
Arvada, CO 80003

I go there every time I visit my sister who lives in Arvada. Good stuff.


I've been away from Boulder for a bit, but my memory of game stores seemed to be the ones actually in Boulder were more just new stuff. But I'd agree with innerdude's recommendation for Black and Read as a place that's between Boulder and Denver.


Front Range Warlock
Black & Read is amazing and isn't just limited to gaming material - if you collect classic vinyl or other vintage stuff, it's a one-stop shop.


I had a chance to briefly check out B&R on my way into Boulder on Saturday. It is exactly as amazing as you all say. Fortunately, I will have time for a much longer visit tomorrow, as I head home. UN-fortunately, tomorrow’s visit is likely to leave a pretty big dent in my bank balance.

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