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(Record) Character Tracking and Interface Thread


First Post

LPNN Participants:

Vargo/Vargo’s Wolf

WereRat encounter: 320 xp per PC
Loot: TBD
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First Post
Adventure: R1: Hired Hands (completed)

Tor, played by Patlin
Ragnikyr, played by Roger
Kerrz, played by Kerrz
Gideon, played by IcyCool
Valen, played by LogicsFate

XP Awards
Tor: 2258
Ragnikyr: 1258
Valen: 1125
Gideon: 1358
Kerrz: 250

Adventure: R2: Rats In A Maze (completed)

Tor, played by Patlin
Gideon Redcloak, played by IcyCool
Babette Delecroix, played by Heckler
Fimble McGee, played by Rae ArdGaoth
Metrius Pinch, played by wmasters
Kith Ra Ei, played by HugeOgre

XP Awards
Tor: 5860
Gideon: 5235
Babette: 4285
Fimble: 4285
Metrius: 1310
Kith: 0

DM Awards
19 for R2: Rats In A Maze
-10 for adding 1500 xp to Lucien Rayes
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Previous adventures: [sblock=Wreck ashore]Adventure: wreck ashore. Started 8-19-2005, finished 11-27-2005

Hulgyr, orc fighter 1
Roddick the longing, elf barbarian 1
Wilhelm Irontower, human cleric of Ayratha 1.
Eroin of the Ironwood Hand elf monk 1

XP: 150 each for a constrictor snake.
50 xp for an encounter with an angry lizardman.
60 xp for the men encontered in the marshes.
300 xp for two panthers (leopards)
50 xp for getting vital infomation.
75 xp for a patrol of two pirates.
150 xp for a dwarf and two sidekicks.
300 xp for the final battle.

Time bonus: 3 months x 50 xp/level = 150 xp.

Individual rewards: Hulgyr and Wilhelm get a roleplaying bonus of 300 xp

10 gold coins
2 masterwork crossbows and 2 masterwork scimitars, plus 4 unidentified potions (two of them already used)
Two masterwork crossbows, two masterwork scimitars and two more potions (both them already used)
(Potions left are 1 Mage armor potion, 1 Cure light wounds potion)
A masterwork falchion and composite longbow
A total of 4852,5 gold coins as a reward for completing the job and bringing back part of the stolen goods.[/sblock]

[sblock=Thirst for power]Adventure: Thirst for power. Started 5-27-06


Azaroth VanHaydren, human sorcerer/fighter 2/1
Banion Lorish, halfling soulknife 3 (leveled to 4 while in the adventure)
Beamer Glimmereye, halfling sorcerer 3 (leveled to 4 while in the adventure)
Draig Underfellow, dwarf ranger 1 (leveled to 2 while in the adventure)

General XP rewards:
420XP for a morning of intense roleplaying, plus time bonus (at 8/23) (150 Draig, 450 Beamer and Banion)

Individual rewards:
Draig: 650, 1450, 100.
Beamer:600, 150, 1400,200.
Banion:300, 50, 1500, 300,200.
Azaroth:600 (note: this is the only reward Azaroth gets, as he left the adventure at this point)


1000 gp paid as an advancement (spent in 1 CLW wand and 5 CLW potions)
A wand of Scorching ray with 21 charges, one +1 short sword, one masterwork sword[/sblock]

Total DM points: 6
Current DM points: 2
Spent 4 Dm points increasing Nodis' XP total.
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[Tomb of Chaos] - started 11/09/05, completed 12/31/06 12 DM Points awarded
  • Persephone - human Sorceror 4/Human Paragon 2, played by Manzanita - 10099XP
  • Nars Blackbeard - dwarven Rogue 5/Fighter 1, played by SlagMortar - 9248XP
  • Nezrak Duskstar - gray elven Wizard 5, played by Xael - 8665XP
  • Sir Ishmael of the Wooden Sword - deep halfling Paladin 2/Sorceror 1/Fighter 2/Dragon Disciple 1, played by nimisgod - 9593XP
  • Rodimus - half-orc Monk 6, played by Dalamar - 9119XP
  • Gorefoot - gnome halfling Barbarian 2/Ranger 3, played by IcyCool - 8888XP
  • Loot
  • XP

[The Secret of Gemhold] - started 01/29/07, completed 02/07/09 25 DM Points awarded

[L1: Strange Doings] - started 10/31/06, taken over from LiquidBlue 01/29/07, completed 09/24/07 8 DM Points awarded
  • Razin Smith - human Fighter 1, played by JonnyFive - 900XP
  • Manon Lazarus - human Rogue 1, played by corcio - 900XP
  • Ximix - high elf Cleric of Gliran 1, played by Ximix - 2100XP
  • Jallembo - human Rogue 1, played by Amaury - 2100XP
  • Garrit Kelspire - half-orc Paladin of Hyrag 2, played by Animus - 2400XP
  • Loot
  • XP

[DM Points Log]
  • 12 DM Points gained for E1: Tomb of Chaos
  • 11 DM Points spent on Tenebrynn
  • 8 DM Points gained for L1: Strange Doings
  • 3 DM Points spent on Eternity
  • 5 DM Points spend on Eternity
  • 1 DM Point spent on Tenebrynn
  • 25 DM Points gained for E2: The Secret of Gemhold
  • Current Total: 25

[Erekose's NPCs (public)]
  • Tharivian Atterwood - LN half-elf Wizard 4; Location: Orussus, Sage's Guild; Occupation: Sage.
  • Lorien Stemraen - N doppleganger; Location: unknown; Occupation: Librarian.
  • Novrne - CG cursed human Rogue 5 (Undead); Location: Orussus, Sage's Guild; Occupation: none.
  • Chaos, aka Lord Toth Nekamek - CE babau demon; Location: unknown; Occupation: reincarnated despot.
  • The Queen of the Forest
  • Celebriant, nomad leader
  • Min and Dar, gnome miners
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First Post
DM Credits:
Wizards and Cook: 1
Di Senzio Trounement: 52

DM Credits Spent:
2 (2007-12-14: XP for Ridik at level 4)
6 (2007-12-17: Gold for Opale at level 7)
19 (2008-02-05: XP for Opale at level 7)
14 (2010-04-23: XP for Rinaldo at level 11)

DM Credits left: 8

Wizard and Cook

Started: 05-14-2006
Finished: 06-15-2006

Jik'tu : Orc Cleric of Tarusk 1, played by DerHauptman
Eskon : Human Paladin of Hyrag 1, played by Lot
Cepheus : Gnome Rogue 1 , played by BigB


di Senzio's Tournament

Arena - Backstage
Arena - Tribune
Clerk Ward
Merchant's Avenue
Road to Fallon
Red Dragon Place


Started: 06-09-2006
Finished: In progression

Cepheus : Gnome Rogue 1 , played by BigB
Deos : Human Wizard 1/Cleric 1, played by IcyCool
Garrit : Half-Orc Paladin 1, played by Animus
Jik'tu : Orc Cleric of Tarusk 1, played by DerHauptman
Khairi : human Figther 1, played by BigB
Nirassa : Katara Sorcerer 1, played by Animus
Octavio : human Rogue 1, played by Heckler
Quozen : elven Monk 1, played by InVinoVeritas
Semabin : Human Fighter 3, played by Knight Otu
Thamian : grey elf Wizard 1, played by Endovior
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El Jefe

First Post
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LEW Judge
Exploring the Hase-Suna Complex

Filalia, grey elf wizard 1 (Question) : 1075 XP pre-crash, abandoned
Zurd, half-orc paragon 1 / sorceror 1 (DerHauptman) : 1075 pre-crash + 1925 = 3000 XP (abandoned)
Lokin Barnwill, human fighter 2 (Lot) : 1000 pre-crash + 2250 + 250 = 3500 XP
Payne, human rogue 2 (TwistedMindInc) : 1075 pre-crash + 2400 + 250 = 3725 XP
Kol Axbjorn, maenad barbarian 2 (hero4hire) : 1075 pre-crash + 2400 + 250 = 3725 XP
Kyle Widebelly, dwarf cleric 2 (D20Dazza) : joined the party in the middle, 1350 XP, abandoned

Treasure: 1305.4 GP each for Payne, Lokin, Kol including
Payne: jewelled MW dagger (dagger worth 302 GP, topaz worth 400 GP, together worth 725 GP) at half cost (362.5 GP), 942.9 GP cash
Lokin: +1 heavy steel shield (market price 1170 GP) at half cost (585 GP), 715.4 GP cash
Kol: +1 greataxe (market price 2320 GP) at half-cost (1160 GP), 145.4 GP cash.

IVV1: The Forgotten Map
(taken over from InVinoVeritas)
Total awards to the characters completing the adventure
Oskar Ungart 900 XP, 1000 GP
Vindala Bluestone 1240 XP, 1000 GP
Karl Rutherford 1290 XP, 1000 GP
Babette Delacroix 1440 XP

Sinister Spire
(taken over from BigB)
Total awards to the characters (only after Orsal took over the DM seat)
Lookspring: 2650 XP, 542+826.67 = 1368.67 GP
Phoenix: 2650 XP, 542+826.67 = 1368.67 GP
Rowan: 2650 XP, 542+826.67 = 1368.67 GP
Eanos: 6750 XP, 9.5+826.67 = 836.17 GP
Semabin: 6300 XP, 9.5+826.67 = 836.17 GP
Pendrake: 5900 XP, 9.5+826.67 = 836.17 GP

DM Credits

16 credits for Exploring the Hase-Suna Complex, awarded by Manzanita
2 credits for The Forgotten Map, awarded by Trouvere
10 credits for Sinister Spire (Group 1), awarded by Boddynock
8 credits for Sinister Spire (Group 2), awarded by Boddynock
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First Post
Adventures DM'ed by BigB

[sblock=A Sailor Talks Too Much]
Location: Docks District Orussus

DM Credits:2
Used:2 14June2007 on Cepheus for 200gp

Verrick by LiquidBlue Elan Ranger 1
Phoenix by Phoenix8008 Soulknife 1
Lookspring by SelcSilverhand Ranger 2
Pinky by LiL'Hauptman Rogue 1
Ray by DerHauptman Rogue 1

Started 9/15/2006[/sblock]

[sblock=Rich beyond dreams]
Location: Uncharted Island

DM Credits:13 Awarded by Orsal
DM Credits Used: 4 Ceph 800exp @4th level(gives him enough exp to make 5th level).

Verrick by LiquidBlue Elan Ranger 1
Phoenix by Phoenix8008 Soulknife 1
Lookspring by SelcSilverhand Ranger 2
Pinky by LiL'Hauptman Rogue 1
Ray by DerHauptman Rogue 1

Started 11/27/2006

[sblock=experience awards]
12-26-06 Verrick 500exp
Pinkie 500exp
Ray 500exp
Lookspring 500exp
Phoenix 500exp

In january Verrick, Ray, and Pinkie dropped out of adventure.

2-15-07 Lookspring 500exp
Phoenix 500exp

2-16-07 3 large pearls to the group

3-20-07 Lookspring 700exp
Phoenix 700exp

3-27-07 Lookspring 180exp 3 MW light crossbows, 3 MW hand axes,
Phoenix 180exp 3 chunks of gold (75gp value)

5-30-07 31 gp, 47 cp, 9 MW light crossbows, 9 MW hand axes

6-1-07 Lookspring 773 exp
Phoenix 773 exp

6-25-07 pile of gold nuggets

6-26-07 Lookspring 337 exp
Phoenix 337 exp

8-18-07 469 experience each for the encounter and 100 exp each for roleplay throughout adventure to this point. Total 569 for Lookspring and 569 for Phoenix.

8-30-07 100exp for Lookspring and 100exp for Phoenix 1 wooden box inlaid with gold depicting the village and villagers filled with small pearls

10-1-07 740 exp each for encounter with Hydra and Bear.

10-12-07 200 exp each for encounter with wolves.

12-3-07 100 exp each for encounter with sailors on return to Orussus. 1800 exp for Phoenix and Lookspring for time award.

12-14-07 100exp to Lookspring, Phoenix and Rowan for roleplay in court + 50 exp to Lookspring for negotiations during court and securing powerful allies to the group.

Jace, Quozen, Hasin and Droggle help Phoenix, Lookspring and Rowan escape a trap at court 200 exp each + 50 experience each for roleplay

Items found looting:

3 coin bags total: 20 gp 32 sp

Chain shirt on ground - they are not cheap after all
3 mdm short swords
3 spears stacked in corner

total exp as of 12-21-07 Lookspring 6549 exp
Phoenix 6499 exp
Rowan 100 exp
Jace 250 exp
Quozen 250 exp
Hasin 250 exp
Droggle 250 exp



[sblock=The Sinister Spire (in progress-Orsal Judging)]
Location Uncharted Island
Started 12-17-07

Lookspring played by SelcSilverhand
Phoenix played by Phoenix8008
Rowan played by Manzanita

joined 3/4/2009
Pendrake played by Scott DeWar
Michael Grannion played by ajanders
Semabin ai Harudan played by Knight Otu
Eanos played by jkason

[sblock=experience awards]
3/5/08 - Lookspring,Phoenix,Rowan - 2245 exp each for defeating the 3 Ogres. The last was the leader a 4th lvl Barbarian with unusual high intelligence (especially for Ogre and Barbarian combined).
5/13/08 - Lookspring,Phoenix,Rowan - 908 exp each for Roach Wars.
6/4/08 - Lookspring,Phoenix,Rowan - 180 exp each for peace with Bruthwol.
7/8/08 - Lookspring,Phoenix,Rowan - 100 exp each for getting through ambush on damaged bridge.
8/25/08 - Lookspring,Phoenix,Rowan - 500 exp each for defeating the gate guards and entering the city. :devil:
11/24/08 - Lookspring,Phoenix,Rowan - 500 exp each for the drider encounter.
3/5/09 - Lookspring,Phoenix,Rowan - 700 exp each for Advanced Fantom Fungi encounter and 400 exp each for dealing with dwarves to get a boat.
4/29/09 - Lookspring,Phoenix,Rowan - 2000exp each for returning mushrooms to EsSarch and defeating assassin dwarves. http://www.enworld.org/forum/4772321-post678.html

[sblock=loot found]
3/5/09 -items gained +1 chain shirt and pearl of undercommon.
4/24/09 - items found on dwarves 200gp, 4 potions, 4 short swords, 4 crossbows. http://www.enworld.org/forum/4766484-post674.html
[sblock=DM Credits log]
DM Credits:2
Used:2 14June2007 on Cepheus for 200gp
DM Credits:13 Awarded by Orsal for Rich Beyond Dreams
DM Credits Used: 4 7Jan2009 on Ceph for 800exp

DM Credits available: 9
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First Post
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First Post
Rich beyond dreams (El Jefe Judging)

Location: Uncharted island many days south and west of Orussuss

Verrick by LiquidBlue Elan Ranger 1
Phoenix by Phoenix8008 Soulknife 2
Lookspring by SelcSilverhand Ranger 2
Pinky by LiL'Hauptman Rogue 1
Ray by DerHauptman Rogue 1

Started 11/27/2006


First Post
Wik's LEW Adventures

***BLACKLILY VIOLENCE (May 3rd - June 9th, 2007)***

A "Vignette"/Adventure.
Judged by Rae Ardgaorth


Pendrake, 1st level human fighter from the North. Played by Scott DeWar
Rathan, 1st level Cleric of Hyrag. Played by Rathan.
Saithnar 1st level Elan Telepath. Played by Phoenix8008
Cludge, 1st level dwarven fighter. Played by AGFlynn.
Tommy, 1st level human wizard. Played by covaithe.
Conuld, 1st level Human Transmuter. Played by Trouvere.
Solange , 1st level human cleric of Zephos. Played by Solange.

[sblock=Quick Synopsis]
The Player Characters are hired by Cassus Arimae, a minor noble of Orrusus. It seems that the Blacklilies, a thieves guild that makes it's money by raiding ships that pull into the harbour, has branched off into robbery, and stolen the famed Arimae Necklace. Cassus hires the PCs to find it.

The Player Characters follow a trail of false leads, picking up a blacklily tail along the way, before stumbling upon a few Blacklilies in a tavern with no name (but that is known generally as "the ship's wheel", for the fact that it's signpost is nothing more than an engraved ship's rudder). The PCs soon learn that the leader of those who stole the Arimae necklace, a mage named Riffer, is involved in a leadership dispute with the true commander of the Lilies. In addition, they learn that Cassus' younger brother, Vannon, is working as an appraiser and fence for the blacklily organization (and is quite irate at Riffer for robbing his family home!)

Two blacklilies in the tavern eventually get into a fight with the PCs, with one being slain almost instantly by a well-aimed crossbow bolt to the chest. Within a few minutes, a gang of rogues (led by Riffer, intent of eliminating any threats to his power base before his competition can knock him out) surround the Ship's Wheel and attack.

In the end, three blacklilies are knocked unconscious (and summarily captured by the watch), and Riffer is taken captive. Riffer reveals what he knows about the power struggle in the Blacklilies, and leads the PCs to his house, where the necklace is being kept. The PCs eventually decide to bribe a ship's captain to take Riffer with them on a voyage, forcibly exiling the mage from Orussus.

On the way to Cassus' manor, the PCs receive a note from the leader of the Blacklilies (identity still unknown) that thanks them for eliminating the competition (Riffer) and promising them safety from Blacklily Violence - provided that the PCs never cross the 'lilies path again.

The PCs meet Cassus, inform him about his brother, and hand over the Arimae necklace. Cassus quickly rewards them 250 Golden Crowns, and lets them keep the various items that they found in their quest.

Each PC made roughly 750-900 XP in this month-long adventure.[/sblock]

***THE SEARCH FOR TOMAS QUINN*** (June 13th, 2007 - Present)***
Judged by Rae ArdGaorth
TIME XP Rewarded October 20.
TIME XP Rewarded December 14th, 2007, along with roughly 1200 XP each.

Characters Involved:
Auric Neuman, 1st Level Human Psychic Warrior (1). (HP 14/14, PP 1/1). Dropped out of game, mid september.
Cepheus Boomhill, Gnome Rogue(1)/Ranger (1). (HP 14/14)
AikenHuman Rogue (2). (HP 6/10)
Solange Shepherd. Human Cleric of Zephos (1). (HP 4/9)
Pendrake Utherman. Human Fighter (1). (HP 12/12)
Mearran Longtail. Katara Druid (1) (HP 7/7). Joined game December 14, 2007... last seen february 2008.

***THE DOUBLEMURDER GOBLINS (May 20th, 2008 - Present)***
No Current Judge

Characters Involved:
Jamilee, Grey Elven Fighter (1)/Necromancer (1), and her Raven Familiar, Pest.
Tor, Halfling Ranger.
Semabin, Human
Fighter (4).
Jerrand Redband, Human Cleric of Sela (1).

[sblock=DM Credits]
Total DM Credits: 2 (2 from Blacklily Violence
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First Post
Break of Dawn [Manzanita judging] COMPLETED
Xp tracking in the first post of the adventure.
Eanos, human monk 4
Mordik dwarf rogue 3
Quarion Holimion, Elven Druid 3
Odno human psion 1
Aletheia human cleric 1

Long live the Queen. [Boddynock Judging] COMPLETED

Krindorf TN male dwarf Rogue 1 [Voda Vosa],
Saithnar NG male elan Psion (Telepath) 2 [Phoenix8008],
Quintaine Vos CN male lightfoot halfling Rogue 1 [GDI7007],
Munchin LG male human Monk 1 [KriticalFailure],
Ximix LN male high elf Cleric (Gliran) 2 [Ximix],
Landers Silver CG male half-elf Cleric (Halina) 1 [Sirhahn],
Nura Emzotel NE female grey elf Wizard 1 [Dargon],
Jallembo CN male human Rogue 2 [Amaury].
Possum CG female lightfoot halfling Cloistered Cleric (Mongrel) 1 [Wik]
Jamilee N female Grey Elf Fighter 1 [Robichaud]
Dorrin CG male human cleric (Grendath) 1 [Thegreyman]

GP rewards: each character recieved 910 gp (91 pp).

XP rewards:
Total for all level 1 characters (Quintaine, Dorrin, Krindorf, Munchin, Landers, Nura, Possum and Jamilee): 1536
Total for all level 2 characters (Saithnar, Jallembo and Ximix): 1686

DM credits.
Long live the Queen: 3 credits
Spend 3 DM credits on Hulgyr in exchange for 3*(7*50)=1050 xp at level 7 on 15-1-2008
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First Post
Notes from the Aether.

Rapture (Paladin of Freedom 1)
Keldar Warbray (Rogue 1)
Galwynn Grimslade(Paladin 1)
Samina "Sammy" Winters (Cloistered Cleric 1)
Atomerasu "Tommy" Worthallingham IV (Wizard 1)

Partial XP awards:
+120 from dire weasel
+120 from elementals outside tower
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First Post
Total DM credits earned: 11
DM credits spent: -5 on Kurgahz to gain 1,000 XP (ECL 4 x 50XP=200XP x 5 DM Credits = 1,000XP total gained)
-2 for Phoenix to gain 500 XP (ECL 5 x 50 XP = 250 XP x 2 DM credits = 500 XP total gained)
DM Credits remaining: 4[sblock=DM Credit rules(for easy reference)]DM credits spent will net a PC:

Experience points - the PC gains 50 XP per ECL per DM credit spent. If applied to a new character, you can start that character at a higher level with all benefits (ie more starting treasure, use a LA race/template and so on).
Money - the PC gains 50 GP per ECL per DM credit
Craft points - the PC gains 25 CP per ECL per DM credit
Rewards are limited to ECL 8, meaning that you can never gain more than 400XP, 400 GP or 200 CP by one DM credit.[/sblock][sblock=PH1- The Darque Demesne]PH1- The Darque Demense (8-8-2007 to 6-11-2008) --Bront judging--
Party consists of the following:
-Xir, male Xeph Soulknife 1
-Eleria Moonsilver, female Elven Bard 1
-Abdul Alhazred, male Grey Elf Wizard 1
-Elthic Bazelmak, male Mountain Dwarf Rogue 1

Rewards given
To each party member:
-4 potions of Cure Light Wounds each (advance payment for job, worth 50 GP each potion)
-150 XP each for 2 monstrous centipedes and a monstrous spider.
-75 XP each for 3 very tough skeletons in the basement
-25 XP each bonus roleplaying XP
-3 potions of Cure Light Wounds each (1 for free, 2 paid for in advance from final job payment worth 50 GP for each potion)
-100 XP each for suffering through and then disabling the stairs pit trap.
-150 XP each for defeating 6 Dire Rats.
-150 XP each for defeating 1 Shocker Lizard.
-150 XP each for defeating 1 Medium Animated Rug
-750 GP value to each character at completion of adventure, paid by Verminar.

To Abdul for time in adventure at end:
-300 XP for 6 months time in adventure.

To Eleria, Elthic, and Xir after Abdul went AWOL:
-100 XP each for dealing with the trapped chest full of loot they couldn't take.
-100 XP each for fighting Psuedodragon and summoned ape.
-500 XP each for time in adventure (10 months).

Total rewards:
1,100 XP, 7 Cure Light Wounds Potions, 525 GP, Arcane Scroll of Continual Flame for Abdul.
1,500 XP and 7 Cure Light Wounds Potions, and 750 GP each for Xir, Elthic, and Eleria.

Awarded 11 DM credits by Boddynock in lieu of Bront doing it. [/sblock][sblock=PH2- The Darque Portal]PH2-The Darque Portal (Started 08/04/2008)

Party consists of the following:
-Xir, male Xeph Soulknife 2 (04 Aug 2008 - present)
-Dair Shadowcatch, male Halfling Rogue 1 (04 Aug 2008 - 18 Dec 2008)
-Periwinkle Bluebelle, female human Cloistered Cleric 1 (04 Aug 2008 - present)
-Kona'i, male human Monk 1 (30 Aug 08 - 27 Feb 09)
-Peladus Bralc, male human Wizard 1 (15 Sep 2008 - present)

Rewards given
To each party member:
100 GP retainer fee from Verminar the pseudodragon.
2 Potions of Cure Light Wounds

To Xir, Dair, and Periwinkle (before Kona'i joined):
33 XP for defeating a skeleton in the basement.

To Xir, Dair, Periwinkle, and Kona'i (before Peladus joined):
1 Everburning torch
Wand of Cure Light Wounds (20 charges)
75 XP for killing 2 orcs on bridge.
2 suits of studded leather, 2 falchions, 8 SP, and 24 CP from Orc bodies.
113 XP for defeating one Orc and one Grimlock.
20 gp found on body of the dead Grimlock.

To Xir, Periwinkle, Dair, Kona'i, and Peladus:
Magic Items (1,000gp each) from Captain Niko in Haven.
Xir- Heavy Shield +1
Periwinkle- Chain Shirt +1
Dair- Leather Armor +1
Kona'i- Bracers of Armor +1
Peladus- Cloak of Resistance +1
28 gp and 120 XP for defeating a Choker in the tunnels near Haven and 100 more XP each for good RPing back in Haven.
100 XP each for overcoming 3 traps in corridor outside Haven.
Time XP Xir 1,200 XP; Periwinkle 600 XP; Peladus 525 XP; Kona'i 300 XP; Dair 225 XP

To Xir, Periwinkle, Kona'i, and Peladus (after Dair's player left):
125 XP each for this fight. On the bodies, you find a total of 36 SP, 4 morningstars, 4 light shields, 8 javelins, 4 small leather armors, and 4 matching tattered robes that seem to be some sort of uniform. from goblins in tunnel outside enemy fortress.

To Xir, Periwinkle, and Peladus (after Kona'is player left):
150 XP each, 12 gp, 20 sp, 2 gems (50 gp ea), 3 of(small leather armor, light shields, morningstars), 1 studded leather armor, longsword, and 2 javelins from Goblin/Hobgoblin prison guards.
200 XP each and 150 gp, 3 amethyst gems worth 20gp each from defeating the Bugbear Grax.
Balthazar fight 50 PP, 2 gems worth 500 gp each, 600 XP each
Allahastor reward 400 gp each (or spells for Peladus)
Time XP 450 XP for Xir, 300 xp for Periwinkle and Peladus.[/sblock]


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Games I DM

[sblock=Alvar Thorne & Associates, Part 1 - RETIRED]Ciprinus Leth'los, Half-Elf Druid 1
Ruud von Nistelrooy, Gnome Illusionist 1
Taelythenihel Nimmilemar, Grey Elf Necromancer 1
Valdaris Roth, Human Fighter 1

[sblock=XP Rewards]First XP award
Character XP Totals:
Ciprinus: 175 XP
Ruud: 75 XP
Taelythenihel: 175 XP
Valdaris: 75 XP

First Time award
Character XP Totals:
Ciprinus: 225 XP
Ruud: 125 XP
Taelythenihel: 225 XP
Valdaris: 125 XP

Second XP award
Character XP Totals:
Ciprinus: 450 XP
Ruud: 350 XP
Taelythenihel: 450 XP
Valdaris: 350 XP

Second Time award
Character XP Totals:
Ciprinus: 500 XP
Ruud: 400 XP
Taelythenihel: 500 XP
Valdaris: 400 XP

Third Time award
Character XP Totals:
Ciprinus: 550 XP
Ruud: 450 XP
Taelythenihel: 550 XP
Valdaris: 450 XP

Fourth time award
Character XP Totals:
Ciprinus: 600 XP
Ruud: 500 XP
Taelythenihel: 600 XP
Valdaris: 500 XP

Final time award
Character XP Totals:
Ciprinus: 1000 XP
Ruud: 900 XP
Taelythenihel: 1000 XP
Valdaris: 900 XP
[/sblock][sblock=Treasure Rewards]First Treasure award
Bear meat 200 gp
Bearskin 25 gp* (Valdaris)

* Note: this is the price Allistra will give him if he wants to sell it.

Final Treasure award
Payment per PC 30 gp
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The Lion's 2nd Face

Judge: Covaithe

Ashnar - Human Female Evoker 6/Human Paragon3 played by Knight Otu
Rinaldo di Senzio - Human Male Rogue 6/Trader 5 played by Velmont
Hogarth - Elf Female Cleric 9 (Rinaldo's cohort)
Planus Aniad - Elf Male Cleric 8 played by Slagmortar
Charlarn - Male Human Cleric 7/Ranger 2 played by Steve Jung
Tenebrynn Glimmersight - Elf Male Diviner 5/Fighter 1/Eldritch Knight 4 played by Erekose13
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Halloween Horror For 5E