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Character Tracking for Malice of the Medusa (pt-I)


1) ScorpiusRisk playing Dane, Firebuilder
2) WalkingDad playing Midias Sunchosen
3) Theroc playing Viktor Talthem
4) Errandir playing Reis Moinnael

Current location: varies
Game started: Oct.06,2009
Game ended: May 25,2010
Time played (RL): 231 days
Time played (in game): 2.75 days
Game: http://www.enworld.org/forum/living-en-world/266143-malice-medusa-pt-1-manzanita-judging.html

Burning Skeleton = 75 xp each approved
Treasure = 5 platinum dragons approved
Dire rats = 75xp each approved
Bricks from Ceiling trap = 150xp each
Skeleton Guardians = 300xp each
Mongooses = 50xp each
Basic Arrow Trap = 100xp each
Aedan(Rogue2) = 200xp each
Treasure = 5 platinum dragons
Time XP (For Midias and Reis) = 600xp each

Approval is here for the above
Overall approval by: orsal on May 28th 2010

DM Credits = 8 [/sblock]

[sblock=Drop Outs]
ScorpuisRisk last post was on Feb 26th = 143 days played
Theroc's last post was on March 8th = 153 days played [/sblock]
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T1http://www.enworld.org/forum/living-en-world/278309-adventure-t1-title-edited.html A Visit to Spelding Square [Completed!]

Judge: Rae ArdGaoth
Characters:[sblock=Awards]Experience Points:
Midias: 3040 XP
Ngikhnit: 3060 XP
Peladus: 3080 XP
Pendrake: 4850 XP
Quozen: 3760 XP.

100 gp to each character, plus:
Midias: Boots of Striding and Springing
Ngikhnit: Cloak of Resistance +1, Boots of Landing
Peladus: scrolls and ink for scribing (specifics to be finalised)
Pendrake: Boots of Speed
Quozen: Bracers of Armor +1, Slippers of Spider Climbing.[/sblock]Game duration: 16 Jun 2010 - 3 Aug 2011 (14 months)

DM reward: 15 credits.

12 credits spent on 12x50x6=3600 gp for Keldar Warbray.
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