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Recruiting Dwimmermount the Second Expedition.


So... After over a year my Dwimmermount PbP game has finished the first expedition into the dungeon. That said, with PbP's being what they are a few players have dropped out, so I'd like to throw open the door to further recruitment.

Coles notes on PC creation.

All PC's joining at this point will have 1500 XP
Characters can be created using the Labyrinth Lord core book. Yes, this means race is class. The halfling class has been replaced with Goblins (see below). If you have your heart set on multiclassing then talk to me and we can figure something out. I am flexible regarding this. Paladins do exist as an option for Lawful Human Fighters who meet the ability requirements, and if you happen to roll stats for another subclass then I'd be willing to consider allowing them.

In an effort to reduce the 'meatgrinder' effect of low level AD&D I use the "Advanced Hit Dice" From page 21 of the AEC (Magic Users and Goblins roll D4, Thieves roll D6, Elves and Clerics roll D8, Dwarves, Paladin's and Fighters roll D10). All PC's also start with max HP on their first die roll. Finally, if a PC hits zero HP they are allowed to make a saving throw vs. death (with a penalty equal to how far below 0 their HP are) to be alive with 1 HP.

Goblins are available as a PC class as a replacement for Halflings. They can be found here:

Stats are rolled using 3d6 arranged to taste.

I don't care what you use to roll your dice. Use Invisible Castle, Unseen Servant, ENwurld's dice roller, or just roll your favorite set of dice on your desk and post the results. Cheating hasn't been an issue, and if I think it is becoming one then we'll revisit this rule.

In terms of posting speed. Well we aren't the fastest. The past couple months have seen a considerable drop-off due to a couple players leaving for RL reasons. That's part of the reason for the second round of recruitment.

Here is a link to the original recruitment thread that explains a lot of the setting stuff I don't want to type again. One thing I'd mention is that the 'house rules' regarding cleric spellcasting and spending treasure to earn XP have been tossed.

Here is a link to the OOC thread:

Last but not least here is a link to the IC thread.

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Now, as for what new PC's would know coming into the dungeon...

Over the past month the City State of Adamas has been abuzz with rumors of strange occurrences at the ancient mountain fortress of Dwimmermount. There have been rumors that the ancient magical wards that have sealed the dungeon for the past 200 years may have fallen, as strange lights have been seen on the mountain side. The fortress itself has been sealed since the rapid and spectacular collapse of the chaotic Termaxian empire, and it is rumored that the emperor become god Turm Termax is entombed within and members of his cult have long been attempting to breach the seals and release their god.

The church of Typhon sponsored an expedition to explore the mountain and determine what, if anything has happened to the barriers. What exactly happened to them is a mystery, but less than half their number are rumored to have returned to the town of Muntburg situated at the foot of the mountain. They spoke to almost no one about what they saw save the Proctor of Typhon, Gawain of Had who escorted the survivors back to Adamas very shortly afterwards.

A few days later an expedition sponsored by the Dwarven community of Adamas calling themselves the Iron Defenders also undertook the journey to the mountain. They were gone for nearly a week and apparently returned late in the night. You're not even sure how many returned, as the watch quickly took them to the inner bailey of the castle to meet with Sir Verodart, the Castillian and Swordmaster who maintained the garrison for Adamas. Sister Emelisse, who maintained the castles small shrine to Tyche was summoned in the dead of the night to attend them and the inner gates have been barred since.


This sounds interesting, but I'm not familiar with OSR. What rule-set is it?

The system I use is Labyrinth Lord which is a clone of the Basic/Expert system by Tom Moldvay from 1981. It's the first "redbox" version of D&D the second being a revision by Frank Metzer a few years later.

If you want to check out the rules, the free no art version is available here. Alternatively you could purchase the version with art for five bucks here.

Probably not relevant to you Schmoe but for anyone else who is interested and has a copy of Moldvay Basic kicking around the rules are interchangeable. If you have the Metzer version, or a Rules Cyclopedia that'll work too you just need to modify a few things like the progression tables for thief abilities and (I think) spells since BECMI took characters to level 36, but the differences are minor enough that we'd never notice.

I do use some rules from BECMI (specifically I'm thinking of including weapon mastery) and some stuff from AD&D like equipment, the XP values for magic items, some monsters and things like that but from a player standpoint all you need is the Labyrinth Lord basic rules.


Just a quick bump. IME PbP campaigns usually die out after prematurely. This is an opportunity to join one that's pretty well established.


Well, I have to say that this looks like a really fun campaign. Unfortunately, I just recently joined 2 PbP games, and I don't think I'd be able to give this game the time it deserves. Good luck with the recruiting!


One of the old school pbp's I was in shut up shop a while back and I would like to give this one a go. I have rolled some stats on Invisible Castle and will have look through later tonight as to what I would like to submit.

Are most of the guys from the first one coming across? If so, which race/classes as I do not wish to tread on anyones RP toes. :)

Stats are: 16, 15, 15, 13, 11, 9 (pretty awesome really)

here is the link:



Well as of right now, there is a Dwarf, an Elf MU/Thief, and a Paladin as PC's. There is also a second Dwarf and a Cleric as NPC henchmen who may or may not be returning to the dungeon with the others, and a Magic User who basically casts sleep and gives me a DM voice to provide exposition about the dungeon. Really the door is pretty wide open. More fighters are always handy, but if you go the magic route then hirlings and henchmen can fill that gap without too much issue.

I decided yesterday to bump everyones XP up to 2501 which will get most classes to 2nd level.


Robert De Wulfe

Class: Fighter 2
XP: 2501 (10% bonuses)

Age: 22 Height: 6' Weight: 190 lbs
Hair: Brown Eyes: Brown Skin: Olive
Languages: Common, Lawful

STR: 16
DEX: 13
CON: 15
INT: 9
WIS: 11
CHA: 15

Alignment Lawful
Hit Points 12 + 1 = 13
AC 2 (banded mail + shield + Dex)

Bastard Sword Attack +2, damage 1d8/2d4 +2
Dagger Attack +2, damage 1d4 +2
Shortbow Attack +1, damage 1d6

AC -1 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10
To Hit 20 19 18 17 16 15 14 13 12 11 10 9

Saving Throw
Breath 15
Poison/Death 12
Petrify/Paralyse 14
Wands 13
Spells 16

23gp 6sp

Banded mail 85
Shield 10
Bastard Sword 20
Shortbow 25
Quiver (20 Arrows) 5
Dagger 3
Helmet 10
backpack, bedroll 0.6
4 rations, trail 2
Lantern 9
4 lamp oil 0.4
Waterskin 1
Blanket Winter 0.5
Flint & Steel 2
Rope Hemp 50ft 1
2 Sack Large 0.4

Robert De Wulfe is the youngest son of seven children and as such he lived with the expectation that he would have to make his own way in life. Rather than be bitter about it, he set off with his parents love and a smile on his face.

Expecting a life of a mercenary he had trained hard to condition his body into peak form and the charming man soon had a suite of female admirers. Not content to sit idle though he always looked for a way to make his fortune and mark on the world.
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