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1) As discussed, no need to hand over GP to the children. The fiction you've composed is excellent (and should persist), but those rewards are merely part of handling treasure for Encounter and Quest resolution, so you're all good (y)

2) We'll resolve what you've written above via a multi-staged SC as follows:

Level +1(9)/Complexity 3 Skill Challenge (DCs 12/17/25)
0/8 Successes (2 Hard DC available)/0 Failures/3 Secondary Skill Available/2 Advantages available)
Goal (3 Successes): Mend Adalbar physically, mentally, spiritually and then...
Goal (5 Successes): ...with his aid and the childrens', root out the Rakshasa followers within Easthill.

To reiterate so that you're decision-space is always folding these components in:

Your 3 x Secondary Skills are at the Easy (12) DC and provide +2 untyped bonus to your follow-on Primary Skill (basically a "setup" move).

Your 2 x Advantages can be used in the following ways:

  • Wager one before a Primary Skill vs Hard DC for 2 x Successes in the SC.
  • Step down a DC from Hard to Medium or Medium to Easy.
  • Refreshed Exhausted Skill Training in a Primary Skill.

The orphans have +10 Athletics and +9 Perception (which might be used for a Group Check where you need 50 % success rate so 1 out of 2 moves if it is you and the children). If you deploy them in the SC, their xp value (88 for level 8 Minion) will be subtracted from the XP earned in the conflict.

Adalbar, lamed, blinded in one eye, and suffering horribly infected wounds that threaten his life, points you to his meager cabin.

The spartan accommodations of the single room, 15 x 10 structure entail a working iron stove, a single cot, an animal skin rug, a cabinet with hunting necessities and foodstuffs, a tiny crawlspace accessed by a latch in the floor with his stored provisions.

Carys and Osian ease the broken man onto the bed. He tries to muffle a pained moan, but it escapes his lips nonetheless. Multiple wounds fester and need immediate care. Do you send the children on a day trip to Dardun (you would have started with level -1 in coin, so 2600 + the 700 just gained) to fetch a healing tonic from the orchardist and cider-makers? That would cost 1/10 of-level magic item so 3400/10 = 340 coin. That would be worth a MEDIUM DC success.

Do you venture into the wood to the north for burdock and eucalyptus? Drakes and hyena packs are known to lair and prowl in the wood. Finding antiseptic agents would be extremely helpful but dangerous (HARD DC). If you risk it, describe what you do, where you venture to, and make your move(s).

Do you search through his cache of supplies (a resourceful hunter may have stored such, right?) for medicinal interventions (MEDIUM DC)?

Once the burdock and eucalyptus or medicinal interventions are found (if indeed they are), you could attempt to materially administer and mend him (MEDIUM DC).

Do you consecrate his dwelling or revitalize him through prayer? He's a tough man, but has fallen upon hard times. Restoring him this way would be a tough ask (HARD DC).

Do you attempt to restore him via fortifying his inherent sense of duty, directly and firmly demanding he needs to reassert his own will and demand of himself (MEDIUM DC)?

Whatever sequence of fiction/moves, you attempt to restore Adalbar to working condition (health, heart, and mind), you can continue with your chosen sequence of moves until/if you arrive at a Failure, upon which time stop and I'll change the situation and mete out consequence.

Remember, at 3 total successes, Adalbar is mended.
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Carys shares a glance with her brother who huddles in behind her and turns to Valak as he surveils the spartan dwelling, speaking up in the forthright way she had out in the town center.
"He's not gonna to make it like this. Our...ma...used to send us out to her cousin in Dardun for healing poultices iffen folk got bad hurt, maybe he can mix something up for 'im?"
Her voice hiccups for a moment over "ma" but the rest of it gets out. Valak see virtue in giving these children something to do, and sends them off with appropriate coin, shared between the two of them as the responsibility is shared. As they head out the door, Osian stops for a second and with face averted lunges in to hug Valak's leg before scampering away.
Children off for a day to retrieve healing tonic, when they return it will be a Medium Success. -340 coin, total remaining: 2960


Valak makes a brief gesture of benediction as the children splash down the muddy track away from the cabin, invoking Avandra to open the road before them, before gently shutting the door and surveilling the darkened interior of this space. Surely a skill hunter has some things to care for mild wounds, enough to stabalize him for now... Perhaps that crawlspace? Ah, but first - let's get a fortifying soup going! Humming a half-remembered hymn to Melora, one long past from normal use, Valak putters around the cabin - stoking up the fire in the stove, slicing up some stored root vegetables, popping outside to grab some water from a rainwater catchment barrel, and then venturing into the crawlspace to see what he can find as the pot starts to bubble.

Primary Skill Use: Perception. +16 = Automatic Success vs. Medium DC of 17.


Searching through the crawlspace, he finds some barrels of salt venison that will add heartiness to the broth - and bundled off to the side in oiled skins, a supply of dried herbs and some clean cloths that will be a good start at binding up Adalbar's immediate wounds. Valak returns to the little cabin's main (and only) room, letting the pot sit on the stove and slowly filling the space up with the smell of rich broth as he does his best to minister to the hunter's wounds. The cloths are quickly stained with seeping blood and crusty pus, this is just a start on the man's road to recovery. Spooning some broth in his mouth seems to help even more, and his pained breathing eases a bit, for now.

I'll think about next steps and come back to this later today!


Adalbar slips off into a fitful sleep, his mutterings and twitches denote the trauma in his recent past - and maybe something more. Ever since cresting that hill, Valak has detected a ... taint overlying this place. Maybe it's just the grief, fear, and anger in this town; maybe it's something more. Something malign, stirring the villager's hearts to twist in on themselves and strike down any authority that remains, leaving it ripe for the plucking. Valak steps over to his pack and considers the contents. Normally an consecrated Avenger would be able to call upon the local priesthood for support when rooting out evil, maybe rustle up some paladins to grab attention while he slips through the walls and shadows to excise the heart of the matter. Here, he all he has is his faith and a couple of brave children.

Perhaps the answer is to start by sanctifying this humble cabin. A place that was the start of so many journeys and stands right on the frontier of this vale is halfway to a temple to Avandra already. Surely Adalbar had given Her plenty of prayers over the years, beseeching Her luck on a hunt or a smooth path away from the dangers that lurk in these woods.

Valak nods purposefully and pulls out two items from his pack. A little sack of sacred incense that he places in a pot and lights from the embers in the stove, and his book of prayers. He does not need to read from his, but it's a comforting focus for the hours of meditation that will come. He leaves the pot to fill the cabin with the sweet clean scent of incense, maybe it will buoy Adalbar's spirits as he sleeps. Stepping through the door he faces the sunset on the threshold to the house - few places are more sacred to Avandra than a spot where journeys into the unknown begin. He cradles the book in his hands and settles in for a night of meditation and letting Her presence fill him and this house.


Secondary skill use: Endurance, to meditate through the night calling out for Avandra's blessing. r14+6 = 20 vs Easy DC of 12. Success, +2 forward.

Primary skill use: Religion, to sanctify the house and ward off the malign affects in this town from tearing at Adalbar's spirit so the healing tonic on its way can complete his recovery.
r17 + 12 + 2=31 vs Hard DC of 25. Success

Valak returns to himself in the morning, covered in dew. Behind him, he can hear the quiet sounds of a deeply injured man trying to come back to himself. He rises to his feet slowly, stiffly, but with renewed purpose knowing the children should return soon.
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3/8 Successes (1 Hard DC available)/0 Failures/2 Secondary Skill Available/2 Advantages available)
Goal (3 Successes): Mend Adalbar physically, mentally, spiritually and then...RESOLVED
Goal (5 Successes): ...with his aid and the childrens', root out the Rakshasa followers within Easthill. (PENDING)

Dusk of the next day finds the children returned and the four taking solace in each others' company in Adalbar's meager, now blessed, cabin. With his disposition much-improved, conversation turns equal parts light and dark, as all parties partake of tea and stale bread.

Carys, staring at Adalbar's entrance to his crawlspace, remarks "cousin Morgan said that pa would have something for us in our own. But he done locked ours." The young girl looks like she might break for a moment, but she holds it together. "...and I didn't find the key on him...'fore we buried him...and its nowhere in our house."

Quiet settles in as thoughts meander to the fallen father and the orphaned children. Adalbar abruptly tries to change the subject. "Oh yeah, every structure in Easthill has a crawlspace for stowing this and that; mostly provisions and the like but sometimes more. The Common House has a full-blown cellar as I hear it. Real big. Standing room. Not that I've ever been down there. I'm not much for dark spaces or meetings."

He turns to face the kids. "Anyway, Dardun has a locksmith. It would cost some fair coin, I'd reckon, but you'd think they might be able to forge a key for your pa's lock? Surprised your cousin didn't mention it."

The very young boy Osian blurts "only thing cousin Morgan said was to keep my mark a secret."

Carys stars at her little brother with stern eyes, puts her finger to her lips and shushes him harshly.

What of the above do you pursue? We'll talk in PMs about DCs and prospective consequences based on how you see this situation above and then you can make your move.


Post conversation, moving forward with the boy's mark and going from there.

Valak slowly looks up from the vegetables he's prepping for another evening stew, his eyes narrowing in suspicion. Surely the corruption can't have reached children yet...but best to make sure.

"Osian, come here and show me that mark please."

The boy glances worriedly at his sister, who shrugs with a "you opened your big mouth" vibe. He slowly walks towards the stove, turning and tugging his threadbare shirt away from his neck just far enough to reveal a strange birthmark just below the shoulder beside his spine; a small circle and, within, what appears to be a butterfly, a chrysalis, and a worm. Valak immediately recognizes this as a cycle of transformation but perverted and in reverse, of Demonic origin without any doubt. He reaches out for to gently touch a finger to the boy's skin and see what he can sense, but pauses for a moment. Looking deeply into Demonic magics always risks something noticing and looking back, and he can't be sure this is linked to the greater picture.

His mouth flattens into a line of determination, when you accept responsibility for an innocent you cannot abrogate that - and despite the meagre sanctity of his cabin he will risk the attention of what may come. His finger completes its travel and rests gently on the boy's skin as he tries to discern what powers might be at work here.


Primary Skill Check: Arcana (Elemental Origin). r6+5 = 11 vs Medium DC 17. FAILURE

3/8 Successes (1 Hard DC available)/1 Failures/2 Secondary Skill Available/2 Advantages available)
Goal (3 Successes): Mend Adalbar physically, mentally, spiritually and then...RESOLVED
Goal (5 Successes): ...with his aid and the childrens', root out the Rakshasa followers within Easthill. (PENDING)

A disembodied voice pervades the room:

"At long last. The child that will bring our Lord into the world. And your despicable presence will serve as a beacon to lead my minions to him!"

The door to the cabin flies open with the force of a hurricane. Tempestuous, demonic winds scour the domicile as your consecrations are tested...

As dusk is claimed by night, a ghastly bloodhound from the bowels of the Abyss stalks in, sniffs the air then hones in on Osian. It swivels its head to Valek with pinned ears and growls a sound not of this world...


* WIN CON: (a) Defeat the Abyssal Bloodhound Alpha, (b) Shut the Door of Demonic Gale (door to the cabin), and (c) Cast Out the Rakshasa's Magical Sensor from Osian (Standard Action; requirements adjacent, Primary Skill Religion Check vs DC 17 or 25. Effect: Osian activates as a duplicate unit of Carys.) for a success at the MEDIUM DC in the SC and a lead on the Rakshasa! If your casting out the Raskshasa's magical sensor from Osian succeeds vs the HARD DC, then earn the lone HARD DC success in the SC (which you can spend an Advantage to earn 2 x successes). No order required.

* WAVES: Until the Door of Demonic Gale is closed, at the beginning of every even round (2, 4, 6, etc), 2 x Abyssal Bloodhound Betas (Minion) will appear in square G7. They will attempt to grab Osian and carry him out of the cabin. If, they reach the equivalent of square G8, the LOSS CON is achieved. Osian disappears into the night and a failure in the SC accrues.

* Illumination (Full)

* Carys
is usable as per normal rules for Carys & Osian. However, Osian is stricken by arcana and cannot move of his own volition (though he can be moved by enemies or allies).

* Door of Demonic Gale (Hazard) Level 6 Warder XP 250

Initiative —
Immune attacks

Triggered Actions
Attack ✦ At-Will
Trigger: An enemy moves into square F7
Attack (Opportunity Action): Melee 1 (triggering enemy); +9 vs. Fort
Hit: 2d6 + 4 damage, and the target is pushed 3 squares.
Miss: Target is pushed 2 squares.

Ride the Wind ✦ At-Will (Immediate Interrupt; hit or missed by Attack): Acrobatics vs DC 15 to negate the forced movement by finding a tiny "keyhole" in the gale and leveraging it to maintain balance.
Close the Door ✦ At-Will (Minor Action; Square F7): Athletics vs DC 20 to close the door, resolving the Hazard and preventing any further Waves of Abyssal Bloodhound Betas.

* Persistent Gale Terrain (from Open Door G7): Any movement northward on the map costs 1 additional square of movement (effectively "difficult terrain moving northward").

* Orange Outline Squares (upper left) are Burning Stove (Hindering Terrain). Effect: A square of burning stove is difficult terrain for creatures. Any creature that starts its turn in a square of burning stove takes ongoing 5 fire damage (save ends both).

* Chairs are mere color. However Tables and the Stair to the Crawlspace are all Hindering Terrain. Any creature forced into a square must pass a DC 16 Acrobatics or Athletics check to hop up/down and balance. A creature successfully balancing on a table has Cover vs melee attacks against adjacent foes. These squares are also difficult terrain.


Invoke the Consecration

The holy book and incense flare to life, judging your foes, blessing your allies.
Standard Action
Requirement: Adjacent to the prayer book and incense in C5 and Religion vs DC 16 (failure = give up CA UtEoYNT)
Target: CB5 (enemies in the burst).
Attack: +11 vs. Fort
Hit: 1d10 +3 radiant damage and targets gains Vulnerable 5 Radiant (save ends)
Miss: Targets gain Vulnerable 5 Radiant (save ends)
Effect: Self and allies in the burst are immune to Persistent Gale and gain +2 Power Bonus to Defenses UtEoYNT.

Hunter's Fusillade
Adalbar has some life left in him and his sling still shoots straight enough.
Prerequisite: Osian is still stricken.
Trigger: An enemy moves adjacent to Osian.
Attack (Opportunity Action): Ranged 5 (triggering enemy); +15 vs. AC
Hit: 2d10 + 5 damage.

* Abyssal Bloodhound Betas (Medium, Elemental, Beast, Soldier, Minion) = HP 1, AC 22, Fortitude 20, Reflex 18, Will 17

* Abyssal Bloodhound Alpha (Medium, Elemental, Beast, Skirmisher, Leader, Standard) = HP 76, AC 20, Fortitude 19, Reflex 19, Will 17


Abyssal Bloodhound Betas (M) = 24
Valak (V) r14+7 = 21
Carys (C) r10+9 = 19
Abyssal Bloodhound Alpha (A) = 13



VALAK's Monster Knowledge Arcana (No Action):

  • vs Abyssal Bloodhound Betas: r9+5 = 14. Fails Medium DC. No new information.
  • vs Abyssal Bloodhound Alpha: r12 + 5 = 17. Succeeds Medium DC, but fails High DC.

Abyssal Bloodhound Betas

Standard Actions
(⚔) Bite ✦ At-Will
Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); +11 vs. AC
Hit: 6 damage, and the target is grabbed (escape DC 15) if the beta has no creature grabbed.

Abyssal Bloodhound Alpha
Medium elemental beast (demon)
Level 6 Skirmisher, Leader XP 250
HP 76; Bloodied 38 Initiative +9
AC 20, Fortitude 19, Reflex 19, Will 17 Perception+6
Speed 8 Darkvision
Keywords: Fear, Necrotic

Chaotic Growl (fear) ✦ Aura 1
Enemies grant combat advantage while in the aura.

Standard Actions
(⚔) Bite (necrotic) ✦ At-Will
Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); +11 vs. AC
Hit: 2d8 + 3 necrotic damage, and the alpha slides the target 1 square and can then shift 1 square.

VALAK whirls towards the threshold, his warding now under assault. Road's End, his divinely enchanted falchion, seems to leap into his hand as gently taps Carys on her shoulder.

"Ward your brother, I shall shut the gate."

With a snarled word in Supernal he barely remembers the meaning of Valak lashes out at the demonic hound with his Oath, his vision narrowing to a point of focused rage. As he leans forward to step towards his foe he seems to briefly blink out of existence, reappearing on the east side of the hound - his blade already licking down to bite deep.

* Minor: Oath of Enmity (Close Burst 10 towards Alpha); Target Alpha.

* Standard: Inexorable Pursuit (Encounter) melee. Phasing (5), phasing ignores difficult terrain of Persistent Gale, before attack. Move J3 to H7 and Melee 1 vs A's AC: r9, r10 (Oath of Enmity grants 2 rolls)+15 = 25vsAC 20/HIT. Damage: r2(3)+r1(3)+r2(3)+r4+7=23.

DAMAGE TO ENEMIES: 23 damage to A

As the gale swirls in and an ominous voice speaks from without, CARYS pulls out her father's dagger in a shaking hand. The strange Deva's brief touch steadies her, and she sidles sideways, braced against the unearthly gale pouring in from outside to do as he asked and stand before her brother, ready to stab any who approach.

* Move: 2 sq to I4.

* Standard: Readies Short Sword (M1). Trigger: Alpha moves within Melee1.


The unearthly menace of the ABYSSAL BLOODHOUND ALPHA's growl sends a supernatural shiver down the spine of the priest. Despite it, Valak is able to fend off the snapping jaws of the circling beast.

* Starts Turn: Valak is in Chaotic Growl (fear) Aura 1.

Chaotic Growl (fear) ✦ Aura 1
Enemies grant combat advantage while in the aura.

* Standard: Bite (M1) vs V's AC: r(5) +11 +2 (CA) = 18. Miss.

(⚔) Bite (necrotic) ✦ At-Will
Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); +11 vs. AC
Hit: 2d8 + 3 necrotic damage, and the alpha slides the target 1 square and can then shift 1 square.

* Move: Shift 1 sq to H6.

CONDITIONS TO ENEMIES: Chaotic Growl Aura 1 on V
CURRENT DE/BUFFS: Oath of Emnity (V)

The sounds of howling from beyond the door signal the coming of the Alpha's pack! (2 x Betas - M for Minion - will enter through G7 upon initiative)

ALPHA 53/76 Oath of Emnity Valak



The pair of ABYSSAL BLOODHOUND BETAs answer the call of their Alpha's growl and tread into Adalbar's cabin. The first is locked in a frenzied melee with the priest. After a desperate parry by Valak, the demonic canine's muzzle locks upon the guard of the sword, its head violently swinging back-and-forth.

In the furious violence, the deva guardian is able to put down the second Beta as it attempts to rush the children's position.

M (appears in G7)

* Move: Shift 1 sq to G6.

* Standard: Bite (M1) vs V's AC: r(13) +11 +2 (CA) = 26; Hit. 6 damage and V is grabbed (escape DC 15).

(⚔) Bite ✦ At-Will
Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); +11 vs. AC
Hit: 6 damage, and the target is grabbed (escape DC 15) if the beta has no creature grabbed.

M (appears in G7)

* Standard: Charge to I5...TRIGGER OPPORTUNITY ATTACK VALAK (M1) MBA; r(10) +15 = 25. Hit. M SLAIN.

...and Bite (M1) vs O's AC

LOCATION: G6, 2nd Beta SLAIN (V's OA)
DAMAGE TO ENEMIES: 6 damage to V.
CONDITIONS TO ENEMIES: V is grabbed (escape DC 15)

VALAK wrestles with the hound grabbing his sword, pivoting in such a way its jaws slide down the blade and disengage, before it clamps down on his leg, or robes at least, instead. He ignores the tugging, shifting smoothly to strike down at the more dangerous foe. His sword gleams bright as it descends, and he shouts: "Avandra, lend me your might!"

The falchion chops into the demon's side, glowing with divine power. His hands shift on the hilt, redirecting the swing into a quick sideways stab across at the hound even now worrying at his robes. The point bites deep, sliding into its ribcage and banishing it back to the chaos from which it came. With a quick sidestep, he moves into position in front of mouth into a hellish gale, readying to shut it next turn. He closes his eyes and takes a deep breath in, and then expels it in a sudden additional surge of action - his blade flashing out towards the Alpha hound once more in a slice that forces it to side step as he takes another step sideways where the door sits.

Seeing its demonic ichor freely oozing forth, Valak takes a risk:

"Carys! Strike now!"

*Standard: Aspect of Might (Daily) melee against A. r14+15 = 29vsAC 20/HIT. Damage: 6d4 (20)+7=27.

*Minor: Sohei Flurry (At will) melee against M. r11+15= 26 vs AC 20/HIT. SLAIN.

*Move: Shift 1 to G7.

*Free Action: Action Point for Standard: Angelic Alacrity (Encounter) melee against A. r5,r9 +15 =24vsAC20/HIT. Damage: 4d4(12)+7+2 = 21.

CURRENT DE/BUFFS: Chaotic Growl Aura (grantCA), Aspect of Might (+5 Ath, +2 dmg, +2 Speed UTEoE)

Hearing Valak's request, CARYS lunges forward, fighting against the blasts of wind issuing forth from what was once a normal door. Her father's dagger lashes out in defense of the last of her family and bites deep into the hound's hindquarters, and it collapses.

*Move: up 1 (2 due to DT) to I5.

*Standard: Short Sword (At Will; M1) vs A's AC; r12+13 = 25. 7 damage. A SLAIN.





Still glowing with divine might, Valak sidesteps in front of the slammed open door, knowing that he must force it shut somehow to slow the demonic incursion. The wind lashes out with an extra swell of force to try and push him away, as if some malign will recognizes his efforts - but he gracefully finds the sliver of calm within its flow and grabs hold of the old worn cabin door. Straining to shut it, at first the redoubled wind flings it wide again; but trying again with a slow and steady sweep he closes it shut against the gale.

Move: 1 to F7 TRIGGERS DOOR OF DEMONIC GALE ATTACK (OPPORTUNITY ACTION); r(18) +9 = 27. Hit. r(5, 3) +4 = 12 damage to Valak and pushed 3 squares. TRIGGERS RIDE THE WIND COUNTERMEASURE (Immediate Interrupt * at-will): Automatic success on Acrobatics vs DC15.

* Minor Action: Close Door (at-will): Athletics vs DC20; r9+9 = 18/FAILURE

* Exchange Standard Action for a Minor Action: Close Door (at will): r12+9 = 21/SUCCESS


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He rests for a moment against the shut door there, chest heaving with the strain of exertion, but then a muted thud followed by sharp tug at his sleeve recalls his further duties.

Hey, ya gotta do something for my brother! I protected him jus' like ya said, but this was all your fault for digging!" Valak's eyes open to behold Carys glaring up, her voice is sharp but he can hear the deep seated concern hiding just behind her anger.
The muted thump was Adelbar barely managing to catch Osian as his form collapsed. His face also turns expectedly to Valak, strain showing as the weight of the child tugs at his wounds.

"Yes...yes...I can see now that something has caged your brother's soul, and Avandra likes nothing more then freedom." Heaving himself away from the wall, Valak smoothly sheathes his sword across his back, the demonic ichor having already smoked off from the virtue of the blade. He takes quick strides back to the table where his holy book lies open, and paging through selects a prayer to Avandra for freedom's blessing.

"Come child, let us pray for your brother's soul. Your love and care shall be the channel through which we cast out this stain."

Carys sheathes her blade as well, and gives the deva a firm nod, only spoiled a little by a slight quaver about her mouth as she reaches out for his hands. Together, they kneel beside the hunter holding Osian and Valak leads her slowly in a halting prayer.


Primary Skill Challenge: Religion to Cast Out the Rakshasa's sensor. Using an Advantage to step the hard DC down from 25 to 17.
r9 + 10 (exhausted) = 19 SUCCESS

As her halting voice recites the words of the prayer with Valak, it suddenly takes on an extra resonance - and then Carys is completing the verses on her own and it is the deva who is following the best he can, as her words switch from the common tongue to Supernal. The mark on her brother glows a blackish purple, almost as if a force is fighting back - but then a gentle bath of warm light, like the firelight at a camp after a long day on the road washes over him and the mark slowly fades to a fine tracery. Left behind is just a strange splotchy birthmark, and the boy gasps as if splashed with cold water as his sister wraps him in a close hug, pulling him off Adalbar's lap as she sobs tears of joy and release of tension.


Milestone Reached: Action Point gained.

Valak takes a short meditative rest as the children recover themselves, spending (1) Healing Surge. HP: 70. Surges: 8/9 remaining

Nested Conflict resolved. SC presently at:

4/8 Successes (0 Hard DC available)/0 Failures/2 Secondary Skill Available/1 Advantages available)
Goal (3 Successes): Mend Adalbar physically, mentally, spiritually and then...RESOLVED
Goal (5 Successes): ...with his aid and the childrens', root out the Rakshasa followers within Easthill. (PENDING)


* 250 x 2 (Alpha + Hazard) + 63 x 2 (Minions) - 63 (Carys) = 563 xp


* Carys and Osian (Minions x 2) each receive:

Blessings Upon Avandra's Faithful (divine, healing) ✦ Encounter
Trigger: Carys/Osian is brought to 0 hit points
Attack (No Action):
Effect: Carys/Osian regains 1 hit point.

So now, you have two minions that each look like this:

Orphans x 2 (Carys and Osian)
Medium natural humanoid, humans
Level 8 Minion Soldier XP 88
HP 1; a missed attack never damages a minion. Initiative +9
AC 24, Fortitude 20, Reflex 21, Will 18 Speed 6

Benefaction for the Priest: Valak gains +1 power bonus to defenses against enemies adjacent to the orphan.

Standard Actions
(⚔) Short sword (weapon) ✦ At-Will
Attack: Melee 1 (one creature); +13 vs. AC
Hit: 7 damage.
Effect: The orphan marks the target until the end of the orphan's next turn.

Bolas (weapon) ✦ Encounter
Attack: Ranged 5 (one creature); +11 vs. Reflex
Hit: The target is immobilized (escape DC 16).

Blessings Upon Avandra's Faithful (divine, healing) ✦ Encounter
Trigger: Carys/Osian is brought to 0 hit points
Attack (No Action):
Effect: Carys/Osian regains 1 hit point.

Athletics +10, Perception+9
Str 12 (+5) Dex 20 (+9) Wis 11 (+4)
Con 15 (+6) Int 13 (+5) Cha 12 (+5)

When you exorcise the Rakshasa's arcane sensor from Osian's poor body and soul, you touch the corrupted creature in some way. You get a brief flash of an image from its past life:

* A priest serving as the single steward of modest, stone abbey; a humble servant to the faith and to pilgrims.

* The abbey ruined. A cataclysm of angry earth movement. The priest trapped in its bowels, heavy weight upon chest (figuratively and literally). The drip-drop of water. The cold stone. The ruination. A long death of privation.

* Angry, covetous corruption spawned from those terrible moments and then reborn into another life...another life again...and finally into this current life, still disturbingly connected to those last, awful moments of this initial life. Longing for, perhaps covetous of, the cold stone...the drip-drop of water...the ruination...the privation.

What now @zakael19 ?

* Do we take this "first contact" and journey to one of the nearby steadings (who have hopefully repelled The Iron Circle's attacks much better than Stonehill...we know humble Dardun still stands...or perhaps further to the larger settlements of Aldbridge or Harken); places which may have a standing repository of knowledge or a lore-keeper?

* Do we risk asking around in Stonehill...a place which seems to surely have attendants, or a spy at minimum, in service to the Rakshasa?

* What about the common house? Its dusk. Folks may be supping there now. Do you wish to surveil them (perhaps in the rafters)? Or move among them and speak openly to them? Try to access the bowels of its large cellar and see what connected taint lies (spiritual or material) and where it leads?

* Do you journey far to the southern woods and risk contact with the elves of Woodsinger's Camp? They are long-lived and surely learned, but they may be hostile generally or to these non-elven affairs specifically?

Anyway, PM me what you do and I'll frame a subsequent obstacle or frame a nested Journey SC if we're going somewhere else to continue this conflict.


Valak helps Adalbar back to his bed as the children comfort themselves, checking over his bandages before returning to the interrupted evening meal prep. His thoughts swirl around the glimpses he saw while casting out the malign influence on Osian, and light on the fact the children said their cousin had told him to keep the mark hidden. There’s somebody who knows a bit too much, perhaps the best next step is to get the children out of this town for now and follow that trail where it leads.

“Ok children, come grab your bowls…then let us rest up and go off to Dardun tomorrow? I think I need to speak to your cousin, and perhaps we can figure out a key so you can access your father’s inheritance.”

For the next while, nothing is heard but the scraping of spoons in bowls – then Adalbar’s gravelly voice weighs in.

“You’ll want to keep an eye out travelling, lots of folks lost hard in the fight against the Iron Circle and may be desperate, as you saw coming into town. Not to mention any remnants of the Circle themselves who got routed, I’m sure they’ve drawn together again – if you’re seeking some sort of dark master, they seemed the sort of folk easily brought under dominion.”

Valak nods gravely as he passes the empty bowls to the children to wash up outside and sets up a little nest of blankets for the children and his bedroll for himself.


Valak and the children take a long rest.

4/8 Successes (0 Hard DC available)/0 Failures/2 Secondary Skill Available/1 Advantages available)
Goal (3 Successes): Mend Adalbar physically, mentally, spiritually and then...RESOLVED
Goal (5 Successes): ...with his aid and the childrens', root out the Rakshasa followers within Easthill. (PENDING)

The six hour journey on foot via the oft-washed out road to Dardun is bisected by a stop at a humble road-side shrine to Avandra (Travel), Bahamut (Protection), Erathis (Civilization), Melora (Wilderness). Travelers offer prayers, hand-made totems, or perhaps more generous offerings for other travelers in dire need of provisioning or healing aid.

As our trio rounds the final serpentine bend of the gully-hill roadway which obscures long-range line-of-sight, they are spilled out onto the high meadow which features the shrine. The beautiful bloom of wildflowers across the rolling land juxtaposes with the harshness of what they see before them. A quad of mundane travelers surely headed for Easthill were clearly in prayer to the shrine. They have been beset by double their numbers (2 standards, 6 minions) of red-robed, demon-mask wearing vandals. Even from this distance (40 meters), its clear that at least two...perhaps even three of the four travelers lie dead (they're all prostrate, unmoving, gravely wounded). The last one is on their knees in front of the shrine, a foul hand on the back of the head forcing their face toward the shrine with the promise of being spared if they denounce their vile Gods. Meanwhile, a few members of this group of murderers desecrate the shrine while others offer an accompanying corrupt hymn.

Osian takes in a breath and his older sister quickly puts her hand over his mouth to shush him. The simultaneously frightened and enraged children, stooped around the edge of the bend, look upward to Valak for direction.

Lots of possible action declarations here. Lots of possible mechanical approaches here (from (a) a Primary Skill check in our current SC to (b) a nested SC for 1 success/failure our current SC to (c) a combat with various Win Cons). Let me know via pm how you want to approach this and we'll mechanize it and resolve.

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