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I have completely missed the intent and function of orange text. Please allow me to observe that in Terms and Rules this is the only thing said about the matter:
When a moderator is acting as a moderator, they will use "mod voice" - this is red text, like this so that you can clearly distinguish it.
Note that "like this" is not marked in any special way (such as coloured red or orange).

rredmond for PbP
KISS is usually the best way - for both users and mods - to get points across. The (way smaller) boards I moderate have the standard red font is the Mod Voice.
I think any time a mod, who is volunteering their time, making it all the more precious, has to step in, the users should understand that they need to pay attention. Again experience on smaller forums, so maybe the gradients of tone work best here.

The orange text on this site is used to indicate “soft” moderation. Gentle verbal warnings to straighten up and fly right, if you will. It’s usually used when a mod wants to reinforce/remind posters about rules without having to issue an actual infraction or “yell” at the poster or posters in question.

If it helps, it’s to put people on notice that there is heightened scrutiny on shenanigans- analogous to the parental “Don’t make me come in there!”
That is good to know. It's the first time I had seen orange text as well.


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IMO, five shades is way two much. Two is appreciated. But Red and Orange are a poor choice for accessibility. Why not red and blue?

Blue likely won't be legible on the dark forum skin.

To be honest, the shade doesn't matter that much. It isn't like, "Oh, that is only in orange, I can ignore it."

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