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Reincarnated as a bear?

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The correct answer is...


Magical armors and such will resize themselves to fit the new hero's body.

Magical weapons will not work for the new body if it can't normally hold them. The exception to this is if the weapon is enhanced with the "Opposable" ability, which is designed for this exact situation.

Spell magic items may or may not work. Wands and Staffs, spell trigger items, will still function normally for the character, as will use activated items.

Spell trigger items, such as scrolls, will only work if your DM will allow you to cast the spell normally (ie. He isn't being an SOB and saying you can't do somatic components anymore).

I think that about covers it.


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Wow, I thought it was only in my campaign that goofy stuff like this happened. We had a wizard disentigrated, so his party gave the powder that was left to some brewer gnomes who used it in making a concoction called "Wicked Wizard's Rum". So as you see, mundane methods were used to turn a character to an alcoholic beverage. I never knew reincarnate could be used like that...



Oh a BEAR, I thought you said BEER.

Never mind, my bad.


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If you now took the PrC Bear Lord (Animal Lord from MotW) would you then be able to turn into a Human (or other race if that’s what you started as)?
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No, you'd have to take the humanlord prestige class. With the ability to civilizeshape into normal, dire and legendary humans, summon humans to fight for you, and have a group of humans affected by the spell human friendship, up to twice your hit dice.

The prerequisite of course would be the "control humans" feat.


One of my players died, and he, too, came back as a bear.

A Tumbling, Sneak Attacking bear. Made Improved Grab alot more interesting.

He still is one, thou he managed to get Poly'd. I really have him dreading that wayward Dispell. :)

Spells, yes, as you can speak and gesture. Wands, I would say no. I suppose you could give him a special item that gave him an effective opposable thumb, like the Opposable Weapon enhancment MotW.
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Can a PC who has been reincarnated as a bear use magic items and weapons such as rods, wand, swords etc...?

He damn well better be able to if he expects to take on those penny-pinching idiots who didn't feel like spending just a little bit more for the Raise Dead.