Pathfinder 2E Release Day Second Edition Amazon Sales Rank


Amazon sales rank isn’t reflective for some cases because of different avenues where things are available. Most of Amazon’s online business for example is actually clothing. Books are a relatively minor part of the business now in comparison to clothing. Plus Paizo has a robust direct sales subscription program and distribution through Diamond and Alliance to comic and game stores. The ICV2 rankings are a better indication of how Pathfinder is actually doing than Amazon sales ranks. What you all are doing is like looking at Reaper sales ranks vs Wizkids on Amazon and assuming Reaper must be struggling because Wizkids outsells them.

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I crit!
Which seems really strange to me. I mean it’s a book. Call of Cthulhu is listed in Books.

Oh! Star Wars: Edge of the Empire core book is in Toys and Games at 48,813 now
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