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RELEASED: The Rolistes Present… Twitch Panel “Tabletop Roleplaying Games As The Lusitanians Do”


Host of The Rolistes Podcast


This panel is now available:

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Time to stream our second episode of “The Rolistes Present…” of 2020!

We are taking you to yet another shore with a sample of what the tabletop RPG scene in Portugal has to offer:

  • Especuatório/Rubber Chicken Games – Daniel Carvalho (He/Him)
    Published author by Edita-me and RPG writer for Especulatório and Rubber Chicken Games. Member of the portuguese RPG broadcasting platform Rola Iniciativa, and the creator of games such as Asilo, A Dinner to Die For and The Darkest Side.

  • RPGénesis – Claudia Silva (She/Her)
    Started RPing and GMing in 1997. Created and admins the Portuguese RPG Discord Server – RPG Portugal, and admins its sister community on Facebook. Is the creator of the first Portuguese RPG-design jam RPGénesis, which first ran in August 2010. Has been an editor for White Wolf, supplied art for indie RPGs and supplements, as well as written an entire supplement about villains that ended up never being published. Is still quite sad about that. Is Lead Writer for the UK-based LARP Death Unto Darkness. Has created the RPGs “Drama Gakuen”, “Generation Hex”, “Senryaku” and “Phonomancer”.

  • Rola IniciativaAndré Tavares (He/Him)
    André is a producer and content creator at Rola Iniciativa platform, being the most notorious show Roll for Diplomacy where André already interview RPG designers such as Adam Koebel, Luke Crane, John Harper and the Bakers. He’s the co-owner of Maré Baixa, an independent tabletop game publisher, counting with a couple of small games published, such as Tower of Arcana, Dungeon Heart and The Orc and the Pie. André is also the founder of Rolisboa, the Portuguese RPG convention, and ultimately he gives the best hugs.
I am very excited about this panel. This is a really top notch cast and crossing borders is the goal of “The Rolistes Present…“.

Join us on the The RPG Academy Twitch Channel on Saturday February 1st (1pm EST / 6pm GMT) to find out about about the Lusitanian way to play tabletop roleplaying games.

We hope many of you will join us in the chatroom and that you will find this panel both informative and entertaining.

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See you there.

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