Rel's Faded Glory II (Thanks Old One) Final Update 7/14


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I never thought I'd get here, but here I am in the second rendition of my Story Hour set in Old One's Faded Glory world.

You can find the original thread here:
Rel's Faded Glory Campaign

If for some crazy reason you aren't already reading Old One's Story Hour, you can find the latest version here:
Against the Shadows VI

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank all of those who have taken the time to read about our game and have posted their many praises and questions. The feedback has helped make me a better GM and Story Hour writer.

And, of course, I always thank Old One every chance I get for crafting such a intricate and inspiring world. So inspiring, in fact, that I was inspired to steal it for my own game. Old One has offered his blessing to both use his world and to write a Story Hour about it and for that I will be forever greatful. And seriously, if you haven't read his stuff, go do it. It is, hands down, one of the best campaing settings that I've ever had the pleasure to read, published or unpublished.

Lastly, I'd like to thank my long-suffering players. I consistently throw challenges beyond their CR at them and occasionally kill their characters. I am sometimes skimpy with the treasure and a lot of my NPC's are total bastards. And they come back every week for more. They are truly the best players a GM could ask for and the best friends a guy could ever want.

That said, they're still going to have to find a way to fight through this pile of Ghouls without getting killed...
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Campaign Synopsis

Our story began with three friends attending the Harvest Festival in Glynden. The celebration was interrupted with the terrible news that the parents of Isabeau, Rhys' love interest, had been killed on the road outside town. Speaks, Rhys, Krase and Kyndalyn all rushed forth to check things out.

It was quickly determined that Gnolls were responsible for the murders and the group turned their attention to tracking them down. They found the Gnolls just a couple of miles away, locked in combat with a barbarian of the Coritani tribe from across the Fodor river. The party quickly helped this barbarian dispatch the remaining Gnolls. After the fight, the barbarian reported that he had a message for the Council of Glynden. The barbarian turned out to be named Ilrath and he returned with the group back to town.

They met that evening with the Council in Nan's Tavern. Ilrath brought word that Chief Hrongar of the Coritani was seeking their aid against an army of orcs who had invaded from the Blackpeak Mountains. In return for their aid, he offered to cease the barbarian raids into the lands east of the Fodor.

Speaks With Stone, Rhys and Krase were asked to return with Ilrath to the barbarian lands to work out the particulars of the deal and to assure that it wasn't some kind of trap being laid by the barbarians. The party agreed and departed Glynden.

The group ran afoul of a band of Gnolls near the ruins of the town of Aquae Sulis. They were nearly wiped out during a night time attack and found themselves in a desperate forced march toward the Fodor while trying to evade the Gnollish patrols. Finally they reached the bank of the river and managed to get across just minutes from being overrun by the band of Gnolls.

Once in the barbarian lands, the group met with the various tribal chieftains who had been gathered in the village of Rilaga in the lands of the Coritani. The party led by the impassioned speeches of Rhys managed to sway most of the Chieftains to agree to Glynden's terms for them providing aid in the form of a small body of troops and a number of engineers (especially Dwarves) who knew a good deal about defensive fortifications.

The party was also asked if they would journey north to a mountain known as the Stone Tooth to try and contact the dwarves who used to dwell there and see if they might provide magical weapons crafted to slay Orcs. The party agreed and traveled beyond the forests of the barbarian lands and into the glacier-plains of the far north where they found the mountain.

Instead of a band of dwarves, they found the upper level of the mountain to be guarded by a group of Orcs. The party heroically fought their way through the Orcs and located a passage deeper within the mountain. There they did locate some Dwarves (Duergar) but they were found to have been cooperating with the Orcs! The party asked after enchanted weapons that could be used to slay the Orcs. The Dwarves answered that they no longer had them as they had been given to Nightscale, a dragon that lurked in the deepest part of the mountain.

The party ventured into the lair of Nightscale and after a harrowing battle, managed to slay her and recover the Orc-Slaying weapons. They negotiated safe passage through the chambers of the Duergar and left the mountain only to discover that a sizable orcish encampment lay at the foot of the mountain. An ascending party of Orcs forced the heroes to perform a dangerous nighttime rappel down the side of the mountain.

The group was battered and low on magic by the time they made it to the ground and worse yet, they were being pursued by the Orcs. They split up in a desperate attempt to confound the Orcs who would no doubt be tracking them and eventually regrouped safely having evaded the orcish patrol. They hurried back to the lands of the barbarians and presented the weapons to Hrongar.

In their absence, a site had been chosen for the fortress the barbarians were to erect. It was situated on a hill in the lands of the Brigantes and the combined forces of the barbarians and Glynden were hard at work erecting palisades and other defenses there. The party met with Kyndalyn and Hrongar and were asked to conduct a harassing operation against the approaching orcish army to slow their progress in order to buy time to finish the fortifications. The party agreed and set off to the north again.

The group encountered several bands of Orcs including more of their shamans and even some riding undead dire-wolves. Against these groups, the party enjoyed great success albeit with a few close scrapes. Eventually, they realized that most of the orcish army had moved south of them and was close to the hill fort the barbarians had erected.

When the party drew close enough to see the encamped army, they could tell that there were still several hundred orcs left, outnumbering the barbarians by at least three to one. Also, curiously, there was a small fortress comprised entirely of ice situated at the rear of the encampment. The party pulled back to consider their next move.

Arc, Speaks With Stones' loyal wolf companion was sent to scout the edge of the orcish rear and failed to return. The following morning, the party set out to learn his fate and approached the back edge of the orcish encampment where lay the ice fortress. As they got closer, they realized that they had arrived right in the middle of an orcish attack on the hill fort and the camp was only lightly guarded.

The party did battle with a handful of guards and shamans before they were set upon by a flying snake-like creature (Banelar) bent on their destruction. In a valiant battle that brought more than one party member to the brink of death, the Banelar was defeated and the orcs were put to rout.

In the aftermath of the battle, it was learned that both Hrongar and Uncle Claudius (Glynden's town Wizard) were killed during the battle. Memorials were held and awards were handed out to the party for their pivotal role in disrupting the enemy chain of command at a crucial moment of the battle. They all returned to Glynden as heroes.

They spent the remainder of the winter engaged in various activities around town but as spring approached, there was talk of re-inhabiting the town of Aquae Sulis. Unfortunately, there were unsettling rumors that a band of Gnolls had taken up residence there and the party was asked to rout them.

The party arrived outside the town and set up camp in an abandoned tower once owned by a powerful wizard. They observed the town and found it to be occupied by over a hundred gnolls. They orchestrated a clever hit and run attack (mostly hit) on the town and killed at least a score of Gnolls before withdrawing to the tower. In the process, they captured a magical flail from one of the gnollish priests.

A Gnoll messenger arrived at the tower and requested the return of the flail. The party informed him that they must abandon the town and if they wanted the flail back, they must fight for it. The following day, a large group of Gnolls appeared outside the tower and their best warrior faced off against Krase.

In an extremely hard fought battle, Krase fell to the gnollish champion. Rhys tried to rescue his fallen friend from being killed by the Gnolls and was successful, only to have Krase be shot by a group of Kobolds hiding in some nearby trees. With that, a full on battle broke out between the Gnolls and Speaks and Rhys. This culminated in Rhys using a Fireball scroll on a large cluster of Gnolls, killing most of them and putting the survivors to flight.

That night, as they mourned the loss of Krase, Speaks and Rhys met Raven, a dwarf traveling toward The Stone Tooth to aid his fellows in routing the Duergar there. Raven turned out to be Krases third-god-cousin or some such distant relation and decided to take up with the party at least until they got revenge on the Gnolls.

The group set out, chasing the Gnolls after they had fled Aquae Sulis. Using his ability to Wildshape, Speaks took to the air as an eagle and quickly found the column of Gnoll refugees. He staged an ambush that killed or wounded large numbers of the Gnolls using the combination of Entangle and Flaming Sphere to deadly effect. Their numbers vastly reduced and their morale shattered, the Gnolls scattered into the surrounding hills and forest.

The party returned to Aquae Sulis and decided to explore the mines, which were the main object of the resettlement. Inside, they were confronted with a band of Kobolds, heavily possessed of magic, including the ability to summon forth some kind of shadow-dragon. The party managed to kill a few of the Kobolds but were forced to withdraw after taking brutal damage from Magic Missiles and crossbow bolts.

The party regained their strength and made a second foray into the mines only to encounter even stiffer resistance. After an abortive attempt to scout further into the mine, Rhys was forced to flee, pursued by the shadow-dragon. The entire party escaped to the mine entrance only to be ambushed by a pair of Kobolds lying in wait who claimed the life of Rhys.

Raven and Speaks took the body of their friend and withdrew back to the tower to rest and plan. Speaks concocted an elaborate plan to flood out the Kobolds by collapsing the entrances to the mines and using his Everflowing Bottle to fill them with water.

While putting this plan into effect, the party was joined by Scar, a half-orc warrior and worshiper of St. Cuthbert, sent by Father Tomas of Glynden to check on their progress. Scar aided Raven and Speaks in carrying out their plan to flood the mines. But just when it seemed the plan would work, the Kobolds launched a desperate ambush which distracted the party long enough for them to steal the Everflowing Bottle.

In frustration, the party withdrew to the tower to plan once more. The made a final assault on the mines, burrowing into the collapsed main entrance with the help of a summoned dire-badger. Upon encountering the Kobolds, Speaks used a Loosen Earth spell to collapse a tunnel on top of them, killing several and breaking their chokehold on the mines forever.

The party was approached by the leader of the Kobolds, Frakir, who wished to negotiate for the withdrawal of her people from the mines. Speaks With Stone agreed provided that they returned all of the belongings stolen from their fallen comrades and that Frakir remain hostage to the party and give them information she had about the location of the silver bars that had been smelted in Aquae Sulis before it was abandoned and the goings on in the Darkwood to the north.

In the aftermath of the battle for the mines, Speaks With Stone felt the awakening of new powers and was able to Reincarnate Rhys who returned to the living as an Elf. This was a happy occasion but clearly one that would take some getting used to.

Frakir served her time cheerfully and revealed the location of the silver bars (approximately 11,000 GP worth) and informed the group that undead in the northern Darkwood were driving the Gnolls into the lands around Aquae Sulis. With that, she departed to rejoin her tribe with the understanding that they would not trouble the folk of Glynden.

The party returned to Glynden with the silver and related their story to the Glynden Council. The conversation grew heated when it was suggested by some of the Council members that the silver rightfully belonged to the former owners of the mines. The meeting ended on a bad note with Speaks making some veiled threats. The party received a quarter of the silver as a reward for its return and were able to sell a few of Krase's possessions to Tadius Silvanus, a traveling elven wizard/merchant whom they had met during the Winter War with the Orcs.

Tadius had come to town early in the hopes of making a side trip to the barbarian lands across the Fodor River. He carried more goods than usual and had hired on additional guards led by none other than Speaks' sister, Tarsheeva. Speaks and Tarsheeva caught up and Tadius was able to speaks with the, now-reclusive, Rhys about all things elven. It came to light during that conversation that the Elves had once ruled the Darkwood until a bitter civil-war had caused the place to become a blasted battlefield. Now, most of the Elves lived far to the south and it was rare for the people of the Northlands to see one.

Raven stayed hard at work at the local forge, enchanting a variety of weapons and armor for himself and his party members. Several days after the party arrived back in town, a group of dwarven priests from the Novantae Highlands arrived. They bore dire tidings of an evil arising in the west and carried an Edict Stone, a stone bearing important instructions for dwarven eyes only. It read, "Trust only in those who speak with stones." Raven went straightaway to seek out Speaks but found that the Druid had departed to an unknown location.

Shortly after that, a group of Inquisitors associated with the church of St. Cuthbert arrived in town. They carried with them an amulet similar to the Amulets of Communication worn by Speaks, Rhys and Scar. They wanted to know where these amulets came from because they believed them to be of an evil nature and associated with some kind of corruption that was foretold to arise in the Northlands.

The Inquisitors first questioned Tadius Silvanus who had sold several similar amulets in the city of Oar. He indicated that he had obtained the amulets from the Heroes of the Winter War. Next they questioned Scar and then Raven who both indicated that Speaks With Stone would be a more reliable source of information.

Speaks was unavailable for questioning because he had answered a calling coming from within the Darkwood. There he found an enormous Treant named Great Root who asked Speaks to investigate a temple located in the western portion of the Darkwood. Great Root indicated that what he found would put him on an important but terrible quest.

In Speaks' absence, some of the Councilors who had personal reasons to dislike the Druid had started rumors about him implying that he might in some way be connected to the corruption the Inquisitors spoke of and could possibly be somehow responsible for the deaths of Rhys and Krase. That, combined with the Inquisitors seeking him made Speaks a questionable figure in the minds of many of the townspeople.

Finally, Speaks returned to town to gather his friends in order to go explore the temple in the Darkwood. When he found what had transpired in his absence, he was angry. He and Raven confronted the Inquisitors outside the gates of Glynden. He demanded the return of the amulet that had been taken from Scar and angrily denied that he had any connection to any "evil or corruption".

Although the encounter started out angrily, as the conversation went on, both Speaks and Capito (the chief Inquisitor) gained a grudging respect for one another. Both saw that the other was doing what he felt was right. They parted, not as friends, but wishing each other well in his endeavors.

With that, Speaks, Raven and Scar gathered their things and departed for the Darkwood and the temple that lay therein. Hopefully, there they would find the secret of what made the dead restless in the north and answer the rumors of the rising of a force of corruption.
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Re: Rel's Faded Glory II (as always, thanks Old One)

Rel said:
That said, they're still going to have to find a way to fight through this pile of Ghouls without getting killed...

I can respect that. :D

Would you prefer to continue your old thread, deleting the extraneous posts? If so, please email me. It'll be great stuff either way; just let me know.


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Thanks for the offer, PC. But I think I'll leave the old thread intact. I think that the comments between the posts (both mine and those from the readers and players) tie it together nicely. So feel free to lock it up if you like.

And about that pile of Ghouls - I'll admit that my pile is not nearly as big as yours (I've got Ghoul envy). But then again, the characters in my campaign aren't 17th level+. If you ask my players they'll tell you that by they time they get to that high a level I'll have them facing off against the White Kingdom, the Purple Kingdom and the Mauve Kingdom.

Otherwise I lose the "RB" in front of my "DM" title.


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And the monster of the month: THE GHOUL!

There must be some hidden DM email group where monsters of the month are discussed and agreed upon...

Glad to have the second FG campaign back!


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Next month it will be: The Digester!

People who nominated the Flumph were, of course, wedgied and then driven in the trunk of a car to the county line and abandoned.


Yeah, but the tirapheg and the flail snail are out back beating the snot out of each other for the honor. I say it goes to the gambado (springing skull of death!), and leave it at that. :D


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Hey everyone. I just wanted to drop in to issue the latest installment in my ongoing series of appologies for the lack of new posts. Unfortunately, the baby has come down sick with the flu and then passed it on to me. Between helping to take care of her and taking care of myself, I've had precious little free time.

I could have used that free time to do Story Hour write-ups but that would have meant neglecting the work I needed to do for the actual campaign. While I do enjoy posting to the Story Hour, my first obligation is to provide a quality gaming experience to my players (i.e. kicking their butts royally). But I'm now about three sessions behind. Add to that the fact that I am trying to cobble together a campaign summary and I've got a lot of writing to do.

So, I'm going to do a few things to try and get caught up. First, I'm going to commit myself to writing at least a page a day until I'm caught up. Secondly, I am going to shorten my combat naratives a bit. Instead of an almost blow by blow description, I'm going to scale back to a more general description. That way, you'll still get the feel for what happened but I won't be wracking my (aging) brain for the details of the battle.

As always, thanks for your patience and look for the campaign summary soon. (Edit: I finished the campaign summary and posted it above)
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At last! An update!

I appologize for my tardiness. Life just won't slow down enough to let me catch up. But here is an update and I should be able to squeeze in one more before the weekend. Thanks for your patience.

Journey to the Temple

The group set out making best speed with Speaks leading the way toward a point that was indelibly burned into his consciousness. Unfortunately, best speed was not all that great. Raven's short legs and heavy armor conspired to keep their pace to just a few miles a day through the increasingly dense forest.

"Maybe you could turn into a pony. Then I could ride you." Suggested Raven to Speaks. Speaks was not fond of the notion of playing the pack animal again any time soon. He went aside into the woods and sat in communion. The following morning he reported that he thought that the magic of nature would provide a means of transport but that it would take a few days for him to gain mastery of the spell he would need.

The group settled into camp a couple days march from Glynden. Speaks spent this time in contemplative seclusion while Raven and Scar both enjoyed the quietude of the woods in contrast to the political hotbed that Glynden had become. After three days past, Speaks announced that they were ready to move on.

He produced a finely crafted bottle which he had purchased previously and used his magic to conjure forth a plume of smoke. The smoke coalesced into an equine shape and Raven was able to mount the creature and ride at a pace considerably greater than he normally walked. Speaks transformed into an eagle and the trio set out to the northwest.

Another day passed uneventfully but on the second day after they broke camp, Speaks spotted some movement from the air. He swooped lower to the treetops which were now beginning to leaf out and saw a small pack of Gnolls and a trio of larger forms moving quickly toward the party from the flank.

Speaks landed immediately, placing himself between the oncoming humanoids and the rest of the party. He transformed back into human form just as the group came within easy bowshot of the party. "Halt, I wish to speak with you!" He bellowed.

The onrushing group showed no signs of slowing so Speaks dropped a Briar Web spell in their midst. It captured two of the Gnolls and one of the larger foes but the rest continued their approach.

Disregarding his plea to parley, two of the three largest of the approaching group charged forward and struck out with their enormous great axes. Both connected with Speaks, one with enough force to crack several bones and send the Druid reeling with pain. The third giant (just Ogres actually) managed to break free of the vines and roots that held him and moved closer to the combat, hanging back a short way.

The Gnolls who were free of the entanglement howled a battle cry and came running forward in the wake of the Ogres. The other pair struggled to get free but were rewarded only with painful wounds from the thicket of thorns that surrounded them. They decided to stay put.

Speaks staggered back away from his attackers and moved closer to Raven. This put Scar between him and his assailants and bought him a momentary measure of safety (or so he thought). Scar in turn saw the Ogre hanging back a short distance away and moved to attack. The Half-Orc moved up to the Ogre and dealt a sound blow with his hammer and deftly danced back out of reach again before the Ogre could react (Scar has picked up Spring Attack). Unfortunately this left an open lane between Speaks and the two Ogres who had done him such grievous bodily harm just seconds before. They charged again and laid Speaks low with their mighty axes.

Raven braved attacks by the Ogres to assist his friend with healing magic. His special training concerning large foes came into play and he was able to protect himself from the brunt of their blows.

The Gnolls charged the closed target, Scar and one of their axes found its way to his thigh. Ignoring the pain from the wound, Scar ignored these lesser opponents and moved up to hack at the Ogre again. He landed another blow but this time stayed with his enemy and the Ogre repaid the hit in kind.

The other Ogres continued to pound at Raven but thanks to his training and armor, he ignored most of the damage. Speaks, just barely conscious moved a short distance away and took eagle form once again.

The Gnolls quickly moved to flank Scar but could not land a blow on the dexterous Half-Orc. Scar turned his hammer on one of them and brought the Gnoll low in a single stroke. In the next few moments, he managed to down the other Gnoll and had the Ogre calling for help.

Meanwhile the pair of Ogres had finally found their rhythm and pounded Raven to within an inch of his life. One of the pair disengaged and went to help his compatriot with Scar.

All the while, Speaks was Producing Flame and raining it down on the Ogres.

Scar dealt a blow that at last knocked out the first Ogre he battled only to have him replaced by a new one. The third brought his axe crashing into Raven's breastplate, knocking him unconscious to the ground. He quickly moved to take up a flanking position around Scar.

Speaks saw that Scar was in a tight spot and landed near Raven. After transforming back to human form, he healed the Cleric of Moradin back to consciousness and then joined the fray against the Ogres. Scar had taken a punishing toll on one of them but had paid the price in blood. Clearly he could not last much longer against the pair.

But then, a lucky shot took down one of the Ogres and Speaks attacked from the flank. Where a moment ago, the Ogre had enjoyed a two on one advantage, he now was outnumbered. He struck a desperate blow against Scar and was rewarded with seeing the warrior crumple to the ground. But just then, Speaks thrust The Fang of Arc at him from behind. The spear point ran into his back and protruded out his chest. The Ogre fell dead with a look of surprise on his face.

Speaks quickly used his healing wand on Scar and the group sat around panting from their exertions in a battle that had seen all three of them to the brink of death. (This was the near TPK that I mentioned in the old thread.) More healing was applied and the group approached the edge of the Briar Web where the other pair of Gnolls remained entrapped.

One of the Gnolls called out, "I know who you are and what you intend! I have several oil flasks and we will not be taken alive!"

Speaks demanded, "What are you talking about?!"

The Gnoll retorted, "Do not attempt to beguile me from your foul motives! We know of what you have done to the other tribes and we will not fall prey to the same fate!"

Speaks started to see where the misunderstanding lay. "We are here to destroy whatever is stirring the dead from their resting places. We have no quarrel with you and had you not attacked us, your companions would still be alive. Now, tell me what it is that you fear!" (Speaks used his new Mask of Intimidation and rolled quite well.)

The Gnoll, cowed before the daunting presence of Speaks, spilled his guts. He revealed that the "Dark Druids" had been rounding up large groups of Gnolls and taking them away somewhere across the "Darkflow". When they returned, they were walking dead who seemed to serve the will of the Dark Druids. These particular Gnolls were of the Bloodclaw tribe and had survived because they had allied with a band of Ogres who helped them to fight the undead hurled at them by the Druids.

Speaks roughly informed the Gnoll that he was in no way aligned with these "Dark Druids" and that, although some of his magic may bear some resemblance to theirs, there the similarities ended. He made it clear that if the Dark Druids were responsible for the walking dead, they were surely his enemies. By extension, the Gnolls were nominally his allies, so long as they ceased any hostile intent toward the party.

The Gnoll took some convincing but he agreed to carry word of the party and their intentions back to his tribe. He then urged Speaks and the others to burn the bodies of the fallen Ogres and Gnolls so that they would be of no use to the Dark Druids. Speaks agreed to this.

Once the Briar Web had expired, the Gnolls aided the party in gathering wood from the surrounding area and making a pyre for the bodies. The corpses were doused in the oil that the Gnolls carried, which burned hot enough to consume even bones. Once the fire was lit the Gnolls told the party that smoke from these pyres often drew the attention of the Dark Druids and it would be best if they departed the area with all haste.

The Gnolls headed back toward the rest of their tribe to the southwest. The party departed and proceeded more cautiously on foot, moving ever closer to the Temple. Perhaps the answers to this mystery lay there.

NEXT: A Taste of Their Own Medicine


Hmm...Dark Druids...ogres allying with almost total party kill!

Keep up the good work Rel!

I promise that I too will have an update soon.

What Rel failed to mention is that in that combat he rolled no less than 3 critical hits by the ogres. In round 1 I tried to parley and then cast Briar Web when they charged. They then proceeded to deliver 46 pts of damage to me in one shot.

Between ogre luck and bad tactics (Scar and I have had a talk about protecting his companions), we had a very rough go. Raven had a shield other spell on Scar, which in retrospect was not such a good idea since Scar had a terrible AC compared to Raven and both were engaged in melee. If Scar had not accidently stepped out of range of the spell just before he got critically hit and knocked out, it would have killed Raven.

Bad mojo that night.


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Spring Attack rears its ugly head again. It looks so good on paper... The feat should be for Rogues only. Just like VW Cabriolets - anybody can buy them, but only certain people should.

Great update, Rel. Glad to see you up and about and all recovered. It sucks when the family gets a bug.


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3 crits? ouch. As if ogres can't hurt enough without critting. Scar's got bad AC? Thought he wears the mithril breastplate? Hmm well ok. That's not too much without high dex and shield and barkskin... shield of faith would help?

Old One

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Great Update!

Darklone said:
3 crits? ouch. As if ogres can't hurt enough without critting. Scar's got bad AC? Thought he wears the mithril breastplate? Hmm well ok. That's not too much without high dex and shield and barkskin... shield of faith would help?

Rel -

That sounds like it came amazingly close to a TPK! I am greatly anticipating their arrival at the "Temple" and seeing what your Dark Druids are up to:D!

~ Old One


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Re: Great Update!

Old One said:
That sounds like it came amazingly close to a TPK! I am greatly anticipating their arrival at the "Temple" and seeing what your Dark Druids are up to:D!

Hehehe... Villains of different dimensions work together and inspire each other! That must be the reason why fantasy roleplaying villains often do better than their real life shadows... Do they?


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Ogres and Dark Druids

Gotta say Rel good job :) And to Speaks , wow, that was a harsh 1st round, lol. As for Scar he seems to be doin alright , just some bad circumstances that time. I can sense that the party is quickly aproaching the flash point at which it will destroy the next band of villanous monsters (only because Speaks is pretty hoss and I am totally rooting for them :D) Hehe, anyways good post, lol,you have this nack for making normally cannon fodderish monsters into extremely uber hoss foes to be reckoned with :p I would appreciate it if ya didn't keep fillin broc's head with these "players need to get a beat down" type of ideas :) It's starting to get a little dangerous, he even asked me to post some of his cruel and vicious plots on the board so everyone could know that he to bore the title of R.B.D.M. (roflmao, he's proud of it, a little scary if ya ask me) So for our sakes :) go easy on Speaks and the gang, lol, because the party you save may not just be your own ;)


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Thanks for all the replies, gang. I'll try not to be such a bad influence on Broc, Malachai Rose.

I've got bad news, good news and good news.

The bad news is that I still am not caught up with the posts (I guess you could tell that, huh?). And I'm fairly swamped at work and at home leaving me with little time and less energy for story hour write ups.

But the good news is that my wife and baby girl are going out of town for a long weekend this week and I will have plenty of time to devote to getting caught up. That is, if I don't squander the whole weekend sitting in my underwear playing computer games and watching movies where lots of stuff blows up (I am totally renting Spy Game and Behind Enemy Lines on Friday afternoon). I promise that I'll put in plenty of time on the Story Hour though.

That's because of the other good news. The campaign has seen some really great stuff happen lately. Revelations are popping up left and right, religious tensions are running high, armies of evil are massing in darkened corners about to burst onto the scene and things are generally running at a fever pitch. So there is a lot to look forward to. I just need a few peaceful hours to devote to writing it all down.

If you are willing to stick with me just a little longer, I promise that there is a payoff in the near future. Thanks for reading.


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It's going to be hard to be productive while the wife and kids are gone. That's pure regression time, my friend! You no longer have to speak with actual words (grunts suffice) or worry about where you eat (floor's good).

I remember that some author, knowing he needed to get some productive writing done, commanded his servant to lock him in a room naked with nothing but desk, chair, pen and paper.

So maybe you could do something like that.

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