D&D 5E Replacement art is up for Bigby's AI art on D&D Beyond!

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I’m pleasantly surprised that WotC actually commissioned new art from real people to replace the AI stuff rather than just remove the old stuff and never mention it again like they did with the hadozee.
The original art was by a real artist you does real art. They had done art for WotC since at least 2014, before AI art was really a thing. The just used AI to enhance their art. They even posted before and after photos for people to see if you're interested.

Here is an example. Original Art on the left and AI enhancement on the right

The spiky dinosaurs still look silly though, but whatever floats your boat.
To be clear they are not supposed to be "real" dinosaurs, by behemoth type dinosaurs. For example, the Ceratops is 200 feet long.
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My main reason to think thst was that they said he would be redoing the art. That other artists did so suggests thst he was not cooperative, when his situation was on thin ice for this behavior...
I had the same thought when I noticed it was new artist who did the art. To be honest, that was the only way to do it in a timely manner I would guess.

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