Request for Dedication to Gary Gygax


Opening ENWorld and finding out shocked me deeply.

-raises glass-

You'll be missed, Gary.

Let's all carry on his work, beyond petty squabbles, beyond flame wars. Let's remember the man who created the hobby we all love, and honor him by always, always, letting the game live on.

Whatever mechanics are beyond our D20's, every natural 20 is a toast to you, Gary.
And we won't hold the natural 1's against you.

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World of Kulan DM
the Jester said:
What a wonderful idea- and response.

Thanks, Scott- and everyone else.


And even though I don't have any real desire to switch to the new game, I'll be buying at least the 4e Player's Handbook in Gary's honor.


Thanks Scott and WoTC.

Strange that he's now gone. :(

I remember reading and rereading the AD&D DM's Guide as a kid, still my favorite DM's guide if not for overall ease of use but instead for charm and the word 'millieu'. Gary's death brings forth, in me, a wave of nostalgia for the days when D&D, and I, was young. Wow, D&D (and because of it, RPing in general) has been a large part of my life for a long time. Thanks Gary for helping to develop such an amazing and immersive pastime. Bravo my friend. :)

Good journeys Gary Gygax. I don't think the gods minded that you put them in Deities and Demigods though I think Odin is still annoyed that he only got 400hp. ;)


I just wanted to give a heartfelt thanks to The Rouse and others at WotC for this dedication to E. Gary Gygax. He will be missed. Dios bendiga y guardate en paz Gary...


Dungeon Delver's Guide

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