D&D General Gary Gygax Park Bench Dedication

Dedication and official Gygax Day proclamation by mayor of Lake Geneva.

Today (Thursday 27th July) a dedication ceremony for a park bench dedicated in memory of D&D co-creator Gary Gygax is taking place in Lake Geneva, Wisconsin, USA. The notice was posted by Gygax's daughter Heidi Gygax Garland.


Additionally, Gygax's wife Gail shared an image of a proclamation by the mayor of Lake Geneva announcing Gary Gygax Day. Thursday 27th July was Gary Gygax's birthday.


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A park bench is nice. There should be more to go with it, like a D&D-themed playground for the kiddos, a statue of Mordenkainen and his faithful hound overlooking it. Maybe over time.

WotC, you have the money. 50th anniversary next year.

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Named park benches are typically just a plaque attached to either an existing park bench or a way of financing a nicer bench on a spot. A park or statue would likely be located elsewhere.

bedir than

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The midpoint between the bench and plaque at the Riviera is basically the Geneva Library. If you draw a straight line between those two markers and then a line at 90 degrees out at the library you run into Horticultural Hall in about three blocks.


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Zoning can be something that ties projects up for years, if those trying to accomplish the project don't have the sometimes specialized expertise required or have the funds to hire an expert.

Yeah. Sometimes local government is also just a PITA to deal with on general principle. As an example, in my hometown, there was a deadly tornado that claimed 13 lives in 1958 and injured over 80 people. A monument was not dedicated until 2008, despite being lobbied for by local residents since the early 1960s.

The map only extends three blocks from the shoreline. The DHSM is about two or three times that far back from the water. It's not in the area covered by the map. Unlike the Geneva Lake Museum, which seems to be right there on Sage Street where the arrow points.
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