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D&D 5E Return to Euriga


Last fall, I posted this thread presenting a re-fluff of all full and semi-spellcasting classes in 5e D&D.

Thinking that the idea has some merits, I revised my class re-skin, race re-skin, and brewed a quick-and-dirty setting to put them in. So here's the elevator pitch:

Euriga in 4 paragraphs said:
Euriga is a campaign setting for D&D 5e where elves, dwarves, halflings and other staple fantasy races do not exist as player-character options. It is a setting inhabited by humans of diverse origins and cultures, offering a selection of nationalities - complete with their respective regional abilities and cultural traits - for the player to chose from.

The world in which Euriga is set is also inhabited by spirits of many kinds, and their relationship with humans takes a central role in the campaign, both as allies and antagonists for the player-characters. This brings a tangible animist element to a world that is otherwise on the verge of entering an age of intellectual renaissance, and the old animistic magic must now face the new rational arcane arts.

Euriga also turned its back on its old pantheon of cruel and selfish gods to practice a new faith based on virtues, revering new gods and saints that do not interfere directly in the affairs of mortals. The spirit-lords and fey-queens who were worshiped in the past have likewise diminished, starved of the life-essence that made them powerful in the land of mortals, which humans no longer give as freely. Only the lesser nature-spirits still fare well, still tended and taken care of by the rural populations of Euriga.

To represent the themes of this campaign setting, each classical D&D spellcasting class is given a different flavor unique to Euriga; a new skin over their existing frames and abilities.

I don't expect this setting will ever be played, it was primarily an exercise in re-fluffing the SRD, which was more successful for certain classes than others. So without further ado; the world of Euriga in three different documents

The World of Euriga (Setting)
The Nationalities (Races)
The Spellcasters (Classes)

They are homebrewery docs for naturalcrit, so best viewed with Chrome.


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