Reveille's Gathered Goodness

Angel Tarragon

Dawn Dragon


Base Classes as Prestige Classes

Paragon & Evolved Classes

Prestige classes

Racial Substitution Levels


Magic Items

Magic Weapon Qualities





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hoping for a sticky? Best of luck!!! :D:D

i will have to go through these when i have the time . . . right now i am heading out the door for 8 hours of D&D-goodness.


The man with the probe
I should do something like this. It's a good reference point for myself if nothing else. I've contributed a lot to LEW and have a think or two in this thread that I use or open to others.

I'll flip though your stuff later Fru, but it's a lot, and I'm sure it's good.


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Frukathka said:
No, actually I just wanted a thread with links to all the material I've shared so that I could link to it in my sig.
Very clever! I thnk i may do the same, in the future. for now, i am still a "noob" at EN World and thus havent contributed much (although that half-orc thread that me and Thia started is gettting pretty big :D. Hopefull, your idea wont create a tide of similar posts :p. Heh heh . . . . perhaps the web designers will have to make a thread post option "my various D&D errata" or something of the sort. we shall see :p

Angel Tarragon

Dawn Dragon

Added the Templates Section and Blackscale Creature Template.

Though the Blackscale Creature template is not of my creation, I did ask for its creation.

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