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Revised Mechanics for Injury, Madness, and Hero Points


This is a part of my Ability score revamp that is still a WiP, but I wanted to collect feedback on it separately. The design intent of these is to make all ability scores worthwhile for all classes, while also providing an extra dose of grit and realism, without bogging the game down in things that are excessively fiddly. They are the types of things that are relatively simple to implement and keep track of once you are able to record them on a character sheet. Obviously, they are in a rough draft state and will probably need some polish. All of these mechanics are designed without any scaling to minimize bookkeeping.

Inspiration - Similar to RAW, but redesigned to work more like Bardic Inspiration and Hero Points. Tied to Charisma
DMs still award Inspiration
When Inspiration is awarded to a character, allies in the vicinity can make a d20 roll using the original recipient's Cha modifier (DC 15). On pass, they also become inspired.
As in the core rules, inspiration is a binary. It does not stack
It can be saved as long as desired
Inspiration is used to add d6 to any die roll, instead of granting advantage or negating disadvantage

TP (Tactical Points) - Replaces Hero Points, takes on the former characteristics of Inspiration. Tied to Intelligence
Characters have TP equal to 3 + int modifier
These are used as a bonus action or reaction to grant advantage or eliminate disadvantage (maximum of 2 times per rest)
You regain half of your maximum TP on a long rest, like HD
They can be permanently sacrificed to gain a permanent +2 bonus to any skill or tool, whether proficient or not (1 TP per skill/tool). This helps provide an additional gauge for skills other than the binary proficiency, which I think helps with character customization. It also helps create a nice thematic distinction between being quick-witted and being cerebral - both governed by Int but being very different things.

SP (Sanity Points) and WP (Wound Points) - Resources aligning with Madness and Injury, and tied to Wisdom and Constitution, respectively
Max SP is equal to 5 + wis modifier. Max WP is equal to 5 + con modifier
1 SP is automatically lost by becoming frightened or facing horror. 1 WP is automatically lost by taking massive damage (1/2 maximum HP) or being reduced to 0 HP.
Madness can sometimes be prevented with a Wis or Cha check. Injury can sometimes be prevented by a Str or a Con check.
1 additional point of SP/WP is lost if the save fails or is prevented and an Injury or Madness is acquired
Injuries and Madness take varying amounts of time to recover (see tables), and in many cases can be recovered by magical healing
SP and WP recover at a rate of 1d4 per long rest. This does not affect existing injury or madness afflictions
Hitting 0 WP means a character automatically dies (no saving throws). Hitting 0 SP means a character becomes catatonic and non-responsive. Requires advanced magic to cure
You lose 1 WP for every death saving throw failure, and no longer die automatically at the 3rd failure (you only die at 0 WP). 3 successes are still required to stabilize.
WP losses from failed Death Saving throws do not result in new injuries, but taking damage while at 0 HP does.
Most healing spells and healing potions recover 1 WP in addition to their HP recovery.

WP changes some of the baseline assumptions of the game. HP now explicitly represents acute combat fatigue rather than injury (although it can include superficial bruises, cuts, and scrapes). Taking massive HP damage means that you fail to deflect or minimize a blow, and are wounded. Sometimes (such as when you succeed on a str or con check), the wound is relatively minor and doesn't cause any lasting damage. Other times (such as when you fail), lasting injuries can occur. Being at 0 HP effectively means that you are too weary to fight effectively, and so you are functionally prone - you can no longer reliably parry or evade attacks, so almost every hit carries serious risk of further injury. I am likely to houserule that HP can be lost in ways other than taking hits in combat, such as any kind of long lasting, intense physical exertion. However, HP reduction is already built into the Exhaustion mechanic, so I don't expect this will be needed in many situations.

Any form of magical healing (including potions) will typically restore 1 WP in addition to the normal amount of HP. Advanced magics can sometimes restore more as well as mend injuries.

I intend to use the injury table from the DMG more or less as-is, because it's fairly simple and that's what I want. I will likely produce a new madness table that uses the same design as the injury table. I will likely cull indefinite madness, and mix short and long term madness up in the chart the same way minor and major injuries are mixed in the injury chart.
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