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Revising the Online Forgotten Realms calendar

Michael Morris

First Post
Wotc has this nifty little tool online.


I've been using it and while helpful it does have its limitations. Looking at the underlying JavaScript it's pretty obvious the thing was written for IE 5+ support. I'm strongly considering modernizing that underlying code with these goals in mind.

  1. Make the calendar responsive and scalable.
  2. Use the Local Storage API of current browsers to significantly increase the amount of notes the Dungeon Master can store on the calendar.
  3. Create a web app mode for mobile devices.
  4. Spruce up the look some taking advantage of embeddable fonts and svg files.

I know several WotC employees haunt the board - would there be any interest in hosting a modernized version of this tool?

And who would I contact for permission to host the revised code in a git repo so that other programmers who want can contribute bug fixes as necessary.

Also, if anyone has any ancillary goals that would be interesting I can look into doing them. After all of the above is done one of the first things I will likely do if allowed is put in all the holidays that appeared in the various deity books. Another is a simple create birthday tool for new characters.

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