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Revolution in Luntai

The glorious oasis-city of Luntai, wealthiest of the seven cities of jade, has been ruled for nearly half a century by Primarch Guang De. After years of domination, the Primarch’s authority is beginning to fray. Economic malaise casts the commonfolk into poverty. Decades of one-man rule has alienated the nobility. Luntai teeters on the brink of revolution.

Lead a revolution and become rulers of your own city-state in this urban intrigue adventure for characters of level 5.

This adventure incluides:

  • Six to eight hours of gameplay.
  • Six unique factions.
  • An original and vibrant city (complete with primer) that can be inserted into your world.
  • Simplified style (bulleting, one-page spreads etc.) for ease of use.
  • Three new NPC monsters; the Undefeated Despot, the Rogue Necromancer, and the Dandy Mercenary.
  • Nine new magic items: the Coronet of the Tyrant, Kadir Signet Ring, Dridersilk Gloves, Ravager’s Blade, Corpserot Solution, Poison of Enervating Terror, Instrument of Pain, and Arrow of Darkness.

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