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RIP Terry Kevin Amthor


It was reported on Terry's Facebook page by his sister that Terry passed away. It is not known how or why he passed away, only that it happened some time this past summer.

Terry was a co-founder of the original Iron Crown Enterprises which produced the Rolemaster, Spacemaster and Middle-Earth Roleplaying games. Terry was heavily involved with each of these systems and authored The Court of Ardor; the only "rogue" module for MERP that takes place outside the 'known' Middle-Earth. He also authored the first Middle-Earth "Choose Your Own Adventure" book; A Spy In Isengard.

Using the story of the first ICE adventure module, "The Iron Wind", Terry was commissioned to create a campaign world and the Shadow World was the result.

He was also the editor and graphic designer for the English translation version of the KULT RPG. He also wrote one module for AD&D; Thief's Challenge; Beacon Point.

More recently, Terry had joined back up with the Guild Companion-owned Iron Crown Enterprises. He had been adding and updating his Shadow World material for the latest version of Rolemaster along with creating material for ICE's HARP role-playing game.

Terry K. Amthor was 62 and will be greatly missed.

[This was originally posted by u/Roll3d6 on Reddit, but also confirmed on the official Iron Crown Enterprises site, here: ICE Announcement - Terry Amthor RIP ]

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