ZEITGEIST RNS Coaltongue Map Questions


Hey, [MENTION=63]RangerWickett[/MENTION], I am confused by the Coaltongue map. I have no idea what A, B, C, and D (and the things that look like them) are supposed to be. :eek:

We're updating the map for the compilation, so a lot of that changes, but the basic idea is:

A. Crane on the maindeck to load and offload cargo. It swings about.

B. These things.

C. Grated metal floor (in an otherwise wooden deck), to let air circulate so the engine room isn't terribly hot. You can see through it but not shoot through it.

D. Hatches that open all the way down to the engine deck to let the crane move items to different levels.

However, in the compilation the crane is gone. It probably would have one, though. If you've ever looked at all the things a modern boat has on it, it's kind of impossible to fit it all onto a map that makes sense on a 1 inch = 5 ft. grid.


Okay, so I don't want to start a new thread for this. But [MENTION=63]RangerWickett[/MENTION], we had our first Zeitgeist session tonight. And I have to get something off my chest.

Absolutely. Damn. Amazing. Best D&D session in years. :D

Well done, sir. Very well done. I thought the party was screwed; they were down to literally 6 rounds before explosion. But they managed to turn it around and stopped the sabotage without even interrupting the party. Everyone left with a smile on their face, including me.
Thank you. I'm flattered, and today's a day I really appreciate getting some praise. I hope the game keeps being fun for you and your group.