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Kickstarter Robotech Homefront RPG: The Master's await you!

Welcome to the glorious Robotech Masters Empire. The undying and eternal greatness of the people of Tirol calls you to action on October 19th in the new Robotech Homefront RPG supplements Kickstarter.
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Join the forces of the Tirolian's and their quest to restore teh greatness of their mighty empire. All will serve the purpose of the Masters, from the lowest bio enhanced clone, the natural born commoner, or the noble ranks of the Master's chosen people, the psychically linked Triumvirates.

Take to the Bioroid Legions and secure the races future with their cutting edge Bioroids. While seemingly light in armour and armament, any who doubt their combat effectiveness is a fool. The mobility of these machines and surprising sturdiness will mean that even if foes can hit you, they will need to bring some serious firepower to keep you down. Use the Three ranks of Bioroid types and their own advantages to conquer enemies. The Legion Class Bioroids including the basic Soldier and Sub Commanders will serve finely, wielding devastating weaponry that can easily be adapted on the fly thanks to their handheld nature while Mortar Bioroids and Engineer Bioroids support the Legion's forces. The Imperial Class Bioroids reserved for the greatest of Pilots can easily mop up enemies, such as the cunning Stealth Bioroid and its counterpart, the immolating Destroyer Bioroid! Standing above it all is the Invid Fighter, the ultimate weapon in the final war against the Invid and humanity.

For Space supremacy, even the humble Assault Interceptor and Assault Dropship dwarf enemy Fighter craft as Corvette sized platforms with firepower and agility in equal measure. Enhance Bioroids further with into fast reactive cavalry capable of taking the fight all the way into orbit.

Command Drones in the battlefield to supplement your elite forces, protect the people and carry out the machinations of the Masters. Spy Drones and Engineering Drones serving in equal purpose.

For those who serve in the Terminator forces, you shall be clad in teh finest of power armour, armed with equal endurance and stealth capability to strike fear into enemies. Even the humble security forces and elite Vadar Prime are a force to be reckoned with when equipped with the powerful handheld weapons and ground vehicles forged by the masters of Robotechnology.

Standing at the peek for the chosen few among the Master's Domain, command of the Tirolian Heavy Cruiser, a warship of incredible might to rival the Zentraedi and dozens of lesser vessels stands ready and for the truly honoured, the Mothership stands ats the most powerful warship in the known galaxy.

For those awaiting decantation from the clone ranks or for their honoured time to serve the people of Tirol and the Robotech Master's ambition, join us on October 19th for the Homefront Kickstarter or join and find out more in the SMG Discord: https://strangemachinegames.com/robotech-homefront/

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