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ProtoClone said:
I will have to agree with you. Although I fell out of playing the Palladium system, I found it worked really well with Robotech. The MDC wasn't a bad idea and especially the "by location" part. Yes it was a lot of number crunching and bookkeeping, but seriously it wasn't bad.

Glad to see it back with someone who knows how to treat it right. Won't buy the book, but it's good to see it back at Palladium.

When I first got into Robotech the RPG I read the rules and thought "This will work great". I went and bought a bunch of the other books. Then we played. I thought it would be cool to start with an minor attack. Zentradi Tac pod show up on Radar. The Veritech pilot got into the air and I was all set for the cool cartoon action. The pilot shot missles from 2 miles away and blew up the bad guy before it even got close.. eh?? I look in the book, range on Short missiles, 3 miles. The tactic from that day on was to transform, fly as fast as you can away until max range, and pelt with missile. I realized then that the system sucked.

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TheLe said:
Has anyone gotten the Robotech book yet? Is there Mega Damage?
There's Mega Damage. I'm not too far into the book yet, but so far, it's not terribly different from the old Robotech RPG. There's a bit more in the way of setting background and GM advice, but still not much compared to other licensed-setting games I've seen.

The organization of the book is also kind of weird. (And is one reason I can't say much about the rules -- I haven't gotten to them yet!) It starts with a section on the "bad guys" and their mecha (heavy on mecha statistics), then goes to character classes, then "good guy" mecha and equipment, then at last "What is a Roleplaying Game" (on page 189!), then on to character creation, and the rules in general, before wrapping up with adventure ideas.

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