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Rocket Age: Retro Sci-fi In Space For D&D

Rocket Age is an ENnie-winning RPG written by Ken Spencer and produced by Cubicle 7 back in 2013. It's a game of "retro-future sci-fi past" where our solar system is populated fully with 1930s-style pulp science fiction reminiscent of Flash Gordon. Now it's coming to D&D 5E under the control of its creator and his company, Why Not Games!


"Rocket Age (5e) is a radium punk sci-fi RPG set in a 1938 that never was and a Solar System that should have been. The corebook offers 17 playable species, 5 classes, backgrounds, equipment, feats, psychic powers, vehicles (and vehicle combat rules), aliens foes, and more. Explore the jungles of Venus! Fight Nazis on Mars! Challenge the Europans for dominate of Jupiter!"

It's over on Kickstarter, and you can pick up the PDF for just $10, or the hardcover for $50. It features ruins on Mars, ray guns, chrome rocket ships, jungles on Venus, life in Jupiter's clouds, and more.

This D&D 5E version has 17 species (races) -- alien Europans, apelike Venusians, Martians, Robomen, and so on. Also it features new classes like the Agent, Scientist, and Soldier, and a brand new psionics system!

Russ Morrissey



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I like settings like this. I don’t necessarily use the systems, but the settings are usually full of fun stuff.


5E is sort of stealth transforming into a "generic" system. I'm not sure whether that is good or bad, but it's interesting at least.


I've been starting to look at the different 5E sci-fi options out there, but for some reason hadn't really thought about 5E for pulp sci-fi. This is especially weird since I've had a pulp sci-fi game idea in my head for a while now.

$10 for the core and stretch goals PDFs?



Not as much as 3E did.
3E's wasn't really a stealth transformation. There was solid intention from even before release that the d20 system was going to be everywhere (what was the name of that supers game; not M&M, the other, terrible one). By contrast 5E seems to be inspiring a release her and a release there in adjacent genres. Like I said, it's interesting. And I think the core system of 5E would work find for a lot of action adventure stuff, even if you have to do some M&M level hacking to get it to work in some places.

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