Rogue's Gallery (Shadowrun: For Us, It Was A Tuesday)

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This is our Rogue's Gallery for the new incoming Shadowrun one-shot game, 'For Us, It Was a Tuesday'. I'll be editing this post to add details as they develop.

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Floch - Troll brute

[Sblock=Floch Troll brute]
Name: Floch
Metatype: Troll

Body: 9
Agility: 5
Reaction: 3
Strength: 8
Will: 2
Logic: 2
Intuition: 4
Charisma: 3

Essence: 1.75
Initiative: 7+1d6
Armor: 10. (Torso 13) (Skull 12)
Limits: Physical 10, Mental 4, Social 4

Racial traits:
Thermographic Vision
+1 Reach
+1 Dermal Armor
100% Lifestyle increase

Active skills: (Final dice pool)
Blades 9
Clubs 8
Pistols 7
Unarmed: 9
Exotic Melee (Chainsaw) 8
Running 11
Intimidation 6

Armor vest (9) w/ fire res (2) Nonconductivity (2)
Headphones with Audio enhancement 1
Gold Credsticks (wealth: 5185¥ out of 100k)

Combat axe: Reach 3 Damage 13 (Fake license 4)
Monofilament Chainsaw: Reach 2 Damage 8
Beretta 201T: Accuracy 6 Damage 6. Clips: 2 (21)

Standard Obvious Full right arm (Enhancement Agility+2, Enhancement Strength+2) - essence cost: 0.5
Standard Obvious Full left arm (Enhancement Agility+2, Enhancement Strength+2) - essence cost: 0.5
Standard Synthetic Torso (Enhancement Armor +3) - essence cost: 1.5
Standard Obvious Skull (Enhancement Armor +2) - essence cost: 0.75

.......... [/sblock]


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[section]Handle: Thistle
Name: Azami Delmonico
Race: Elf
Gender: Female
Role: Close Combat, Back-Up Face, Boom-Boom
(Priorities - A: Attributes, B: Resources, C: Skills, D: Race, E: Magic)

ATTRIBUTES (24/24) (10 Karma)
REA 5 (8) INT 5
EDG 2 ESN 1.4

Initiative: 13 + 3D6
Limits (M/P/S) 5/7/6
Monitor (P/S) 10/10

Active (28/28 // 2/2)
Combat: Pistols (6), Unarmed/Striking (6)
Physical: Perception (3), Stealth SG (2)
Social: Con (3), Negotiation (3)
Technical: Demolition (6)

Knowledge (16/16)
Academic: Art History (1)
Interests: Clubbing (1), Fashion (2)
Professional: Protective Detail Tactics, Techniques, and Protocols (3) [Specialization]
Street: Organized Crime (1), Black Market Pipeline (4), Drugs (1)
Language: English (N), Japanese (2)[/sblock]
[sblock=Qualities and Contacts]
Qualities(25 – 11 + 5 = 19 Karma)
Positive: Indomitable [Physical], Quick Healer
Negative: Distinctive Style

Contacts & Rep (18/18) (0 Karma)
Kristina Koos, Female Human, Sex Worker (1/1)
Mikey D, Male Human, Drug Dealer (3/1)
Reyn Kaimana, Male Elf, Bergdorf-Goodman Assistant Buyer (4/2)
Frank Amato, Yakuza Consigliere / Black Market Procurer (4/2)
Current Karma (0), Total Karma (0), Street Cred (0), Notoriety (0), Public Awareness (0)[/sblock]
[sblock=Gear] Current Nuyen: 3,133 (9 Karma)

Ruger Super Warhawk [APDS] w/Internal Smartgun & Quick-Draw Holster: 1,047 (W)
30x APDS Heavy Pistol Ammo: 360
30x Regular Heavy Pistol Ammo: 60
30x S&S Heavy Pistol Ammo: 240
Armor Jacket w/Electrochromic: 1,500 (W)
Renraku Sensei (3): 1,000
Monocle (3) w/Flare Compensation, Thermographic Vision, & Vision Magnification: 1,360
1x Trauma Patch: 500 (W)
Yamaha Rapier: 8,500
Fake SIN (3) [Devon Aoki]: 7,500
Fake Licenses (3) [Cyberware, Firearms, Vehicle Operation]: 1,800
1-Month Low Lifestyle: 2,000

Datajack: 1,000 (0.1) (W)
Smartlink: 4,000 (0.2)
O. Cyberarm w/ AGI 10, STR 9, Armor (2), & Large Smuggling Compartment: 97,000 (1.0)
Reaction Enhancers (1): 13,000 (0.3) (W)
Wired Reflexes (2): 149,000 (3.0) (W)[/sblock]
[sblock=Description]Azami Delmonico, daughter of Tsitsi (Italian American) and Keiko (Japanese) Delmonico, is easily identifiable by looks and raiment; she prefers designer clothing done in exuberant color and pattern. When she can get them, which isn’t always. Even in rags, she’s a walking wet dream: slim and tall, with tone. Her Ruger Super Warhawk is comically 'toon-sized, but hits like a f-ing tank.[/sblock]
[sblock=Background]Azami Delmonico, aka Devon Aoki aka Thistle. Dauther of Tsitsi and Keiko Delmonico. Tsitsi, deceased, served as an Associate specializing in burglary for La Cosa Nostra. The circumstances surrounding Tsitsi’s death remain a mystery. Azami tells friends that Tsitsi died of prostate cancer, but that’s a lie. More likely Tsitsi loudmouthed to the cops and a Capo popped him. Keiko, still living, was Tsitsi’s third wife. Keiko retired to Fort Myers Beach and rarely sees Azami, her only child.

Azami is a professional bike courier for Elite Courier Services, and—to feed her haute couture habit— moonlights as a pattern cutter for Yohji Yamamoto. An on-the-job bike injury resulted in a cyberlimb last year. Azami is good friends with Reyn Kaimana, an Assistant Buyer with Bergdorf-Goodman. Reyn and Azami go way back; they dated in high school but that ended after Azami discovered Reyn blowing someone at prom. Reyn moved to New York a few years ago to attend the Parsons School of Design, and stayed for work when Bergdorf’s picked him up for an internship. Azami keeps Reyn around because he’s a comfort but also because he sends her showroom samples.

Azami met Kristina Koos and Mikey D on the club circuit. Kristina’s only a casual acquaintance, but she sometimes has useful information about potential contacts. For a price, of course. Mikey D keeps Azami stocked with happy pills. When money’s short, she sometimes couriers for him on a quid pro quo basis. The pro quo isn't always pleasant.

Frank Amato, now there’s a man. He’s Azami’s fixer. He’s also her sometime lover. Frank—formerly a Jersey mafia Capo—turned informant after getting busted for wire fraud. The Feds released Frankie with immunity but didn’t offer protection, so Frank did the reasonable thing and relocated. Permanently. To Fukuoka. Keiko’s hometown. That’s right. Frankie just may have been the type to ball both mother and daughter. Frank’s the reason Thistle exists; he taught Azami her bread and butter skillset: firearms proficiency and demolitions. The stealth and charisma, well, those just came natural.[/sblock]
[sblock=Team Connections]Positive: Thistle likes fireworks, and Queenie's got 'em in spades. They cut an unholy swathe of destruction when working together during close combat. The mess? That's someone else's problem.

Negative: Thistle propositioned Salvetierra about six months ago. Her affection wasn't returned, and Sal bluntly told her no. The pair haven't discussed what happened and the tension's mounting. Thistle doesn't like being told no, either. Especially not where sex is concerned; it's an ego thing.[/sblock][/section]
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Based entirely on the core rulebook Weapon Specialist, substantially tweaked by [MENTION=4936]Shayuri[/MENTION].

Handle: Salvatierra
Name: (?)
Metatype: Human

AGI 6/8
ESS 5.0

Monitor (P/S) 11 / 10
Armor 14
Limits Physical 6, Mental 5, Social 5
Physical Init 9 + 1D6

Active Skills Blades (Knives) 2, Etiquette (Mercenary) 1, Gunnery 3, Heavy Weapons (Grenade Launcher) 5, Intimidation 3, Navigation 2, Perception 2, Pilot Ground Craft 2, Running 1, Sneaking 2, Survival 2, Swimming 3, Throwing Weapons 2, Tracking 2, Unarmed Combat 2
Skill Groups Firearms 5

Knowledge Skills Area Knowledge: Bogota 3, Catholicism 1, Military Procedures 4, Politics 2
Languages Aztlaner Spanish N, English 4

Qualities Addiction (Mild, to alcohol), Guts, High Pain Tolerance (2). SINner (Aztlan? UCAS?)

Cybereyes with Image Link, Smartlink and Flare Compensation, .2 essence, 9000ny
Datajack, .1 essence, 1000ny
Enhanced Articulation (Automatics), .3 essence, 24,000ny
Muscle Toner 2, .4 essence, 64,000ny

Armor Jacket (12), chemical protection 2, nonconductivity 3
Helmet, low light vision and thermographic vision
Lined coat (9), concealed holster, nonconductivity 3
Earbuds [Capacity 2, w/ spatial recognizer]
Renraku Sensei commlink
Rating 4 Area Jammer
Fake SIN [Rating 2]
Gas mask
Low Lifestyle (1 month)
Medkit (Rating 2)

Ares Alpha [Assault Rifle, Acc 5(7), DV 11P,AP –2, SA/BF/FA, RC 7, 42(c), w/ Gas Vent 3 and shock pad, 4 spare clips, 84 rnds APDS, 84 rnds regular
Ares Antioch 2 [Heavy Weapons, Acc 4(6), DV 16P, AP –2, w/ 8 high explosive microgrenades (included in stats)], and 8 flashbang minigrenades
Ares Predator V [Heavy Pistol, Acc 5/7, DV 7P, AP —, SA/BF, RC 2,40(c), w/ silencer, 4 spare clips, 50 rnds of stick and shock, and 50 rounds regular ammo]
Ares Desert Strike [Sniper Rifle, Acc 7, DV 13P, AP –4, SA, RC 2,14(c), w/ shock pad and silencer, 28 rounds APDS ammo]
Combat knife [Blades, Reach —, Acc 6, DV 5P, AP–3]
Defiance EX Shocker [Taser, Acc 4, DV 9S(e), AP –5, Sa, RC—, 4(m), w/ 20 taser darts]
Thermal smoke grenades (5) [Grenade, DV —, AP —, Blast 10m Radius]

Bartender (Connection 1/Loyalty 3)
Arms dealer (Connection 2/Loyalty 1)
Street doctor (Connection 1/Loyalty 1)

Starting ¥ 13 + (4D6 x 100)¥
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[sblock=Description]Prometheus is a young human in his early twenties. He has black hair and a matching goatee. He is skinny and slightly underfed. He dresses in current street fashion, though all of his clothes are well worn. When he speaks he cannot help a distinctive southern drawl.[/sblock][sblock=Personality]eNFj - the Teacher. Unfortunately, much of the giving side of his personality has been beaten down by his time on the streets. Even in that environment, he still tries to mentor those new to underbelly of society. His planning capabilities have helped him significantly, enabling him to get a handle on the complex details needed to pull of a shadowrun.
His inherent trust has been significantly blunted. He's been let down too many times. He now expects minimal capabilities and will spend a lot of effort checking to insure others are performing as he expects. Unfortunately, that has lead to the perception that he does not trust easily. The opposite is true. He trusts readily, but for far less than expected.
He does not expect to get out of the shadows. The ability to reunite with his family is a fantasy. He is still trying to improve his place within his chosen profession, but his long term goals are far more pragmatic than idealistic.[/sblock][sblock=Background]How's the magic business? Doing well enough by me. There's not as much money to be made down here, but the pros far outweigh the cons. See I was identified as magically capable just before my first year of school, so I got a full ride. I got special classes and my parents didn't have to pay a thing. We were barely scrapin' by so that helped some. School was fun at first until I started to see the inequity. See, if you worked the hardest, you could excel even if you didn't have money. But if you had money, it didn't matter how hard you worked. Everyone thought you were great even if you didn't know the difference between Macmaster's Theory of Astral Contact and Wainwright's ideas on Astral Emanation. I was one of the former and worked hard. I knew the system was skewed and didn't want to get caught on the underside. That was mostly reasonable until we got close to adulthood and the corps began to start sniffing around. Then the problem became money which bred politics. Great Spirits! The politics! Everyone was after a prime corp spot and like good future sararimen and women, we bought into it hook, line and sinker. I made it through 2 years of college before I had a good friend die. He knew the rituals as well as I did, but he hadn't paid enough attention to his limits. His cynotic blue face will never fade from my memory. I was given medical leave for a semester with the expectation that I would continue learning magic. I learned all right. I learned how many students die each year. Lives snuffed out to satisfy someone else greed. Then the trouble started. I withdrew from school. The corporations that were bankrolling my education didn't like the loss of their investment. Can you imagine, me, an investment? Anyway, they started laying pressure on my family which became increasingly more violent. But I learned my lessons well. They had no interest in my family. They wanted me. So I vanished. A couple of years ago, I patched up a decker. He was willin' to look in on them for me. They're still alive and scrapin' by. Company's leaving them alone for now. But it'll still be quite a while before I can get back home. Meantime, I don't mind helping my former benefactor's to share the wealth, one shadowrun at a time.[/sblock]

Positive Connection - Salvatierra. Prometheus went over the wall with him before. It was a mess, and Prometheus hit the magic hard to get everyone clear. It was Salvatierra that actually hauled his highly injured hoop out.

Negative Connection - Thistle. She's Japanese and looks it. While she's probably not a corp type, she reminds Prometheus of his past experiences with them. So he's not going to go far out of his way for her.
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Street Name: Echo
Metatype: Human

What is Known:
[sblock=At First Glance]
Echo is a woman perhaps in her mid 20's with Asian features, dressed in a bodysuit of advanced ballistic fiber with a chameleon surface and carrying a large automatic pistol. She appears to be quite reserved, speaking as rarely and as sparsely as the situation allows. And while her direct stare is unblinking and can be intense, she also seems to be fairly easily distracted..[/sblock]
[sblock=After getting to know her a bit]Echo's reserve doesn't equate to shyness. She can be quite forceful with her opinions, and doesn't shy from confrontation. Rather, it seems to stem from a desire to reveal as little of herself as possible, as well as a borderline obsession with efficiency that incudes the spoken word. Echo often claims not to feel emotions, but while she does have a 'cold fish' vibe, any student of human nature can clearly see that she has them. She often appears to be oddly clueless about the emotions and motivations of other people, and is frequently uncomfortable with her body and its functions. That said, for all her quirks she is a valuable team member. Her skills with computers complement a shadowrunning group perfectly, and she's no slouch in a fight either.[/sblock]
[sblock=With some serious digging]Although Echo has gone to some pains to remove links between her current identity and her birth SIN, someone with enough information and time could find out that her real name is Ryoko Tamigaki, the daughter of an engineer and his wife. Her parents died six years ago in what the media describe as an accidental fire at a worksite. However, references to that event can't be found at any major media source. She and her brother went on to live with relatives, but just two years later her brother died as well. Ryoko at that time has medical records of being checked into a mental health facility, but later apparently was discharged and shortly after, disappeared. Oddly, her missing person's report was misdated to just prior to her date of discharge.[/sblock]

Attributes: A, Skills B, Resonance C, Metatype D, Resources E


Initiative 9+1d6

Physical 4
Mental 8
Social 6

Living Persona
Rating 6
Attack 3
Sleaze 5
Data Processing 6
Firewall 5

Codeslinger (Hack on the Fly) 10
Natural Hardening 10
Photographic Memory 6
SINner (UCAS national) -5 (Name: Ariel Ellings)

Group skills
Tasking 5 (11)
- Compiling
- Decompiling
- Registering

Active skills
Computer 6 (12)
Cybercombat 4 (10)
Electronic Warfare 5 (11)
Hacking 6 (specialized in Hosts) (12/14)
Perception 2 (7)
Pistols 3 (specialized in semi-automatics) (7/9)
Sneaking 1 (specialized in Urban) (5/7)
Software 6 (12)

Knowledge skills
Area Knowledge (Campaign City) 4 (9)
Matrix Games 3 (8)
Data Havens (Matrix) 3 (8/10)
Security Companies (Knight Errant) 2 (8/10)
Underworld (Matrix Crime) 2 (7/9)

Japanese (Native)
English 5 (10)

Complex Forms (resist Fading: 11)
Infusion of Sleaze[/sblock]

1 month of Low Lifestyle, 2000
Rating 2 fake SIN, 5000 (Name: Grace Jones)

- Chameleon suit (with chem protection, nonconductivity and thermal damping all at rating 2), AR 9, 3700
- Armor vest, AR 9

- Browning Ultra Power, ACC6/7, DMG 8P, AP -1, ammo 10(c), mode SA, RC 1, int. laser sight, 670
Ammo (7 extra clips)
- 30 regular, 60
- 20 APDS, 240
- 20 stick and shock, 120

MetaLink commlink, 100 (loaded with fake SIN)
Rating 2 Contact lenses with Flare Compensation and Low Light Vision, 1150
Subvocal microphone, 50
Trodes, 70
Electronic paper (6), 30
Stealth tags (8), 8
Sensor tags
- camera (4), 16
- mic (4), 16
Low light flashlight, 25
Slap Patch (Stim 3), 75
Certified Credstick (Silver) Rating 5, 25[/sblock]

[sblock=Contacts]Saint Jim, a fixer. Connection 2, loyalty 1.
Bad@$$ Braddok, a blogger, connection 1, loyalty 2.
Anthony Perez, a street doctor, connection 1, loyalty 2[/sblock]

[sblock=Positive]Echo looks to Thistle for examples of how ladies are supposed to act, and often imitates her or otherwise cues off of her for what to do or say.[/sblock]

[sblock=Negative]Echo has a problem with magic spellcasting it seems; she dislikes relying on it, and while she rarely vocally protests it, she tends to discount its contributions and favor plans that minimize it's use. This has naturally affected her opinion of Prometheus, whom she's worked with before. He seems to her like a good teammate...other than the magic stuff. [/sblock]
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shadowrun_commission_by_turbotauren-d3bguoz.jpg * I know, she has a big ass sword instead of a big ass gun. Sue me :p


Handle: Phoenix
Rock Star Name: Morgan Blaze and the Phoenix's
Name: Reilly Allister
Archetype: Gunslinger Adept
Metatype: D (Elf, 0 special points)
Attributes: A (24 attribute points)
Body 3, Agility 7 (9), Reaction 5 (7), Strength 3, Willpower 3, Logic 3, Intuition 5, Charisma 6, Essence 6, Edge 2, Magic 6
Condition/Monitor: 10/9
(this is basically your 'hit points' based on your attributes, divided into Stun and Body points. Stun is nonlethal that knocks you out, Body is lethal that kills you)
Armor: 14
Limits: Physical 7, Mental 5, Social 7
Physical Init: 12 + 3d6
(at the beginning of each combat turn you roll your Initiative. Each initiative 'pass' subtracts 10 from what you roll, so if you roll more than 10, you will get two sets of actions in that turn. If you roll more than 20, you will get three!)
Magic/Resonance: B (Adept, 6 Magic)
Adept Power: Improved Reflexes 2, Improved Physical Attribute: Agility 2, Combat Sense 2, Voice Control 1, Danger Sense 1 (from Mentor), Enhanced Accuracy: Automatics (from Mentor)
Skills: C (28/2)
Active Skills: (specialization in parentheses, the total dice pools noted after the comma)
Automatics (SMG) 6, 15/17
Blades (Knives) 1, 10/12
Con 4, 10
Etiquette (Media) 2, 8/10
Gymnastics 2, 11
Negotiation 4, 10
Perception 2, 7
Performance (Guitar), 13/15
Pistols (Semi-auto) 2, 11/13
Running 2, 5
Sneaking 1, 10
Swimming 2, 5
Knowledge Skills: 16
(Note, these are more freeform skills that come from your characters background, and represent places, languages, organizations, hobbies and interests...the things she's learned in her life that don't really correspond to ACTIONS - we can work on these if you need help; you have 16 points to spend total)
Languages: (bought as Knowledge skills)
Qualities: Adept, Low Light Vision, Indomitable (Physical), Mentor Spirit (Dragonslayer), SINner (national)
Resources: E (20k)
Karma expenditure: 30
- +1 Edge: 10, +14k nuyen: 7, Indomitable (Physical): 8, Mentor Spirit (Dragonslayer): 5, SINner (National) -5
Nuyen expenditure: 19,784¥
3250, 2x FN P93 Praetor (SMG), Dmg 8P, ACC 8, RC 6, Mode SA/BF/FA, Ammo 50(c), Conceal +2, Stock, Flashlight, Gasvent 3, Laser sight
1295, Colt America L6 (LP), Dmg 7P, ACC 8, RC 1, Mode SA, Ammo 11(c), Conceal -2, Silencer, Laser Sight, Hidden Arm Slide
1200, 100 APDS (SMG)
800, 100 Explosive (SMG)
800, 400 Regular (SMG)
660, 55 APDS (LP)
440, 55 Stick and Shock (LP)
44, 22 Regular (LP)
2,500 Armor jacket [12, chemical protection 2, non-conductivity 2, electrochromatic]
950, Armor Clothing (6, electrochromatic)
100, Helmet (2)
1,125 contacts [Capacity 3, w/ Flare Comp, Image Link, Vision Magnification]
1,100 earbuds [Capacity 2, w/ spatial recognizer]
2,500 fake SIN (Rating 1)
2,000 Low Lifestyle (1 month)
700 Sony Emperor commlink (Device Rating 2)
Gas Mask, 200
Subvocal Mic, 50
Trodes, 70

Starting ¥ 216

You get 18 points to create what are called Contacts, which are people you know well enough to ask favors of or for assistance from. They can be anyone; managers, groupies, shady fences and fixers, street doctors and homeless bums...or CEOs and chiefs of police. Decide who they are based on your background, and then assign them each two numbers, a Loyalty rating, and a Connection rating. Each rating point is deducted from your total pool, and has a minimum of 1, and a maximum of 6. Loyalty means your contact likes you more, trusts you more, and can be trusted more in turn. Connection is a measure of your contact's own network of contacts and supply...higher Connection means he can get more done for you.

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