Kickstarter [Roll For Combat] LIVE NOW! Battlezoo Ancestries: Classic Creatures Hardcover for 5E and Pathfinder 2e




LIVE NOW! Battlezoo Ancestries: Classic Creatures Hardcover for 5E and Pathfinder 2e

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What Do I Get With Each Playable Monster?
  • Every race averages around 7,000 words (approximately 18-20 pages of PDF content), with some over 10k words! Yes, this does include 5E races, which are massive and packed with player options!
  • In-world lore entry by Aitheria Nyx, Herald of the space Element and Advocate of Monsters, with an overview of the ancestry and their role in the world as an independent character rather than a monster
  • Ancestry Introduction: An overview of the ancestry's basic information and lore
  • Ancestry Pitch: A quick one-sentence pitch at the end of the introduction on why you might play this ancestry
  • Common Preconceptions: Information on your ancestry and what others think of them
  • Naming Conventions: Discussion of the ancestry's naming methodology
  • Sample names: A list of sample names along the lines of the naming conventions and sometimes with allusions to famous names related to the ancestry
  • Traits and base rules: All the basic rules to build your character!
  • Physical description: What does a character of this ancestry look like?
  • Society description: How do characters of this ancestry act with each other and with other ancestries?
  • At least four societal subgroups: Each group has its own unique perspective; the ancestry is not a monolith
  • Alignment and religious information: Some basic tendencies for the ancestry's alignments and religious choices
  • Popular anathema and edicts: The "Dos and "Don'ts" that some members of the ancestry follow
  • At least four heritages or subraces: Each with distinctive flavor and abilities to alter your playstyle
  • Numerous ancestral feats: Various feat options allow you to master the ancestry's power from 1st level to 17th level (PF2) or 16th level (5e).
  • 5e Backgrounds: The 5e version also has a minimum of three backgrounds with plenty of Features and Suggested Characteristics. In exchange, the Pathfinder 2e version has even more feats, since Pathfinder 2e needs more ancestry feats.


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