Roll20 Reports First Drop For D&D

Roll20's latest stats are in. In terms of games run, D&D has shown its first drop since I last reported on Roll20's stats, from 51.87% in Q2 2019 to 47.54% in Q4 (although it is slightly higher than the 45% of Q3, which I missed!) Call of Cthulhu rises from 14.3% in Q2 to 15.3%, while Pathfinder drops from 6.5% to about 5% (but recovers from a massive Q3 drop, expected in the run-up to a new edition). In terms of player numbers, D&D dropped by about 1%, while Pathfinder increased by about 2%. Call of Cthulhu had a massive 7% rise.

Pathfinder 2E is the strange number here. Just over 1% in Q4 2019 (which is apparently a rise of 82%). I wonder if some of the Pathfinder 1E stats are being conflated with Pathfinder 2E under the generic "Pathfinder" heading?



The Orr Group also shows an interesting new stat, with the biggest growths in Q4 2019.


Ironsworn RPG's big spike coincide with Roll20's own in-house stream, so it is to be expected on their own internal reports.

Here's the full list.







And here's the Q2 report.

Screen Shot 2020-02-06 at 10.52.44 AM.png

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Hi, I'm a Mindflayer, but don't let that worry you
I think this shows the potential market for a new d20 modern, since most of the numbers that D&D lost seem to have been picked up by Call of Cthulhu. Contemporary/urban fantasy is very popular right now (and has been for a while), but WotC/D&D aren't really tapping into that market.
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FATE shows up twice? Even though the first occurrence seems to specify that this is "all versions" of FATE?

Funny there's a few ones I never heart about (Anima? Tormenta? Lancer? Ironsworn?). And the "joke" French game Donjon de Naheulbeuk is getting more plays than DCC? Wow. Although I don't know exactly what the numbers represent... is 0.1% a dozen games? A hunded games? More?

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