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D&D 4E Ron Edwards on D&D 4e


Here are a couple of videos of Ron Edwards discussing 4e D&D with a British RPGer and convention organiser who has been getting into 4e:

I think there's some interesting stuff in there that also resonates with some of the discussions that were taking place on ENworld back in the 4e era, including the dynamic and interactive nature of 4e play, the role of skill challenges and their relationship to combat resolution, player-authored quests, and 4e as a type of "story now" RPG.

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I crit!
Considering how many times his name gets evoked in these discussions, I had never actually heard Ron Edwards speak; I was pleasantly surprised at just how personable he came across.
He has a PHD right? A couple of them? It’s an important skill to have.


Looking for group
I really thought he was going to go on with that Airplane! quote.

I well remember when I was playing 4E, telling people, "It's a pretty good game. It's not D&D, but it's a pretty good game." Now of course, D&D is what WotC says it is, but folks knew what I meant.
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