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RPCheese Play-by-Post - Brand New Roleplaying Game!


First Post
Hi, everyone! We're doing a play-by-post of a brand-new tabletop RPG called RPCheese. The game takes place in the not-so-far future, a time when humanity is no more and intelligent rodents walk the earth. After the disappearance of the humans, the rodents began building cities, constructing clothing and weapons, venturing into new areas, and fighting back against the savage cats, orc-like lizards, and other predators that roam the land. Many of these rodents employ advanced human technology, such as yo-yos, rubber bands, Legos, and Barry Manilow albums in their quest for survival.

The game has
a simple system that’s easy for beginners but has enough complex interactions for RPG veterans. We won’t go into all the details here, but in order to play you will need a basic understanding of how the game works and we'll be post a quick rules crash course. Please feel free to check out the character sheets, as these feature the characters we'll be using in the campaign (let us know which one you'd like to play.)

Rules Crash Course
Attributes and skills: finesse, strength, wisdom, and hardiness are the four attributes that feed into the skills and feats your character utilizes. When asked to make a skill check you simply roll a d20 and add your bonus. For example, if you were trying to leap over a table to chase down a foe, you would roll for the acrobatics skill by rolling a d20 and
adding any bonus you may have.

Feats: these are special abilities that your character may perform by spending points from the related feat pool. They work similarly to a mana pool. Some feats can be used for utility purposes but many of them are intended for combat and range
from extra movement to wisdom feats (spells) like fireball. For example, to use sprint, a character with this ability spends 1 point from the stamina feat pool and doubles his or her movement for that round. The details of each feat will be located on the character sheets. Feat pools recharge after a character has had a full night’s sleep (in game.)

Combat: combat begins with each character rolling for initiative by rolling a d20 and adding their initiative bonus. Order of play is highest to lowest. Each character gets a combat and a non combat action, or two non combat actions, and these may be done in any order. To make an attack roll, simply roll a d20 and add any bonuses from the combat section (“M Accuracy” being “melee accuracy” and “R Accuracy” being “ranged accuracy”) of the character sheet as well as any modifiers from your weapon. The defending character may choose to either block or dodge (depending on which one is better suited to the situation) and similarly rolls a d20, adding any defensive bonuses. If the attack roll is greater than the
defensive roll, the attacking player rolls damage (based on the attack) and that amount is subtracted from the defending characters hit points. If their hit points drop to zero, that character dies.

Other than that just use your imagination and have fun! If you’re interested in playing RPCheese in old-school, offline, analog, dice-rollin’ style, you can find the full rules manual at rpcheese.com.

We'll be starting on Thursday, the 22nd. See you there!


  • RPCheese Character Sheet - Chunky Steele.jpg
    RPCheese Character Sheet - Chunky Steele.jpg
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  • RPCheese Character Sheet - Dale Starchybottom.jpg
    RPCheese Character Sheet - Dale Starchybottom.jpg
    1 MB · Views: 133
  • RPCheese Character Sheet - Fred the Magic Hamster.jpg
    RPCheese Character Sheet - Fred the Magic Hamster.jpg
    1.1 MB · Views: 145
  • RPCheese Character Sheet - Joanne Gerbil.jpg
    RPCheese Character Sheet - Joanne Gerbil.jpg
    1.1 MB · Views: 139
  • RPCheese Character Sheet - Scuridae Blacktooth.jpg
    RPCheese Character Sheet - Scuridae Blacktooth.jpg
    1 MB · Views: 135
  • RPCheese Character Sheet - Shimmy Shimmy Sue.jpg
    RPCheese Character Sheet - Shimmy Shimmy Sue.jpg
    1 MB · Views: 133
  • RPCheese Character Sheet - Squishy Doop.jpg
    RPCheese Character Sheet - Squishy Doop.jpg
    1.1 MB · Views: 140
  • RPCheese Character Sheet - Strunk Fluggett.jpg
    RPCheese Character Sheet - Strunk Fluggett.jpg
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First Post
Then let the adventure begin! Anyone else who's interested, please feel free to choose a character and jump in at any time.

You find yourselves sitting at a table made from a thread spool in the local tavern of Muridae, a large traders’ town. You’ve recently returned from braving the small forest outside the town, which rests in the shadow of the great wall of mountains. The cardboard walls of the pub are covered in candy wrappers and bubble gum comics, and squeaks of merriment fill the air. The bartender, a portly, friendly guinea pig, slides thimbles full of ale and Mountain Dew across the bar to grateful patrons. This place is massive for a bar (it’s made out of a refrigerator box, after all) and several fights have already broken out.

The group of rodents at your table are new acquaintances, fellow adventurers in search of cheese and glory. By listening to the chatter in the tavern, you’ve gleaned that this town houses several tourist attractions, including a museum of human artifacts and a small arena. As far as you can tell, business for these and other attractions is booming due to the recent lack of lizard attacks. The local lizard tribes, according to the townspeople, have stopped raiding rodent merchants and travelers. No one’s sure why, but no one’s complaining.

Anyone want to take any actions in the bar?

Squishy Doop will shout "Barkeep! Another round!" while slamming his thimble of ale on the table. He licks his whiskers with anticipation while leaning forward. He asks the rest of his companions at the table, "So, who wants to make some money...I mean, cheese?"


First Post
Just as you are begining your conversation on money making, Shimmy-Shimmy Sue flings herself into combat.

There are four closeby patrons drunkenly swinging their fists at one another and knocking over their tiny little chairs...

Shimmy-Shimmy Sue: Declare your first action. Because you have initiated combat, you will have the first initiative.
Anyone else who would like to join in, please roll for initiative.

Will Adams

First Post
As I approached the brawlers it occurred to me that some of them may have valuables on them, so I would instead like to sneak and use sleight if hand to pick the closest brawlers pocket.


First Post
Okay. Since you initially charged in to initiate combat, it'll be a little difficult to become unseen. Roll for your stealth skill. You need a 15 or higher.


First Post
Fred, the patrons of the bar are especially friendly to you (the bartender even gives you a free thimble of ale.) However, not many of them seem to know of any "quests" or jobs that need to be done. Things are good in town since the local lizard tribe hasn't attacked in some time.

A beady-eyed gerbil was especially rude, shouting "No! No quests here! Leave me alone, you filthy dung-hole!" You've noticed that this rodent has been greedily fingering a square, pink object all day.

Squeaky McRogers, the owner of the local antique store, has given you some interesting information: about a month ago, one of his antiques, a human artifact of unknown origin, was stolen. He's not as concerned about the theft as he is about the nature of the artifact. Squeaky believes it has mystical properties and may be connected to the recent lack of lizard attacks. Not having to deal with lizards has been good for the town, but Squeaky fears the worst.

By the way, in the future, please let other players resolve their rolls before you post your own actions (I had asked Sue to roll for sneak just before you posted.) Also, everyone, please post your rolls like this:

Chrisma Roll: 1d20+7 = [15]+7 = 22

Or in a similar format that allows me to see your die result and bonuses.

Sue, please roll for sneak to remain unnoticed by the brawlers you're attempting to pickpocket. Because Fred has been talking to everyone in the bar, the fighting patrons are more distracted. You need a 10 or higher to sneak.


First Post
The twitchy gerbil will roll for perception to see if he notices you.

perception roll: 1d20+2 = (4)+2 = 6

He's way too fixated on the object in his hands to notice you. You see a few flecks of drool on the sides of his mouth and, as you step closer, you notice that the pink, square object smells fruity and sugary.


First Post
Excellent. The brawlers don't notice you. Most of them don't have much cheese on them (they've spent most of it on booze and loose hamsters), but you do see a guinea pig with a sizeable purse. If you'd like to snatch it, roll for sleight of hand.

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