RPG Crowdfunding News – OVERISLES, Old-School Essentials, and more

This week’s column looks at projects that end between March 15th to 27th. There are some great projects out there including an option that helps with learning sign language, some OSR options, a new magazine, a gaming convention, and more.


OVERISLES from Hatchlings
  • END DATE: Sat, March 26 2022 9:49 AM EDT.
  • SYSTEM(S): An original system
  • PROJECT TYPE: Core rulebook
  • MOST POPULAR PLEDGE: £15 for the PDFs of both books plus tutorial videos
  • WHY SPOTLIGHT THIS CAMPAIGN? With this project you get to roleplay and learn American or British sign language, two great ideas that work well together. This RPG offers fun and education as you get to roleplay using the Inspirisles system. Set in their land, Overisles, this fantasy setting uses magic formed from sign language. Travel is done via animals that your characters “horse whisper” to using sign language. Parents, if you’re looking for a roleplaying game for the whole family, how many additional opportunities in life would being able to communicate with a wider range of individuals open up for your little one? Inspirisles offers instructions on how to enjoy the game and expand your communication options. The £15 backer level gives you both books and the tutorial videos, helping you to achieve something special with this game, greater communication.
Old-School Essentials Fantasy RPG Box Sets from Exalted Funeral
  • END DATE: Fri, March 25 2022 1:00 PM EDT.
  • SYSTEM(S): Old-School Essentials
  • PROJECT TYPE: Core ruleset
  • MOST POPULAR PLEDGE THAT YOU CAN STILL GET: $100 + S/H for the PDF and boxed sets of both boxes
  • WHY SPOTLIGHT THIS CAMPAIGN? Looking for everything you need to play Old-School Essentials? This campaign offers two boxed sets that give you all of the content you could want for OSE. In the Classic Game Set box, you’ll five books containing rules plus seven character classes, 100+ spells, 200+ monsters, and more. In Advanced Expansion Set box, there are four more books with more character classes, monsters, spells, and advanced rules. It’s the same content as some of their earlier offerings, but with new art, some errata updates, and in a boxed set format. This is perfect for any OSE fan.

Crucible Magazine from Crucible Magazine
  • END DATE: Thu, March 17 2022 12:03 PM EDT.
  • SYSTEM(S): Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition
  • PROJECT TYPE: RPG magazine
  • MOST POPULAR PLEDGE: $80 + S/H for the PDF and print versions of issue 1 to 6 of the magazine
  • WHY SPOTLIGHT THIS CAMPAIGN? I share a number of RPG magazines in this column, each one building on the legacy of Dragon, Dungeon, and other great magazines that helped to build RPGs into the industry that they are. Crucible Magazine adds a beautifully produced new offering to the gaming table featuring 5e content, industry interviews, and comics. This magazine feels like a return to the quality of Paizo’s Dragon, but boosted with STL files and adventure accessories. If you’re interested in monthly 5e content, check out the campaign page for a sample.
Forgotten Ruin - The Role Playing Game from Galaxy’s Edge
  • END DATE: Sun, March 27 2022 10:06 PM EDT.
  • PROJECT TYPE: Core rulebook
  • MOST POPULAR PLEDGE: $35 + S/H for the PDF and print versions of the book
  • WHY SPOTLIGHT THIS CAMPAIGN? Based on the Forgotten Ruin novels by Jason Anspach and Nick Cole, this tale of fantasy monsters versus time-traveling US Army Rangers offers an out-of-time fantasy world. Coming to tabletop, this project grows out of Swords & Wizardry as it recreates the excitement of the novels and offers room for original adventures. If you want to play modern soldiers stranded in another time and faced with ancient fantasy enemies, check out his project.

Colostle - The Roomlands from Nich Angell
  • END DATE: Thu, March 17 2022 5:40 AM EDT.
  • SYSTEM(S): An original system
  • PROJECT TYPE: Sourcebook
  • MOST POPULAR PLEDGE: £20 + S/H for the PDF and print versions
  • WHY SPOTLIGHT THIS CAMPAIGN? This solo RPG journaling game lets you expand on Colostle with new classes and new rooms to explore. In a world held within a castle, vast environments await exploring. Think of mountains and oceans contained inside of this castle to get some of the scale. Roaming the rooms are living castles that you have to defeat. If the idea of a solo adventure dealing with scales out of all comprehension is appealing, this campaign offers both the expansion and the core rulebook to try out.

Overworld - Tabletop RPG Monster Manual Zines from Bloat Games
  • END DATE: Tue, March 15 2022 9:00 PM EDT.
  • SYSTEM(S): Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition, SURVIVE THIS!!, and system neutral
  • MOST POPULAR PLEDGE: $15 + $7 S/H in the US for the PDF and print versions of this zine
  • DISCLAIMER: I have been published by Bloat Games. I am not a part of this project
  • WHY SPOTLIGHT THIS CAMPAIGN? This RPG zine is an homage to The Legend of Zelda, offering options to bring the video game to your table. Provided in 5e, Bloat Game’ SURVIVE THIS!!, and system neutral offerings, this 40+ page zine will give you the monsters and weapons (hookshot) to make your game feel as close to the video game as it can. With pitch perfect Phil Stone artwork, this project is likely to be a fun option for Zelda fans.

The Valley Out of Time series for S&W DCC MCC from Skeeter Green Productions
  • END DATE: Wed, March 16 2022 2:30 PM EDT.
  • SYSTEM(S): Dungeon Crawl Classics, Mutant Crawl Classics, and Sword & Wizardry
  • PROJECT TYPE: Adventure module
  • MOST POPULAR PLEDGE: $18 + S/H for the PDF and print version of the DCC and MCC versions of this adventure
  • WHY SPOTLIGHT THIS CAMPAIGN? Gonzo dinosaur adventures for DCC, MCC, and S&W inspired by Frank Frazetta, The Land that Time Forgot, The Lost World, Journey to the Center of the Earth, and many more, this project is fantasy dinos versus your characters. Done as two adventures, the first is suitable for levels 1 to 3 and the other adventure is for levels 2 to 5. Each zine is 20 to 30 pages with hooks and dangers to keep the players engaged. If you’re looking for dinos for your game, these adventures may speak to you.

GooseCon 2022 from Majestic Goose Network
  • END DATE: Thu, March 17 2022 11:03 AM EDT.
  • PROJECT TYPE: Tabletop gaming convention
  • MOST POPULAR PLEDGE: $150 to sponsor the con
  • LOCATION: Duke Convention Center in Cincinnati, Ohio from September 23rd through the 25th
  • WHY SPOTLIGHT THIS CAMPAIGN? Planning to attend a gaming convention? This one is coming to Cincinnati and it may be the right call for you. Weekend badges are $40 through the KS while vendor tables are $90. I asked them if Goosecon 2022 will feature tabletop RPGs or board games? They replied: “It'll be both! We'll have an open game library of around 150~ board games that guests can check out for free (we're working on getting the full list together) and also have people either scheduling TTRPG games (once we fund we'll be setting up on tabletop.events to schedule games) or running them on the fly at tables. We know of quite a few TTRPGs people are planning on running already.” If you’re a fan of gaming conventions or a fan of the podcasts and shows of the Majestic Goose Network, this convention may appeal to you.

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Egg Embry

Egg Embry

Eyes of Nine

Everything's Fine
I have been successful resisting OSE so far. I've got so many D&D-like variants, including 3 actual versions of D&D - and my players really like 5e. So not sure if I'll ever get some of these other versions to the table. Therefore why would I buy another?

But so pretty...

Forgotten Ruin and Colostle both have me interested. Cruicible looks good, but the price point is fairly high. I guess it comes down to how big those adventures are.

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