RPG Crowdfunding News: Pocket Box Games, Ultimate Player Race Creator, Hudson and Brand, Beat the Bo

Between March 1st and 7th, 25 RPGs and 20 RPG Zine Quests end on Kickstarter. 45 projects ending in 7 days. Because that pool is an ocean, I fished out 4 RPGs to review while sharing the zines as quick links. Let’s get into these projects.

Ultimate Player Race Creator - Endless 5E D&D Races by Andrew Michael Engelbrite

  • END DATE: Sun, March 3 2019 8:56 AM EST.
  • SYSTEM(S): Dungeons & Dragons 5e
  • PROJECT TYPE: Sourcebook
  • MOST POPULAR PLEDGE: $3 for PDF copies of “each Race Creator book and the full compilation of the Ultimate Everything Player Race Creator” plus digital stretch goals
  • NOTE: Andrew Engelbrite is a frequent contributor for EN Publishing’s En5ider
“Make any playable Dungeons and Dragons race you can imagine with hundreds of racial traits to choose from. The ultimate race creator lets you quickly make your very own player race. Want to play a were-iguana? How about a robot-scorpion? Elf-ghost with psychic powers? How about a manticore-man? We've done our best to cover just about every trait a character could possibly have. So if you can come up with it, you can play it. The Ultimate Race Creator is compatible with 5th edition D&D but can be easily adapted to other editions or systems. Beastmen includes 24 pages of traits that cover everything furry, feathered, or beast-like. With it you can play as centuars, minotaurs, satyrs, Kitsune, panda-folk, moose-men, or just about any other variation of man and beast that you can think of. Scalykind Race Creator is 32 pages full of all the traits you need for a zillion varieties of any kind of dragon people, serpentfolk, boggarts, grippli, medusa-kin, hydrafolk, and every kind of reptilian or amphibious traits we could think of.”

Pocket Box Games of the Eighties by Steve Jackson Games

  • END DATE: Fri, March 1 2019 6:38 PM EST.
  • SYSTEM(S): Various, but focusing on Undead
  • PROJECT TYPE: Core rule box sets
  • MOST POPULAR PLEDGE: $200 (US shipping included) for “Car Wars, Truck Stop, Crash City, and any seven of the available Pocket Box games plus stretch goals and more”
“Help us create reproductions of the classic Steve Jackson Games Pocket Box titles of the eighties. The POCKET BOX was, for about seven years, the iconic Steven Jackson Games product format. These hard-plastic cases, sized to fit the same racks that held paperback books back in the eighties, were everywhere! Working closely with our partners at GPI, we have taken steps to scan original POCKET BOX games and prepare them for print.” Among the offerings is “Game #8 – Undead is two games in one! It can be a boardgame for two players, or a gamemastered roleplaying adventure for three or more. Either way, it’s a battle of wits. One player, as Dracula, must use great strength and shape-changing powers to stay alive – protecting his coffins and drinking the blood of innocents.”

Hudson & Brand: Shadows of the Past by Stygian Fox Publishing

  • END DATE: Fri, March 1 2019 2:59 AM EST.
  • SYSTEM(S): Call of Cthulhu
  • PROJECT TYPE: Adventure modules
  • MOST POPULAR PLEDGE: £25 for PDF and softcover of Hudson & Brand: Shadows of the Past and all unlocked stretch goals
“A Cthulhu by Gaslight adventure anthology. Hudson & Brand: Shadows of the Past presents a trio of linked scenarios, set in Victorian London, where players of the Call of Cthulhu roleplaying game (published by Chaosium, Inc), must thwart an ancient cult that seeks vengeance against the Empire for its activities in Africa. While this anthology collection builds upon the setting established in Hudson & Brand: Inquiry Agents of the Obscure, it stands on its own and the first book is not needed for these scenarios to be enjoyed. The 150-page, main book will contain three scenarios, scenario seeds based on the events and NPCs introduced in each scenario, and their impact on the historical record. All Maps, Handouts, and NPCs will be included in appendices in the book/PDF for easy reference and printing. Ten Pre-Generated Player Characters will also be included in an appendix.”

Beat the Boss by Doug Geisler

  • END DATE: Fri, March 1 2019 2:59 AM EST.
  • SYSTEM(S): Powered by the Apocalypse
  • PROJECT TYPE: Core rulebook
  • MOST POPULAR PLEDGE: $20 (US shipping included) for PDF and softcover of Beat the Boss plus PDFs of character sheets, NPC sheets, Boss Moves, Universal Moves, and organizing chart.
“A Roleplaying Game for Organizing on the Job and in the Community. The class war is coming to the table top. In Beat the Boss you and 3 to 6 friends will take turns organizing a group of workers or community members to take part in the fight of their lives. You will identify the issues and make the banners then plan and take the actions that will change the balance of power at work. Beat the Boss is a tabletop roleplaying game that is Powered by the Apocalypse to create a place for activists to learn how to organize on the job and in the community. With a handful of six-sided dice, a pencil, a character sheet, and a group of friends, you can learn how to move people to action and take back their power. The game has been play tested with organizers, role players, and complete noobs to make sure the rules and language work for as many people as possible. It is in its final form and ready to print, so the books will go out, both PDF and paperback, as soon as the campaign ends. There are about 100 pages with six original black and white illustrations created for the game by Xavier Lopez Gama.”
[h=3]RPG ZINES[/h] A Rasp of Sand: A Roguelike Tabletop RPG Experience by David Cox

  • Ends Fri, March 1 2019 12:00 AM EST.
  • “A large zine with a Roguelite randomized ocean goddesses temple. Designed to be difficult and highly replayable.”
  • PDF $5 / PDF & Print $12 US shipping included
Goblinville Gazette by Michael Dunn O'Connor

  • Ends Fri, March 1 2019 12:00 AM EST.
  • “A roleplaying game about broke goblins and the town they live in.”
  • PDF & Print $10 US shipping included
Strings: A Zine Supplement for Many TTRPGs: Zine Quest! by Density Media

  • Ends Fri, March 1 2019 9:46 AM EST.
  • “Strings is a zine metagame and metasystem for TTRPGs that asks the question: what does a character hold onto as death approaches.”
  • PDF $1 / PDF & Print $5 Worldwide shipping included
Football Fantasy, a first-and-dungeon zine. by Samuel Ashton Roberts

  • Ends Fri, March 1 2019 1:17 PM EST.
  • “A zine of rules and content for implementing American Football in Fantasy Role Playing Games.”
  • Print $10 US shipping included. NOTE: No mention of digital copies.

  • Ends Fri, March 1 2019 1:23 PM EST.
  • “A cyberpunk tabletop RPG zine; made for #ZineQuest!”
  • PDF $5 / PDF & Print $10 Worldwide shipping included
THE LOVE SONG OF J. GENERO and Other Observations: A Zine by Strange Frontier

  • Ends Fri, March 1 2019 11:59 PM EST.
  • “From the heady days of store flyers and indie zines, Joe was a cartoon hero asking the big questions about tabletop gaming.”
  • PDF $5 / PDF & Print $10 US shipping included
The Demon Collective, Vol. 1 by David Shugars

  • Ends Sat, March 2 2019 10:00 AM EST.
  • “4 horror RPG adventures, written, illustrated, and edited by trans and nonbinary gamers.”
  • PDF $5 / PDF & Print $12 US shipping included
Skill Points by Sam Hotchkiss

  • Ends Sat, March 2 2019 8:00 PM EST.
  • “An RPG zine about learning through play.”
  • PDF $5 / PDF & Print $10 US shipping included
Silver Swords: An RPG fanzine by Stronghold Press Games

  • Ends Sun, March 3 2019 12:01 AM EST.
  • “An RPG fanzine in the style of the old school fanzines that launched the hobby.”
  • PDF $6 / PDF & Print $12 US shipping included
Love's Labour's Liberated - A 5e RPG Zine by John McGuire, Leland Beauchamp, and Egg Embry

  • Ends Sun, March 3 2019 1:33 AM EST.
  • “Cavaliers, Enchanters, and Magic Items”
  • PDF $5 / PDF & Print $12 US shipping included
What Happened at Wyvern Rock? by Drew Meger

  • Ends Sun, March 3 2019 7:36 AM EST.
  • “Bring High Strangeness to Your High Fantasy RPG Setting. This zine features close encounters, aliens, and other fantastic weirdness!”
  • PDF $5 / PDF & Print $10 + $3 US shipping
D.I.R.G.Ezine by SMHWorlds (Sean Hillman), Amanda Makepeace, Andrea Fornero, Rachel Quinlan, Nadia Heller, Dawn Gilreath, and more

  • Ends Sun, March 3 2019 10:04 AM EST.
  • “An RPG-zine based on encouraging diverse ideas and diverse creators. The focus will be on world building, design, and art.”
  • PDF $5 / PDF & Print $10 + $4 US shipping
Harrowings From The Rime! by Drew Cochran

  • Ends Sun, March 3 2019 2:19 PM EST.
  • “An RPG Zine to steal your soul!"
  • PDF $5 / PDF & Print $10 + $2 US shipping
Champions of the Earth: The RPG Zine by Jesse Vigil

  • Ends Mon, March 4 2019 6:00 PM EST.
  • “A 3-issue tabletop RPG zine about power suits, giant kaiju robots, and massive teenage angst.”
  • 3 issues print $15 + $4 US shipping
Shards: Worldbuilding Zine – Quickstarter by Stephen Coffey

  • Ends Mon, March 4 2019 6:59 PM EST.
  • “A monthly magazine for worldbuilding enthusiasts, writers, RPG gamemasters (GMs) and others who love to explore sci-fi/fantasy worlds.”
  • PDF £3 / PDF & Print £8 Worldwide shipping included
The Bridge of the Damned by Burning Wheel

  • Ends Mon, March 4 2019 9:00 PM EST.
  • “A new Torchbearer adventure for characters levels 2-3.”
  • PDF $5 / PDF & Print $9 + $4 US shipping
The Words and Deeds of the Chain of Tlachic by John Backers

  • Ends Tue, March 5 2019 11:12 AM EST.
  • “A System agnostic campaign frame for fantasy games, in a limited saddle-stitched Zine.”
  • PDF $3 / PDF & Print $10 US shipping included
Girl Underground — Zine Quest by Jesse Ross

  • Ends Tue, March 5 2019 9:00 PM EST.
  • “A tabletop RPG about a curious girl in a wondrous world, for telling stories like Alice in Wonderland or The Wizard of Oz.
  • PDF & Print $9 Worldwide shipping included
RPG Zine Challenge: The Compleat Beastman by Jacob DC Ross

  • Ends Wed, March 6 2019 3:26 PM EST.
  • “A OSR-themed RPG zine with stats for centaurs, minotaurs and all of the beastmen you'll ever want. Includes minis for play!”
  • PDF $10
A Pound of Flesh: Module for Mothership Sci-fi Horror RPG by Alan Gerding

  • Ends Thu, March 7 2019 9:00 AM EST.
  • “Zine Quest: A brand new zine-sized module for the Mothership Sci-Fi Horror RPG.”
  • PDF $5 / PDF & Print $15 + $6 US shipping
POWERED by the DREAMR, a PbtA RPG #ZineQuest by Egg Embry

  • Ends Sat, February 23 2019 4:00 AM EST.
  • “Dreamrs, we are such stuff as dreams are *Powered* on, and our little life is rounded *by the Apocalypse*. Complete PbtA RPG in a zine.”
  • PDF $5 / PDF & Print $12 US shipping included

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Egg Embry

Egg Embry


Hope this is ok to say but the 5e version of Rise of the Drow by AAW games has just launched too.
I have the pathfinder version and it is great.

Over 50% to the funding goal on the first day.

Any new about Dreamscarred Press and its psionic handbook for Starfinder? Now I start to worry. That publisher has got some good ideas. In its Patreon page they tell they have got a project about akasha wars, mixing akasha and martial adept classes.


I hope to get in a future update, but my Zine Quest submission just went live (10am EST today). So I thought I would jump in on this thread a bit:

Ascension – the Codex of Immortals RPG Zine Kickstarter is now live! If you are interested in epic and immortal games for the 5th edition of the world’s greatest role-playing game, please check it out here:


Ascension is a quarterly RPG zine focusing on epic and immortal gaming for Dungeons and Dragons 5th Edition. Each issue will be 32-48 pages of epic and immortal goodness featuring rules for playing gods; lore, stats, and art for at least 4 deities/epic monsters; and mythic relics and artifacts for your epic games. The goal of Ascension is two-fold:

1) Provide epic monsters and guidelines that can be used with standard 5th edition rules and some of the existing 3rd party epic supplements currently available, and more substantially…

2) Provide a set of variant rules and guidelines for taking characters and monsters beyond the realms of mortals. Allowing players to grow their characters from mere demigods to the heights of the greater gods or even pantheon heads. These variant rules sit on top of the 5e chassis allowing players to shed the trapping of levels and class and instead embark on the quest to gain epic ranks, worship, and increase their Authority and Influence among mortals and immortals a like.

Take your characters and games where 5th edition has never gone before with Ascension – the Codex of Immortals.


Guest 6801328

Every since Egg Embry took over this column I find myself less interested in these, and backing far fewer of them (just one, I think).

Not sure if it's the selection, the presentation, my own saturation point, or pure coincidence.

No offense meant; I don't have any particular criticism. Just...find it curious.



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