RPG Jobs Roundup January, 2019 – New Year, New Opportunities

With the start of the New Year, many consider resolutions to improve their lives or happiness. If one of those resolutions is a new full-time job in the games industry, then I’ve got some options waiting to be explored. These jobs offer both pay and an opportunity to work in an industry you love. The job listings shared here can close at any time so if one speaks to you, I recommend you apply ASAP. However, if you miss an opportunity, there are more gaming related jobs available and more coming down the pike. As such, it can prove beneficial to keep your resume up-to-date so you can CRIT every job opportunity.

  • Type of employment: Fulltime
  • Assignment: Customer Service
  • Rate of pay: $13/hour plus benefits
  • Deadline: Not disclosed
  • Note: Work location is Redmond, Washington.
Every opportunity is a doorway, and customer service is no different. Long careers can originate at what, for many companies, is their entry-level position. Paizo’s customer service, like all CS jobs, is about taking care of the consumer and elevating the organization. Just stating the truth of this type of job: Mistakes happen everywhere, except in CS where mistakes are rectified. I’ve done customer service [not for Paizo] and it can be a high-stress job, but one that lets you problem solve and interact with the public. A great CS response can turn a disappointing experience into a victory for the customer and the company. Should you apply for this position, you’ll be in Paizo’s corporate offices and the possibilities of growing within the company are there. Does the idea of joining Paizo’s staff speak to you? If so, read more details here.

[h=3]Japanime Games[/h]
  • Type of employment: Fulltime
  • Assignment: Marketing and Communications Manager
  • Rate of pay: “Pay to be determined by experience”
  • Deadline: January 15th, 2019
  • Note: The employee is not required to be local to their two home bases in Portland, Oregon or their warehouse in Fort Wayne, Indiana, and can work remote anywhere within the US or Canada.
Japanime Games is a board and card game company that imports and translates anime tabletop games from Asia. As their Marketing and Communications Manager you’ll be the “voice of Japanime Games” with responsibilities around marketing and sales campaigns. You’ll travel to 10 conventions a year promoting their board and card games while engaging with their anime-centric fanbase. The short version of this is they’re looking for someone that is prepared to dive into every form of sales from handselling up to national marketing campaigns and crowdfundings. For the right personality that is ready to play games while making sales this position offers a focused workload. To learn more details check their press release here.

[h=3]Atlas Games[/h]
  • Type of employment: Fulltime
  • Assignment: Marketing Coordinator
  • Rate of pay: Estimated to be $16 to $20/hour plus benefits
  • Deadline: Not disclosed
  • Note: Work location is Duluth, Minnesota.
Atlas Games is a card, coin, board, and roleplaying game company that’s been around since 1990. In terms of RPGs, they’re best known for Ars Magica RPG, Unknown Armies, and Over the Edge, along with a list of other products. In the same vein as the Japanime Games job listing, you’ll be instrumental in developing, communicating, and delivering on every aspect of promoting Atlas Games’ content. As with most fulltime gaming jobs, you’ll be expected to attend conventions. An interesting takeaway from this job listing is you’ll “craft marketing plans for new game releases that focus on value, rather than just spending cash or following the crowd.” While the company is hiring a Marketing Coordinator, they’re not hiring one with an unlimited marketing budget. Guerilla marketing and creating awareness without needing to index your cost of customer acquisition will be a key factor in being successful in this role. Interested in this opportunity? Read more details on Atlas Games’ site here.
[h=3]White Wolf[/h]
  • Type of employment: Fulltime
  • Assignment: Brand Manager
  • Rate of pay: Not disclosed
  • Deadline: Not disclosed
  • Note: Work location is Stockholm, Sweden.
  • Note 2: This job posting from the corporation that owns Vampire: The Masquerade uses the term “stakeholder” without any trace of irony.
After the 2018 controversies (discussed here) around White Wolf’s Vampire: The Masquerade 5e led to extensive structural changes at White Wolf and Paradox Interactive (here and here), 2019 offers a new direction. White Wolf’s parent company, Paradox Interactive, is restructuring the pack [couldn’t help it] by hiring a Brand Manager to lead the brand team to “build the world's’ greatest portfolio of horror brands” and grow those brands while being a point of contact for internal and external partners. While Modiphius will create the games and content, the Brand Manager at Paradox will work with them to lead the product line and insure it exceeds everyone’s expectations. For more details about this opportunity, check the post on Paradox’s website here.

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Egg Embry

Egg Embry

Modiphius is also currently looking for Junior Developers for the wargames team and a Marketing & Communications Manager - more info at https://www.modiphius.com/jobs.html

Thank you for responding! I have to say, it's gratifying to get a response from a company the size of Modiphius! :)

These articles require at least 3 jobs to run, I have yours on my list and a writing opportunity, if I can find a 3rd gaming/writing-related piece, I'll write another article to get all of them out there! (Fingers crossed!) :)


Egg Embry, Wanna-lancer
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