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RPG News for Tuesday, Dec 11, 2012

[h=3]D&D News[/h]

  • Today, WotC's James Wyatt talks about Elementals.

[h=3]Other RPGs[/h]

  • Cubicle 7 has released The Ballad of Bass Rock, a 1920s Cthulhu Britannica scenario for Call of Cthulhu, written by Stuart Boon, ENnie and Origins award-winning author of Shadows over Scotland.

[h=3]Community News[/h]

  • EN World columnist Southern Oracle discusses Gaming, Gifts, and Geek Chic.
  • Additionally, we have our weekly look at new PDFs (which we were unable to post last week on account of being dead) - so we have a double helping this week! Plus it mentions a PDF called DINO PIRATES OF NINJA ISLAND, which is not to be missed!
  • Pathfinder SRD wiki d20pfsrd.com has opened an online store for Pathfinder PDFs from third-party publishers. They have over 15 publishers present.
  • Monte Cook posted a picture of his Xmas tree. Take a look and you'll see why.
  • Wil Wheaton talks about a map of a dungeon that never was.
  • Neuroglyph asks what Gary Gygax would think about 4E, Pathfinder, and D&D Next.
  • Don't forget that the deadline for Paizo's RPG Superstar 2013 is just over a week away.
  • There's an interview with Paizo's James Sutler over on Jennisodes.

[h=3]The Mason of New Orleans[/h]
I wouldn't usually promote a non-RPG book here on the news page, but I'm making an exception for Charles Ryan's The Mason of New Orleans for a couple of reasons - first, he used to be the D&D brand manager; second, he let me read a first draft of some of the book, and it was excellent. And third, he's a cool guy. The book is now available on Amazon for Kindle.

Life in the Middle Ages can be tough. Nasty, brutish, and short, as they say. War, famine, torture. Plague and intolerance. People getting burned at the stake and all that. And nobody speaks English.

All of which sucks if you’re from the 21st Century.

Martin’s just a regular guy. A job that's going—well, not exactly nowhere, but not anyplace fast. A condo in the DC suburbs. A Ford Fusion. A couple of beers on a Friday night. But when Martin finds himself in the 12th Century—naked, unarmed, without a single friend or possession—things really take a turn for the worse.

And as if the “medieval” (as in “Ima get medieval on your ass”) isn’t bad enough, he’s caught between the Holy Roman Emperor and a ruthless local overlord, the plottings of a satanic cult, and the machinations of a self-styled sorcerer bent on dominating the world—or what’s been discovered of it so far.

Half the people he meets think he was sent by God or something to solve all those problems. The other half think he was sent from Hell. And a few don’t care—they just want him out of their way.

And all Martin wants is to get home. If he can just survive the 12th Century long enough to figure out how—and why—he got there to begin with.


  • I've mentioned Fighting Fantasy a few times in the news recently, what with it being the 30th anniversary and all. A new Kickstarter, You Are The Hero, is for a coffee-table book which celebrates 30 years of the publishing phenomenon created by Steve Jackson and Ian Livingstone.
  • The Pathfindeer Online Kickstarter announced a new reward tier - have your character painted by Wayne Reynolds.
  • Adventurer's Guide to Terrath is a Kickstarter book for the Shroud of the Ancients RPG.

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