RPG News from the Last Week

This is a bit of a catch-up news post, covering some of the stuff that happened while EN World was down last week. We're back up now, and slowly trying to rebuild the site. Here's some of what we missed.

[h=3]Pathfinder Online[/h]
The big news was that Pathfinder Online Kickstarter launched. You probably know about this, though we missed out on covering it due to those darn hackers! Anyway, Gobinworks has launched the actual Kickstarter for the MMO and is seeking one... million.... dollars!

[h=3]RPG News[/h]

  • WotC's latest D&D Next article has Mike Mearls discussing alignment and balancing spellcasters in the new iteration of D&D.
  • Chris Pramas of Green Ronin talks about a Song of Ice and Fire cookbook.
  • Paizo revealed a new Pathfinder RPG superdungeon and Pathfinder Battles miniatures; and mention a few changes to the monk.
  • Paizo also launched RPG Superstar 2013.
  • We here at EN World released a couple of awesome things for subscribers: first was ADMIRAL O' THE HIGH SEAS, a naval sourcebook for PATHFINDER and D&D 4E by Ryan Nock. Second was the 5th adventure in our ZEITGEIST: The Gears of Revolution adventure path. If you're a subscriber, you can grab them right now from the Subscribers Content area. Additionally, if you head over to RPGNow you can pick up a great deal - our 700-page adventure path, War of the Burning Sky, in a compiled black-and-white softcover for only $25. That's a pretty good deal, right?

[h=3]A Bunch of Other Kickstarters[/h]
There was, of course, a number of Kickstarter projects which launched in the last week or two. These are just a few which caught my eye, but there were many more.

  • Stan!'s Littlest Shoggoth Kickstarter is nearing its end. It's a kid's Christmas Cthulhu story. Stan! recently left WotC.
  • Steve Kenson's Great Power for ICONS presents dozens of powers, new and old, along with power stunts and limits, more details on how to use powers, and how to look at renaming (or “reskinning”) them to make “new” powers with the same essential mechanics.
  • There's a FATE Core System Kickstarter for the latest edition of the RPG from Evil Hat Productions.
  • No-Dice.net is a project to "modernize tabletop gaming" - a hub to store character sheets, create battle maps, plan campaigns, find groups. A bit like a lot of other places, really!

[h=3]Dragonmeet 2012[/h]
I was at Dragonmeet 2012 last weekend with my brother and a small "EN World Crew". We went with film cameras, and we filmed stuff! The special guests were Ian Linvingstone and Steve Jackson, the creators of Fighting Fantasy and the founders of Games Workshop. We have a whole pile of video interviews on our YouTube channel. If nothing else, you can go have a laugh at how bad I am at interviewing people!

[h=3]Community News[/h]
Bloggers around the web have been blogging away to bring you the usual variety of articles.


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