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HarnWorld gets a kingdom supplement complete with a map and Shadowrun gets three supplements including cards and a book on metaplanes. Broken Compass arrives with rules in journal form and several supplements. Mothership gets four new classes, Liminal gets a book of adventures, and Battlelords of the 23rd Century gets a book of gear. Finally, there is a supplement for a horror RPG of childhood horror and adult payback and an RPG of big stompy robots.

Note: RPG Print News covers new RPG releases and some classics, reprints, and sales available from retailers. It does not cover products that are only available directly to customers through kickstarter or as print on demand.

133 kandor.JPG

Kingdom of Kanday by Columbia Games
  • SYSTEM: HarnWorld
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover binder supplement
  • RETAIL PRICE: $39.98
  • DESCRIPTION: In Kanday PCs could become involved in the border skirmishes between the Checkered Shield and Copper Hook, explore the Ternu Heath seeking a lost city, or immerse themselves in court intrigue in Dyrisa. Includes a color political map and heraldry of the great clans. Other supplements can be added to the binder to expand the setting of Kanday.
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133 s rogues line up.JPG
133 s astral ways.JPG

Program Deck | Rogues Lineup | Astral Ways by Catalyst Game Labs
  • SYSTEM: Shadowrun - Sixth World 6th Edition
  • PRODUCT TYPE: 40 card decks/hardcover supplement
  • RETAIL PRICE: $14.99/$14.99/$49.99
  • DESCRIPTION: Program Deck has info on more than 40 different programs for deckers, including basic programs, hacking programs, and commlink apps. Deckers rely on their wits and skills, but a screaming fast machine with choice programs loaded is a great addition. Rogues Lineup contains 40 characters spanning a range of metatypes, archetypes, and abilities. Whether a quick NPC is needed to drop into characters are needed, this deck is ready. With vivid descriptions and details on a variety of metaplanes, as well as advice on exploring them, Astral Ways covers gateways to different metaplanes that have appeared across the Sixth World. These gateways open travel to a wider range of people than before with more chances to encounter strange spirits, weird artifacts, and other people exploring what is out there to uncover clues to some of the deeper mysteries bedeviling the Sixth World.
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133 bc jolly roger.JPG
133 bc voyages.JPG
133 bc what if.JPG

Adventure Journal | Season 1 - Golden Age | Season 2 - Jolly Roger | Season 3 - Voyages Extraordinaires | What If by CoolMiniOrNot (CMON)
  • SYSTEM: Broken Compass
  • PRODUCT TYPE: core rulebook/hardcover supplements
  • RETAIL PRICE: $49.99/$39.99 each
  • DESCRIPTION: Broken Compass is inspired by the great movies and games of the genre, from The Mummy to Uncharted, passing through Indiana Jones and Tomb Raider. The adventurers are men and women of action, traveling the world to face the challenges found in great cities and wild, unwelcoming lands alike. Adventurers risk their lives every day, driven by their will to discover, learn or obtain something priceless to them. Features the full set of game rules, the setting 1999, and a ready-to-play Episode. Golden Age, set in the golden 30s, includes new equipment and rules to manage supernatural menaces, as well as a ready-to-play On Demand Season. Jolly Roger covers great adventures in the Caribbean Sea in the golden age of piracy. Includes additional rules for Dueling, Gambling and Naval Battles, as well as a ready-to-play On Demand Season. Voyages Extraordinaires takes inspiration from Jules Verne’s adventure classics like Journey to the Center of the Earth and Around the World in 80 Days. Includes additional rules for managing Missions and Wagers, Extraordinary Inventions, tips for creating Adventurers’ Clubs and Expeditions, and a ready-to-play On Demand Season. What If is a spin-off that molds the Broken Compass with techniques and tools to create house rules and create different gaming experiences, tailored for a variety of settings.
133 alternate classes.JPG

Alternate Classes from the Hecate Sector by Joshua Justice
  • SYSTEM: Mothership
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover zine
  • DESCRIPTION: Collects four new classes: resilient Rim Farmer, the rough and tumble Asteroid Miner, the eccentric Cryptozoologist, along with the mysterious Void Musician. Each class is fleshed out with stat/save bonuses, starting skills and 10 unique loadouts. Also has a custom character sheet and four tables to fill out a crew’s journey into the rimward Hecate Sector. Also has a salvage table and a table of contractors with stats, motivation, etc.
133 liminal casebook.JPG

Liminal Casebook by Renegade Game Studios
  • SYSTEM: Liminal
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover adventures
  • RETAIL PRICE: $40.95
  • DESCRIPTION: 14 adventures including five completely new scenarios: a werewolf pack seeking new hunting grounds, a cursed legacy, a lost faerie artefact, the grisly death of an official with eyes completely removed, a case that baffles even P Division, Faerie realms intruding on the mortal world, and the sister sword of Excalibur that still exists, and can perhaps be found.
133 fully armored.JPG

Fully Armored - The Battlelords Gear Manual by 23rd Century Productions
  • SYSTEM: Battlelords of the 23rd Century
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover supplement
  • DESCRIPTION: New weapon systems, more weapons, more armored suits, new armor options to customize armor with, new advanced and optional combat rules, and new equipment. Also moves the Battlelords universe forward by a year, with new events and revelations detailed in the timeline.
133 other summers.JPG

Other Summers by Côme Martin
  • SYSTEM: Two Summers
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover supplement
  • DESCRIPTION: Includes: options to create adventures as a group and/or play without a GM, a darker version to the base game and a one-shot adventure to go with it, variants to introduce supernatural elements to the base game and time travel options with a one-shot adventure, variants to play a short campaign based in the city instead of the country and/or in the winter instead of the summer, variants to play in other eras, play children and/or old people, or play people from the same family with a one-shot adventure.
133 mecha & monsters.JPG

Mecha & Monsters - Evolved by Gallant Knight Games
  • SYSTEM: unique
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover core rulebook
  • RETAIL PRICE: $39.99
  • DESCRIPTION: PCs play giant stompy robots defending civilization, awakened monsters wreaking havoc to teach mankind a lesson, bizarre deep space hybrids and more. For character creation, pick a character type and pick a few Systems or Evolutions that each grant a single benefit. Also includes rules for city creation, smashing cities, and running an extended campaign where PCs play as either the Mecha or Kaiju.

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Charles Dunwoody

Charles Dunwoody



Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
Broken Compass' Adventure Journal is the core book and is a gorgeous artifact, with a soft-touch leather cover making it feel like a very deluxe travel journal. You will also likely want to get a set of the custom dice (there are three or four different sets, which are the same except for color), although you can also play with regular d6s if you prefer.

With the core book, you can play things like National Treasure, Tomb Raider or Uncharted right out of the gate. For Indiana Jones style stuff, including the supernatural elements, you'll want to also pick up The Golden Age.

The system is very fast and very light, with characters mostly defined by a few tags. Each setting book adds some thematically appropriate ones to go with the core.

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