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The The Walking Dead Universe Roleplaying was just released and the core rules and extra support are all available from Free League Publishing and in game stores. D&D gets another cookbook (and a TV show). Warhammer RPGs get all kinds of support from an adventure to a xeno manual to new core rules. And for younger gamers, there are magical kitty RPG extras including a new noir setting and a GM kit.

Note: RPG Print News covers recent RPG releases and some classics, reprints, and sales available from retailers. It does not cover products that are only available directly to customers only through Kickstarter or as print on demand.

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The Walking Dead Universe Starter Set | The Walking Dead Universe Core Rules | The Walking Dead Universe GM Screen | The Walking Dead Universe Bundle (three products above) | The Walking Dead Universe 10 Base Dice | The Walking Dead Universe 10 Stress Dice by Free League Publishing
  • SYSTEM: Year Zero Engine
  • PRODUCT TYPE: box set/hardcover core rulebook/GM screen/bundle/10 dice/10 dice
  • RETAIL PRICE: $41.81/$54.21/$26.53/$104.80/$20.81/$20.81
  • DESCRIPTION: Fight the dead, fear the living. In The Walking Dead Universe RPG, PCs are people struggling to survive in a hostile world. Exceptional challenges can include the lack of essential supplies, conflicts brewing within the group or with other survivor groups, hidden flaws in a safe haven, or approaching walkers hungering for flesh. The rules are based on the Year Zero Engine. The stress and stakes are high as the PCs decide who they are going to be. The Starter Set includes a condensed rulebook, the first full‑length survival mode scenario for the game. The Wolves’ Den, six pre-generated characters to play, a double-sided map of part of Georgia and part of Virginia, three adventure maps, 10 Base Dice, 10 Stress Dice, and a Threat Meter to keep track of the threat from walkers. The Core Rules cover everything for both GM and players. One shots are played in survival mode while campaign mode includes rival survivor groups and long term play.
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Soulbound - Blackened Earth | Wrath & Glory - Threat Assessment: Xenos – 40K RPG | Imperium Maledictum – 40K RPG | Imperium Maledictum (Collector's Edition) - 40K RPG by Cubicle 7
  • SYSTEM: Soulbound/Wrath & Glory/Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay version of d100
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcovers and a collector core rulebook
  • RETAIL PRICE: $39.99/$44.99/$59.99/$119.99
  • DESCRIPTION: Blackened Earth is a campaign told across five adventures. The PC Soulbound are tasked with steering the city of Greywater Fastness away from destruction. With monsters gnawing at the gates, allies turning into enemies, and warmongers fighting for dominance, the PCs must use everything at their disposal to save the doomed city from immolation in the fires of war. Includes a guide to the city of Greywater Fastness including over 70 unique and strange locations, an illustrated map, new items to purchase in the city’s black markets, new Endeavours to undertake, and new terrifying monsters and allied NPCs. Threat Assessment: Xenos contains new alien threats like Orks and hybrids of the Genestealer Cults and to challenge Agents of any Tier. It also explores the enigmatic T’au, the voracious Kroot, and the slowly stirring Necrons. Imperium Maledictum uses a familiar but refined d100 system to draw PCs into tales of intrigue, betrayal, and conspiracy in the glorious Macharian Sector. The sector is rife with peril and treachery and is forged in blood and fire from the thousand worlds conquered by Lord Solar Macharius. PCs are Imperial adepts and citizens recruited by a powerful Patron and used outside the usual chain of command to undertake grim and perilous missions. To succeed, PCs must weave their way through the complicated web of competing factions that make up the Imperium. The Imperium Maledictum: Collector's Edition is crafted with a luxurious black faux leather cover, emblazoned with a striking gold and silver foiled icon that pays tribute to the legendary Lord Solar Macharius and is housed in a magnetically sealed box. The debossed starfield adds a subtle touch to the design while the book itself includes gleaming gold gilt edges.
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Heroes' Feast: Flavors of Multiverse by Ten Speed Press
  • SYSTEM: Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover D&D cookbook
  • DESCRIPTION: Heroes' Feast - The Official Dungeons & Dragons Cookbook sold so well that now there’s another one. And the first one is now also a TV show. Remember when Kiss was selling that casket that doubled as a cooler so you could use it before you use it? D&D is striving to reach a similar merchandising place. Explore the cuisines of the D&D multiverse with more than 75 recipes in the second cookbook named after a cleric spell. Presents original recipes inspired by regions and settings from across the Forgotten Realms and beyond. All seventy-six dishes were developed by professional chefs, are easy to prepare, and composed of ingredients readily found in our world. No owlbear steaks needed. Covers appetizers, main courses, booze and non-booze, and desserts all with names like Steak of the Deep and Vada’s Vanilla Bean Buns. Also, that TV cooking show: Heroes' Feast (TV Series 2023– ) - IMDb.
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Kitty Noir | Magical Kitties Game Master Kit by Atlas Games
  • SYSTEM: Magical Kitties Save the Day!
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover supplement/GM screen and extras
  • RETAIL PRICE: $14.95/$19.99
  • DESCRIPTION: In Kitty Noir, PC kitties explore Sunset City, where there's always something fishy going on whether it’s the robbery of a priceless work of art or an unexplained case of amnesia. The PC kitties formed the Cat Eyes Detective Agency because sometimes it takes magic to uncover what’s really going on in this town which seems stuck in time. It takes its inspiration from classic film noir and crime movies from the 1930s to 1950s and from Golden Age science fiction stories of time travel and includes GM advice for running Noir. Includes a full-sized poster map of Sunset City. The Magical Kitties Game Master Kit has a GM screen that is purrfectly proportioned with three horizontal panels each measuring 6x9 inches. That's smaller than other screens to make it easy for kid-GMs to see the other players. Wrapped inside the screen is a 12x18 inches Kitty Colors Poster designed to help indecisive players choose their favorite kitty. Plus a copy of Our Hometown Workbook (also included in the Series Workbook Pack) to record a hometown map, locations, supporting cast, foes, disasters, and adventures.
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