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Mutant: Year Zero, Pressure, RPGs for playing the dead and anima heroes, and monsters and adventures for D&D/OSR RPGs.

Mutant: Year Zero launches into space while Pressure is already out there in the Deep Black. There are RPGs for playing the dead and anima heroes. There are also lots of monsters and some adventures for D&D/OSR RPGs.

Note: RPG Print News covers recent RPG releases and some classics, reprints, and sales available from retailers. It does not cover products that are available directly to customers only through Kickstarter or as print on demand.

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Ad Astra by Free League Publishing
  • SYSTEM: Mutant: Year Zero
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover supplement
  • RETAIL PRICE: $41.80
  • DESCRIPTION: Takes the PC mutants from the devastated surface of Earth into orbit, out into the solar system, and perhaps further still. Can be played stand-alone or as a direct continuation of the Path to Eden campaign in the Mutant: Year Zero core rulebook. Also includes rules for playing in space and an overview of the solar system with ideas for further adventures.
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Pressure: Industrial Science Fiction Roleplaying by Osprey Games
  • SYSTEM: uses rules from Those Dark Places: Industrial Science Fiction Roleplaying
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover core rulebook
  • DESCRIPTION: PCs bring law and order to the dark and dangerous corners of the Deep Black in a rules-light, story-focused game of facing the darkness at the heart of humanity's fragile and claustrophobic existence both on Earth and among the stars. As highly skilled agents of Special Operations Squads, the PCs are tasked with cleaning up after the Corporations – investigating links to organized crime, neutralizing rogue weapons research, negotiating with rebel leaders on orbital stations, and hunting down whatever that black-budget excavation team 'awoke' out in the Procyon Sector.
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Unglorious RPG: Corebook | Unglorious - Ferryman's Screen | Unglorious - Sea of Bones | Unglorious - Lead of the Dead by Aces Games
  • SYSTEM: unique
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover core rules/screen/softcover supplements
  • RETAIL PRICE: $49/$20/$29/$29
  • DESCRIPTION: In Unglorious, the PCs are dead. Many of them died stupid deaths. Some don’t even have a body left to mourn. The PCs find themselves in the Orchard, the world of the dead, a metropolis inhabited by unliving corpses. So the PCs die. And then the PCs embark on an adventure not of a lifetime but of a time after life. They face all that the World of Mora throws at them. They get a Death Certificate (character sheet) and a rusty sword and set off. Of course it's rusty! After all, it died too. While Death Certificates are important, the Ferryman's Screen is the ultimate expression of bureaucratic and regulatory control of the world of the dead. Initially designed to conceal the depressing faces of the Pities, now it has become a set of rules and advice. Features three panels of art and 14 tables ranging from the Dead Creation to the Marketplace of the Orchard. Unglorious - Sea of Bones sets post-mortem adventures in the Age of Undead Buccaneers. Includes the setting of the Sea of Mora and the Sea of the Orchard, a new Funerary Equipment including ships, rules for maneuvering ships, four new Types of Dead, crew roles, seven bestiary profiles, and an adventure in which the PCs face the waters of the Sea of Mora and those of the Orchard to conquer a precious, and equally dangerous, treasure. Lead of the Dead presents the Fronti-Era. The PCs saddle their horses (or what's left of them), charge their six-shooters, and rise again in the deserts of the Re-Dead Valley. Contains: background of the Fronti-Era; the Re-Dead Valley setting with 11 new areas to explore; riding rules, rules for fistfights and shootouts, Fame and bounties, new Funerary equipment including new weapons and new powers, four new Deceased Types, new Bestiary Profiles, and an adventure that puts the PCs on the heels of the vile Badjamin Redhead’s gang.
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Folstavia - The Infinite Crossroads | Folstavia - The Infinite Crossroads Map Pack | Adventures Volume 1 - Shadow Threats by Dyskami Publishing
  • SYSTEM: Anime 5E
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover setting/maps/softcover adventure
  • RETAIL PRICE: $49.95/$49.95/$14.95
  • DESCRIPTION: Inside are details about the history, culture, factions, folk, magic, and creatures of Folstavia’s eight continents and wondrous extraplanar regions. In addition: four additional Attributes, 14 player character species, seven character classes, dozens of magical objects and vehicles, 18 monsters, nine neomorphs, and more. The Map Pack includes nine wall maps that depict the world setting of Folstavia: The Infinite Crossroads. Each map measures 30” x 24” and can be combined to display the entire world of Folstavia in a giant 3 x 3 grid measuring 7.5’ x 6’. Also includes a tenth global map of Folstavia’s seven continents (and one massive archipelago), and a sticker sheet of various landmarks and buildings. Shadow Threats is an adventure module set in the fortress-town of Valtark at the headwaters of the Sarapal River on the border of Pachana’s sentry kingdoms. The PCs will face monsters and intrigue while they learn the dangers of making assumptions. For up to six fifth or sixth level PCs.
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Tome of Essential Horrors by Frog God Games
  • SYSTEM: Old-School Essentials
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover supplement
  • RETAIL PRICE: $17.99
  • DESCRIPTION: Contains over 100 monsters with a full OSE stat block, black-and-white art, and an encounter that highlights the creature. Example monsters: witch tree, the riptide horror, the cave fisher, and pyrolisk.
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Fifth Edition Fantasy #24: The Prism of Redemption | Fifth Edition Fantasy #23: The Sunless Garden by Goodman Games
  • SYSTEM: Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition
  • PRODUCT TYPE: softcover adventures
  • RETAIL PRICE: $17.99/$9.99
  • DESCRIPTION: The Prism of Redemption is an adventure for four to six 12th level PCs. PCs are summoned to assist a fallen celestial gain redemption by gathering numerous sacred gems to power an enchanted scepter. With the scepter fully restored, the fallen celestial can finally confront an evil dragon and regain favor with her deity, The Father of Dragons. PCs will go planar hopping through a series of magical mirrors and face a series of boss battles. The Sunless Garden is seventh level adventure and conversion of Dungeon Crawl Classics #10 by Goodman Games. After arriving at the seemingly abandoned trading post of Garland’s Fork, the PCs discover to their horror that all of the inhabitants have been transformed into black trees. Upon further investigation, they find clues that lead them to the hidden lair of Nockmort, a treant corrupted to unspeakable evil. In order to save the town, the PCs must enter his sunless garden and do battle.
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