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I am on vacation at some point soon (writing is like weird time travel), so this week I’m going to cover several of the most recent Free League core rules and bundle deals. I write about Free League often and Free League sends me products and PDFs to review although I’ve spent my fair share of money on their RPGs. I’ve GMed many campaigns using their rules and settings. Many of the rules are on sale until July 3 so everyone wins. Several core rulebooks are on sale for less than $25! Hardcover, saddle stitched, full color, some with bookmarks. Amazing prices for amazing RPGs and PDFs are included if you order direct from Free League. Coriolis – The Third Horizon, not listed below but the RPG from which Free League gets its name, is also on sale as are many other RPGs in the Free League store that I didn’t have space to cover.

141 blade runner.JPG
141 blade runner bundle.JPG

Blade Runner RPG | Blade Runner RPG bundle
  • SYSTEM: Year Zero Engine
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover/bundle
  • SALE PRICE: $24.22/$55.64
  • OTHER RPG COVERAGE: Blade Runner RPG (geeknative.com)
  • DESCRIPTION: Blade Runner is about investigations and roleplaying what it means to be human or to be near human. PCs get put into difficult situations in which their conscience may not align with what society and their bosses want. The future is bleak and doing what it right is hard. The bundle includes the core rulebook, a boxed starter set with adventure and dice, and a GM screen.
141 alien.JPG
141 alien bundle.JPG
141 alien heart of darkness.JPG

Alien RPG | Alien RPG bundle (includes Chariot of the Gods and Destroyer of Worlds Cinematic Adventures) | Alien RPG Heart of Darkness
  • SYSTEM: Year Zero Engine
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover/bundle/box set
  • SALE PRICE: $24.22/$42.45/$31.61
  • OTHER RPG COVERAGE: Alien RPG (geeknative.com)
  • DESCRIPTION: The trilogy of Cinematic adventure looks great. But I ran a Campaign and had player buy in for betrayal by other PCs. It was brutal and emotional and one of my favorite campaigns I have run. In space, everyone can hear you roleplay. The bundle includes the Starter Set complete with the first Cinematic adventure with pregenerated PCs in a trilogy as well as the second adventure, Destroyer of Worlds. Heart of Darkness is the last Cinematic Adventure in the trilogy.
141 the lord of the rings.JPG
141 the lord of the rings bundle.JPG

The Lord of the Rings RPG | The Lord of the Rings RPG bundle
141 the one ring.JPG
141 the one ring bundle.JPG

The One Ring | The One Ring bundle
  • SYSTEM: Year Zero Engine
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover/bundle
  • SALE PRICE: $24.22/$55.64
  • OTHER RPG COVERAGE: The One Ring (geeknative.com)
  • DESCRIPTION: I ran a year long campaign in Middle-earth. It was spectacular and a mix of landmarks (simple locations) and full adventures. The rules cover everything from PCs to monsters. The bundle includes the core rulebook, the Starter Set set in the Shire, and a GM screen with Rivendell compendium. The adventure hardcovers (one so far in Ruins of the Lost Realm and another, Tales from the Lone-lands, on the way) are great support for running the setting.
141 twilight 2000.JPG
141 twilight 2000 urban.JPG

Twilight: 2000 | Twilight: 2000 Urban Operations
  • SYSTEM: Year Zero Engine
  • PRODUCT TYPE: box sets
  • SALE PRICE: $26.56/$37.22
  • OTHER RPG COVERAGE: review of Twilight: 2000
  • DESCRIPTION: Everything in a box to run the end of the world including battle maps and standees. Urban Operations brings in more support with new rules, battle maps, standees, and more.
141 vaesen.JPG
141 vaesen bundle.JPG

Vaesen | Vaesen bundle
  • SYSTEM: Year Zero Engine
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover/bundle
  • SALE PRICE: $46.66 (not on sale)/$93.50
  • OTHER RPG COVERAGE: Vaesen Mythic Britain & Ireland
  • DESCRIPTION: Victorian Age supernatural adventure in Europe. Already has two adventure collections available and a third (The Lost Mountain Saga) on the way. The bundle has the core rulebook, a GM screen in landscape format, a full-color map of the Mythic North and the town of Upsala, a set of engraved custom dice, and a card deck.

141 tales from the loop.JPG
141 tales from the loop bundle.JPG

Tales from the Loop | Tales from the Loop bundle (not available in US or Canada)
  • SYSTEM: Year Zero Engine
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover/bundle (not available in US or Canada)
  • SALE PRICE: $20.99/$72.52
  • OTHER RPG COVERAGE: review of Tales from the Loop (my first article for EN World!)
  • DESCRIPTION: Teenagers investigate weird mysteries in the 80s that never were. From robots to time travel to dinosaurs and more. Two adventure collections including Our Friends the Machines are available and a third (They Grow Up So Fast) is on pre-order. The bundle, sold out in the US and Canada, has the core rulebook, the Our Friends the Machines mystery compendium, a GM Screen, a set of 10 engraved dice, and a full-color map of the Mälaren Islands and Boulder City.
141 ruins of symb.JPG

Ruins of Symbaroum bundle
  • SYSTEM: Dungeons & Dragons Fifth Edition
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover/bundle
  • SALE PRICE: $82.82
  • OTHER RPG COVERAGE: Ruins of Symbaroum (geeknative.com)
  • DESCRIPTION: The D&D version of Symbaroum. PCs explore a fallen empire and a forest haunted by monsters. Every PC and creature has a colorful Shadow, an ethereal reflection of themselves. When nature is cultivated or violated, including spellcasting, it causes Corruption. Casters are constantly threatened by this Corruption which mutes and darkens their Shadow and can leave permanent Marks. Includes the Player's Guide, Gamemaster's Guide, and Bestiary all of which are needed for play.
141 forbidden lands.JPG
141 forbidden lands bundle.JPG
141 forbidden lands bitter reach map.JPG

Forbidden Lands | Forbidden Lands bundle | Forbidden Lands The Bitter Reach map and cards
  • SYSTEM: Year Zero Engine
  • PRODUCT TYPE: box set with two hardcover core rulebooks and poster map/bundle/map and cards
  • SALE PRICE: $46.78 (not on sale)/$148.22/$17.66 (sold out in the US and Canada)
  • OTHER RPG COVERAGE: review of Forbidden Lands
  • DESCRIPTION: Hex crawling in a realm recovering from a deadly Blood Mist that has just lifted. PCs face demons, orcs, undead, and bandits in a realm scattered with ruins and settlements. Stronghold building is also part of the core rules. The bundle is massive and includes the box set core rules, a dice set, 12 engraved dice, a card deck, a GM screen, character sheets, an epic campaign called Raven's Purge, and an icy second setting: The Bitter Reach. The map and cards for The Bitter Reach are sold separately, not on sale, and are sold out in the US and Canada.

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Charles Dunwoody

Charles Dunwoody


Thank you for the heads up! That One Ring discount is significant, so I finally picked that up.

I managed to pass on LOTR 5e for now. The bundle does come with pdf’s, but isn’t much less than getting the same books on Amazon at the moment.

Three weeks ago I just bought the One Ring and LotR bundles. Aarrrgghh!!!!!
Buy two more for your friends!
Last edited:

Von Ether

I couldn't hook my group with Forbidden Lands, so I'm going to get them hyped for Dragonbane and convert the Lands setting. That will teach them!

(Also waiting for that email that says my DB box is in the mail.)

aramis erak

I've run Alien, T2K 4e, Vaesen, Blade Runner... I think all are brilliant.
Am about to run Alien again... in another 10 days.

Forbidden Lands is a very interesting read, but I'm not certain I could sell my players on it.

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