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Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG gets a new world to explore and an entire series of adventures. I liked this one so much I picked up the entire series. Animal Adventures for Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition gets a new setting in the The Faraway Sea and many new miniatures. Lamentations of the Flame Princess is back with a new printing with new cover options and a new fantasy horror adventure.

Note: RPG Print News covers new RPG releases and some classics, reprints, and sales available from retailers. It does not cover products that are only available directly to customers through kickstarter or as print on demand.

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Dying Earth Boxed Set | Issue #0 - Pilgrims of the Black Obelisk | Issue #1 – The Laughing Idol of Lar-Shann | Issue #2 – The Sorcerer's Tower of Sanguine Slant | Issue #3 - Magnificent Machinations at the Grand Exposition of Marvels | Issue #4 - Mind Weft of the Moonstone Palace | Issue #5 - Penumbra of the Polar Ape | Issue #6 – The Great Visp Hunt | Issue #7 - Phantoms of the Ectoplasmic Cotillion | Issue #8 – The House on the Island by Goodman Games
  • SYSTEM: Dungeon Crawl Classics RPG
  • PRODUCT TYPE: boxed set and softcover adventures with a PDF code
  • RETAIL PRICE: $59.99/$9.99 each
  • DESCRIPTION: I bought this whole set, to have a new word an entire adventure path to run. In the Dying Earth Boxed Set, explore the singular world of Jack Vance’s Tales of the Dying Earth, set in the distant last days of the world, where magic and science blend together and querulous sorcerers feud endlessly. Includes Player’s Libram (64 pages), Primer of Practical Magic (104 pages), Intimate Anatomy of Several Creatures and Personages of the Twenty-First Aeon (96 pages), and a 22” x 17” map of the environs of the Dying Earth. Covers four new classes (magician, vat-thing, wayfarer, and witch), creatures, patrons, spells, new rules for grudge tokens to track the resentments that characters accumulate with every minor imprecation they encounter, and more. To create an adventure path with the modules use issue 0 as a zero level funnel, issue 1 to go to 2nd level, issues 2 and 6 for 2nd level PCs to hit third level, issues 3 and 7 for 3rd level PCs to hit 4th level, issues 4 and 8 for 4th level PCs to hit 5th level, and issue 5 to wrap up for 5th level PCs. Issue 0 involves a pilgrimage on a journey to a holy city, but the trip is full of perils. Also contains patron information for the demon Ohmvos. In issue 1 the PCs must infiltrate a demon’s temple and overcome the demon Lar-Shann, his bellowing idol, and his power-mad monks. Issue 2 includes a towering spire of gravity-defying frozen blood guarding the black IOUN stone, protected by vat-birthed monstrosities and the ghost of a long-dead magician. In issue 3 PCs must contend with corrupt merchants and demon-bound witches to reclaim the missing Crystal of Ciz, the it, relying as often on deduction and investigation as swordplay and spellcraft to solve the crime. Includes details about the City of Cuirnif, the Manse Ashtark, and a new spell. PCs travel to the lands north of the Falling Wall to discover that time itself has fractured in issue 4 and multiple timelines are woven together to create a unique adventuring experience. Issue 5 details an entire moon that the party must explore and chart in order to solve its mystery and avert disaster. The PCs are sent to deal with a predatory visp, a bizarre monster birthed under the fading sun, that’s wreaking havoc on a small village in issue 6. Issue 7 describes a haunted wizards’ laboratory containing the ring of revivification, a new magical item that can overcome death itself. Shipwrecked PCs are offered one hope of survival to rescue the son of the friendly water weird and keep the treasures she offers in return in issue 8. Includes an exotic island, a living house, and an underground alien world, all drawn from the imagination of Erol Otus.
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130 dogs of the faraway sea.JPG
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130 time in a bottle.JPG
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The Faraway Sea | Dogs of the Faraway Sea | Cats of the Faraway Sea | Animals of the Faraway Sea | Time in a Bottle | Raiders of the Lost Coast by Steamforged Games
  • SYSTEM: Dungeons & Dragons 5th Edition Animal Adventures
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover sourcebook/unpainted miniatures
  • RETAIL PRICE: $44.95/$26.95/$26.95/$34.95/$34.95/$34.95/$34.95
  • DESCRIPTION: In the PCs’ paws is a dog-eared map and they are ready to leave port for swashbuckling adventures in a campaign called The Faraway Sea. Thes waves surround an ever-changing archipelago where unique islands come and go with the passing days thanks to mysterious magical forces. Around the Faraway Sea, a strange community has sprung up: the floating city of Flotsam, a haven for adventurers (and oddballs) of all kinds. Intriguing mysteries and incredible discoveries lurk on two legs or four. For instance, Flotsam once had a twin, Jetsam, which suddenly vanished without a trace several years ago. PCs are awakened animals including orangutans, sea otter, albatrosses, and seven more. Includes a bestiary and 25 non-player characters, six new classes and subclasses, three adventures, 10 battlemaps and an overworld map, 14 new magic items, and more. Dogs of the Faraway Sea from a Newfoundland monk to an Australian Shepherd druid, are designed to represent a classic fantasy class. Includes six dogs. Cats of the Faraway Sea includes cats from a Scottish Fold tinker mage to a Pixie-bob barbarian, each one representing a fantasy class. Inside are six cats. From an orangutan tinker mage to an albatross wizard, each of 11 critters in Animals of the Faraway Sea covers a D&D class. Three fully assembled miniatures including Mr. Fugit and his imposing Walrus bodyguards are found in the Time in a Bottle set and featured in The Faraway Sea. Raiders of the Lost Coast serve The Pirate Queen, Ysandre as a ragtag crew of pirates. She captains a ship of misfits that is often spotted in the Faraway Sea. Along with her first mate, Charlamagne the bear, and raccoon crewmates, she scours the high seas for coveted magical items, helping any animals in need along the way. Six miniatures.
130 rules and magic.JPG
130 lothfp rules and magic 2.JPG
130 lothfp jovian visitor.JPG

Rules & Magic (10th Printing) (Cover Variant 1) | Rules & Magic (10th Printing) (Cover Variant 2) | Jovian Visitor by Lamentations of the Flame Princess
  • SYSTEM: OSR horror
  • PRODUCT TYPE: hardcover core rulebooks/softcover adventure
  • RETAIL PRICE: $32.95/$32.95/$18.49
  • DESCRIPTION: Treasure and glory await those PCs courageous enough to wrest it from the darkness. Presents a sinister and horrific twist on traditional D&D gaming suited for beginners and veterans alike who like fantasy with a twist of horror. In Jovian Visitor, the Cult of Secundus Deus was founded in Italy twenty years ago to make contact with, and pave the way for the widespread worship of a different god. One year ago. when the astronomer Giovanni Conti passed away, his former assistant and student Vincenzo Costa was oath-bound to keep his esoteric works safe. He took several tomes and notebooks from Giovanni’s Florence villa and secreted them around Florence but all the books have vanished. Vincenzo prays he can find help to locate them before a visitor comes to call.

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Charles Dunwoody

Charles Dunwoody

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Whizbang Dustyboots

Gnometown Hero
Is Lamentations of the Flame Princess compatible with things like OSE or Shadowdark? Or would it be very hard to convert to said systems?
It's very close to being a retroclone, meaning it's very interchangeable.

And other than having to worry about AC and maybe saving throws, adventures are extremely easy to convert on the fly, if they need conversion at all.


Elder Thing
I'm glad you got extra content, that is cool. Looks like people like me who promote the game later are just out of luck. Oh well, that is Goodman Games decision. Nothing I can do about it!
My intention wasn't to gloat, and I'm sorry I came across that way. I just figured that since people were speculating on the Kickstarter exclusives, I could provide some insight into them.

My intention wasn't to gloat, and I'm sorry I came across that way. I just figured that since people were speculating on the Kickstarter exclusives, I could provide some insight into them.
Oh, I didn't think you were gloating and I do appreciate the insight. I really am glad you got the extras. I just wish Goodman didn't restrict the access.


Oh, I didn't think you were gloating and I do appreciate the insight. I really am glad you got the extras. I just wish Goodman didn't restrict the access.
In the front cover of the Casebook of Apocrypha is a Drivethru RPG code, which you can't use as there isn't a listing for it. Kind of implies it will be available publicly eventually. Definitely seems like some of the items might make it out to non-Kickstaters.

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