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RPG Sales of 2021

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I started these threads to have a consolidated place to share news of good deals on RPG PDFs, particularly for charity bundles, going out of print/license sales, and generally deals I think would be of interest.

I usually put the Drivethru sale page on the first page of the year's thread and then not mention it again as there is constantly different stuff there. I do not post their deals of the day though you can get to those deals from that first page drivethru sales link. This year I posted links to Bundle of Holding and Humble Bundle on the first page too. Since Bundle of Holding regularly puts up new stuff every Monday I don't feel the need to post each individual one, but it does not bother me if others do. They are good bundle deals.


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Infinium Game Studios has announced that they're starting their Black Friday sale early! Staring tonight, the following are marked down until Cyber Monday (November 29th):
Please note my use of affiliate links in this post.


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I didn't know that the CC Players Handbook and Monsters & Treasures books older editions were free.

Prompted by the new tribute covers from C&C



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Beadle and Grimms sea kings malice maps are on sale!

Three double-sided high quality ship battle maps to go with Sea King's Malice, or any sea-faring adventure.

The front side is the ship as depicted in the module. The reverse side is the same ship, but with dry erase coating and an open floor plan suitable for use in any adventure on the high seas.

Sail onwards! Those Kraken aren’t going to feed themselves.



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Beadle and Grimms have sent out emails stating they are doing a Black Friday sale. No links on their pages yet, as far as I can find, the email just says to pay attention and links to their site.


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